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Immigration Status Case Inquiry

Immigration officers at USCIS AmericaDear Ms. /Mr.I am writing this letter regarding the I-485 application, I have been waiting for my green card to be processed for a very long time. I would be grateful if my inquiries were considered. , I registered for permanent American resident, went for the interview with my family, waited […]

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The Money

Being an immigrant from any country can have its troubles and issues. Junot Diaz’s essay, “The Money,” is a perfect example to the immigrant experience. Inside his essay, he discusses three broad themes of poverty, family, and justice, to which all are perfectly illustrated. Diaz’s family struggled from moving from the Dominican Republic to the […]

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Definition of Ethnocentrism and Its Consequences

Introduction It is common for us to have the feeling that our own culture is somehow better than the people around us. You might step back and say, “I wouldn’t ever think I’m better than someone else.” But our society has taught us to think that we are without us even knowing it. Of course, […]

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The Prominence of Ethnocentrism in The Usa

El otro lado is a term that Mexican citizens use when referring to the United States. When the phrase is translated, it means the other side. Many Mexican immigrants view the other side as a land of opportunity. Most notably migration does not only present opportunities it could also comes with cultural challenges especially for […]

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Immigration Reform Article

This paper will cover a topic that at times consumes the national (and international) conversation: Immigration. This topic in my opinion is the most talked about with the most run around than many other issues in the US. The government has made immigration more worse then better. Although through the years our government has tried […]

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Immigration Reform: U.S. Immigration Policy

America is a nation of immigrants. This has always been our national narrative. America has always been seen as a melting pot with its gates wide open. Our communities consist of many faiths, background, skin colors and languages and we are stronger because of our diverse backgrounds and communities. In recent weeks, we saw an […]

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Immigration Reform: Why Immigration Is Good

Immigration has long been a topic of debate in the United States. Especially now with Trump as POTUS, the U.S immigration policy has become more unfair and unjust to people who just want a better life for themselves and their families. Immigration is what makes America special and it is far more beneficial to have […]

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Immigration Reform: Overpopulation of The Country

The United States of America is profoundly painted with the image of being the land opportunity and living the “American Dream”. The American Dream is a motivating factor for why many foreigners migrate the U.S to receive the social, economic and political benefits that their country of origin is unable to provide. However, there are […]

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The Great Migration: The Emergence of Jamestown

Former president John F. Kennedy once said: “Every aspect of the American economy has profited from the contributions of immigrants”. For hundreds of years, immigrants have been traveling to America, many with hope for better opportunities, others were forced to travel in order to help grow the economy. No matter how they came over, they […]

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Juvenile Delinquency and Gangs

Introduction Juvenile delinquency is an enlightening topic and one that requires much attention. As defined by Thompson & Bynum (2017), “juvenile delinquency is any illegal act that, if committed by an adult, would be a crime” (p. 9). Rather than crime, the act is called a delinquent act when committed by a minor child, usually […]

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Discussion on Illegal Immigration

The purpose of this paper is to examine a peer reviewed article discussing the purpose of the article, methods used, the findings and the conclusion of the study. I will then share some of my own personal views on the topic and ways I would suggest future research. The article I selected is Undocumented Immigration, […]

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Illegal Aliens Argumentative Essay

In the United States, illegal aliens have been a major controversial topic. Many citizens have their own opinions based on accepting or declining illegal alien’s stay in America. Not much information that citizens bring up about this topic is factual based, which is not backed up by real facts and data. Are illegal aliens welcome […]

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My Opinion on Illegal Immigrants

Whenever you hear the word immigrant the first thing that comes to most peoples minds is someone who’s illegal but an immigrant is a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. What do you think about immigration laws? Do you feel that there should be different laws for adults and kids? Barack […]

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The Problem of Immigration in The United States

Immigration is typically defined as the global movement of individuals into a destination nation of which they are not inhabitants or where they do not own nationality or residency so as to live or settle there, mostly as permanent inhabitants or enfranchised residents, or to take up job as a migrant employee or provisionally as […]

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The Great Depression As One of The Worst Cases of The Economic Recession

The Great Depression was by far the worst economic decline in the United States that began in 1929 and ended in 1939 that struck the industrialized world. This crash brought on a skyrocketing number of unemployment across the United States which made the standard of American living very difficult to meet. This made it difficult […]

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Issues With Immigration in The United States

America has always been a land of immigrants, a land in which individuals migrate to in an effort to achieve a better life or the quintessential “American Dream”. With Native Americans comprising only about 2% of the United States population as of 2014, the majority of American citizens are not native to the land in […]

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History and Effects of Immigration in The United States

The United States laws have had unanticipated changes regarding immigration flows since the 1700s. Everything started in a small island located in the New York Harbor, just off the New Jersey Coast. The now famous Ellis Island, formerly called the oyster Island was habituated only by Native Americans until the beginning of migration. According to […]

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Immigration and Illegal Immigration

Prior to reading Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen by Jose Antonio Vargas, my perspective of our current immigration debates has been vehemently furious, yet not surprising at all once you look back at the history of immigration in America. For me, it’s a challenge to understand a system in which the majority, many […]

Affecting Immigration Policy and Immigration

Introduction: Consistently, numerous migrants, lawful and unlawful from nations around the globe ,come into the United States. These settlers have a wide range of purposes behind their movements; some enter the U.S. wanting to get an opportunity at a better life; others are exiles, getting away from the injustice of their country and government. A […]

American Immigration Controversy

Spare Parts did change the way I see the American immigration controversy. “Spare Parts” pursue to put a human face onto the faceless amount of undocumented people living in the U.S. this Based on a true story, “Spare Parts” tells a story of 4 young adults at a high school in Phoenix — all of […]

Facts About Immigration in America

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime, regardless of your guilt or innocence, we can help you. We will understand your case and we will not judge you or your loved ones. For us, a person’s life is sacred, even if that person has made a mistake, whether slight or […]

Why Did The European Settlers Come to The Americas? – Immigrations

The european settlers had a very rough life back in europe, none of the texts exactly go in detail about why they came, but gave just the main ideas. I would argue that for this essay we will be using Rodriguez, Bradford, Mann, and Murray to justify why the european settlers came to the americas […]

Immigration As a Solution to Poverty

Lastly, The economic need and extreme poverty in Central America should not lead parents to migrate to United States children can suffer from emotional damage without their parents. The article “Parent-Child Separation, Trauma, PTSD and Recovery in Children” by Alissa Jerud states that, “The separation of children from their parents can cause stress and emotional […]

Immigration or Travel to Portugal: What Are The Benefits?

1. Hospitable people and wonderful climate in Portugal If you want to be surrounded by easy-going and hospitable people, you should choose Portugal to immigrate or to travel to. In this country, you will never feel lonely. You might not find it easy to assimilate but on the other hand, you will always find locals […]

The Mexican-American Issue of Immigration

The issue of immigration across the Mexican US border has been the topic of discussion for a very long time. It is believed that there are over 10 million immigrants in the US and 57% of them are from Mexico. Immigration from Mexico to the US has been termed as a massive influx of Mexicans […]

The Japanese Immigration to American Soil in 1900S

The American Dream is a concept that was chased by many in the 1900s. Consisting of owning a home, having a family, and working a nice job, these formulated the ideal lifestyle. For many Japanese immigrants, the American Dream was a significant incentive to move to America as the idea of owning land and being […]

The 20Th Century to Modern Day Immigration in California

California is notorious for our thriving and booming agriculture industry, captivating landscapes, diverse populations and housing plenty of immigrants, California became the destination spot for immigrants from all over the globe due to California’s promising economy. African Americans and Native Americans faced oppression and degradation.   Immigration in California began to pick up in the […]

The Benefits of Immigration to Refugees

Your heart beats against your chest as you clutched your little sister’s small hand. The smoke filled your lungs as the two of you ran through the devastated town you used to live in. You both witnessed the cruel death of your parents. Where do you go now? Home is not an option; there is […]

The Major Problem of Immigration in The United States in The Wilson Four Case

Wilson Four case highlights issues of immigration which has been one of the major problems experienced by the United States. According to the judge, the border officials targeted the four students because they were Hispanic. The Wilson Four highlight challenges faced by children who are brought to the United States (US) when they are young. […]

The Hot Topic of Illegal Immigration in America Today

Heated debates surrounding the issues that plagued the four comers of the world ensue on a regular basis, and to this day these issues are brought up in discussions at length. But, one hot topic that comes up more often than not and has yet to find itself resolved in a timely fashion is that […]

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