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Homelessness Without a Choice

Poverty is a problem that can be fixed for some Americans. They work, get paid, and spend their money wisely. Poverty can be viewed as a “choice” for some people based on their situations. But for those stuck in the limbo of poverty without assistance, stuck on the streets, there may be no other option. […]

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Homelessness Is a Major Issue in The Usa

We all have accidents, get sick, or even accidentally end up pregnant every once and a while. But, the real question is are we able to afford the costs that comes with these things? Providing free healthcare for lower class Americans would help make their lives much easier. Everyone should be entitled to free basic […]

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Homelessness Issues in Albuquerque

Albuquerque was a distant outpost of the Spanish Empire, so its residents were mostly Hispanic or of mixed Hispanic-Native American Ancestry up until the late nineteenth century. Due to increased influences of Protestant settlers, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the predominantly Roman Catholic Hispanic population reduced to a minorities. During the twenty-first century, more […]

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Homelessness Social Problem

The purpose of this assignment is to examine how the perception of a population can influence the shape and effectiveness of a given policy. The difference between the “culture of poverty” vs the “restricted opportunities” in understanding poverty will be analyzed. Most explanations for poverty and wealth place the blame or praise on individual shortcomings […]

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Solving Homelessness in America

It pains my heart reading, hearing, or talking about homelessness in America. In large cities and small towns there are a myriad of homeless people. How are we supposed to deal with the countless number of homeless people walking the streets with their hands open begging for change? This is an eerie dilemma, even though […]

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Poverty and Homelessness

It’s nearly impossible to live or visit a city and not be confronted with homelessness or impoverished people. Invisible factors such as mental illness, lack of education, abuse or neglect in the formative years of someone’s life all contribute to whether or not a person can hold down or even access a job. And yet, […]

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Solution to Homelessness Essay

Homelessness is big social problem arising from social factors as poverty, physical and mental health, addiction, family problems. Just like any other city or county, Los Angeles county is continuing to struggle with homelessness issue which is on the rise. According to Los Angeles Times report showed that annual funding for homeless program was short […]

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Unemployment and Homelessness

  Autonomy is to act on your own without being controlled by any other influence. Autonomy is to have self-governance, and to have the liberty for free choice. One could classify it as a synonym for freedom. I have heard people use autonomy as an argument for why sex work shouldn’t be legal, because they […]

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Unemployment Is Homelessness

When we think about the challenges we face in recovery, the most obvious one is probably staying sober and resisting the temptation to use again. There are some additional, unseen challenges that we might not be aware of if we haven’t experienced them firsthand. These difficulties can be so overwhelming and disheartening that they deplete […]

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Issue of Homelessness Within America

Even though most countries around the globe have continued enjoying economic prosperity throughout the 1990’s, the number of their homeless people has continuously been on the rise (McNamara 45). Within America, at any given time, there are approximately five to six thousand citizens who may be regarded as being homeless (Pardeck 56). Homelessness has been […]

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Lgbt Youth Experience Homelessness

LGBT youth who experience homelessness must deal with a wide range of different issues that affects them in many ways. They have to deal with poor mental health, substance abuse, suicide, violence, and sexual risk behaviors because of the fact they’re homelessness ( Keuroghlian & Shtasel, 2014). About 320,000 to 400,000 LGBT youth experience homelessness […]

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An Analysis of Homelessness in Within The Veterans Population

The issue of homelessness has over time formed a basis of national discussions. Infact, it has been regarded as highly controversial since the periods that the Napoleonic War took place (Literature review: UK veterans and homelessness. 2017). Currently, the media has been awash with reports of veterans that find themselves in dire situations of having […]

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My Experience With Homelessness and Compassion for The Homeless

My experience with homelessness has never really been a topic that I’ve spoken about in any detail. It’s not because I am repressing some horrible memories, or that I am trying to hide my past. My tangled and twisted upbringing has made me a better person, and I let today’s actions and words speak for […]

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The Problem of Homelessness in Washington, D.C.

Homelessness affects every major city in the United States to some degree. As one of the most visible social issues facing urban areas today, there have been numerous studies on homelessness in the United States that help reveal the scope of the issue. As a part of the 2010 census, the Substance Abuse and Mental […]

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The Issue of Homelessness and The Outreach Programs in Palm Beach County, Florida

Homelessness is a difficult issue to resolve and it requires involvement from a number of service providers working together to meet the needs of those individuals and families, creating success plans that will lead to the eventual goal of ending homelessness. The purpose of the homeless shelters and services program is to help those individuals […]

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An Analysis of Homelessness and Unemployment in American Cities

There are many homeless people out on the streets of the large cities in this great nation. When unemployment still hasn’t gotten near zero and new jobs are being created every day, people are starting to ask why there are still homeless people in the alleys and on the sidewalks of this country. This seems […]

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The Threat of Homelessness Amongst Our Veterans

The threat of homelessness amongst veterans has become an increasingly growing issue. Through my extensive research I have found multiple reasons as to why this threat has occurred Some examples of these are things such as the transition from military to civilian life,post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and poverty. I am going to apply the functionalist […]

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Causes and Solutions of Homelessness in America

Homelessness in America has always been an issue but it has become an even bigger issue over the past years. With a world filled with global conflict, disappearing jobs, higher education cost, and increasing poverty in America, the homeless need our help more than ever. Just last year, the national poverty rate rose to include […]

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The Contributing Factors of Homelessness in The United States

Imagine your younger days as a teenager around Christmas time. You are warm, gathered around a fire with your family, about to open that huge present you’ve been asking for. Now imagine being a teenager around Christmas time, cold, alone and with no place to stay. According to Jewel in her short story “Street Life […]

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Understanding The Root Problem of Homelessness Globally

There cold and hungry and need a home, homelessness affects alot of people. Healthy and sick, men and women, young and old. It’s so sad that people have to go through life like that. It makes you start to realize how very lucky we are. Some of us cant bye alot of fancy clothing or […]

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The Major Reasons and Causes of Homelessness in America

Although there are many reasons why people become homeless, this paper will only include several reason and leading cause which happening in the United States. Homeless poverty is best known as the states of being poor. When people lack income to meet all of their needs they are forced to choose between housing, utilities, transportation, […]

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The Connection Between Mental Illness and Health Problems to Homelessness at Skid Row

In Downtown Los Angeles, there is an area that is riddled with drug abuse, homelessness and mental illness. This place is called Skid Row. In Skid Row, there are roughly 3,500 homeless individuals. Many of whom suffer from mental illness. I focused on Skid Row because I am interested to discover how certain mental illnesses […]

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What Could Be The Cause of Poverty

Poverty has been proven to be one of the most feared situations by Americans, but poverty is also known to deprive all the hope and dignity a person may think they have (Kafka 40). Dignity and hope are often the last resort a person mentally can rely on before fully collapsing into the closing realm […]

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A Group of Homeless Heroin Injectors

Unfortunately, where ever you go and where ever you live, there will always be a group of homeless heroin injectors and crack smokers social networks. In the article Intimate Apartheid, the author talks about ethnic dimensions of habitus among homeless heroin injectors in California and their interpersonal relations between African Americans, whites and Latinos, although […]

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The Specific Needs of Homeless People

For the majority of my service work, I did work for the Manna House. The Manna House is located in Florence, South Carolina, where I was born, raised and lived until I started attending the Citadel. It is located in a rather poor part of Florence. The Manna House is a place where the homeless, […]

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Homeless People

Because of growing up in a small town in the Midwest, I didn’t have a lot of experience with the concept of poverty in my childhood years. I always knew my close-knit community of 400 people to be privileged because of the fact that every adult in town was financially stable, every person owned a […]

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Help The Homeless!

Growing up as a small child I always heard my teacher emphasize on the saying ‘East-west home is the best.’ However, this idiom meant little to me since I was born and bred in a family that embraced homeliness. Everyone was at home and helped make our home a memorable place day by day. This […]

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A Homeless Population

Ironweed, a plant that holds its own, is used as a metaphor for the protagonist Francis Phelan who persists while others perish in the movie “Ironweed” that was based on the novel Ironweed by William Kennedy. The name of the plant derives from the thickness of the stem, or Francis’ resilience, in this case. Unfortunately, […]

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Study “Chronic Homeless”

This paper, although advocating for the responsibility of mentally ill patients to be transferred over to the states, recognizes that the current system that states use for treating the mentally ill is still broken. Not only should the feral government be reformed, but the states will need to reform their some of their current healthcare […]

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Living on your own is one thing, living on your own with no family, basic needs, or anyone to count on is a terrifying idea that currently exists among us in America yet no one ever seems to talk about it. Homelessness and poverty has been around America for hundreds of years because of how corrupt humans are as a society. The government succeeds in constantly taking the people’s money in an unfair matter. Although people may think that they deserve to be homeless because of their decisions, the government makes it really hard for people who come from troubled homes or families to take care of themselves.

Others can blame homeless people of certain crimes and although some homeless people do commit them, they cannot classify them all as criminals. Derbyshire, a columnist for the conservative magazine National Review, argues that the federal government should not be in the business of helping the homeless. Blaming others for something is an easy way of getting out of a situation a person does not want to deal with. The problem of homelessness should be left to private charity, he claims, except of course, for those who require special services, such as the mentally ill.

Some people feel as though homeless people deserve to be homeless because if their own decisions and although that may be somewhat true for some of them, it is not right to criminalize a certain group of people. In fact, they reason that giving government handouts to the homeless only increases homelessness. Derbyshire takes note on how the San Francisco’s population of homeless people are increasing even though they constantly increase the amount of money they spend to help them. Not all homeless people are criminals and sometimes the only reason they are criminals is because they steal basic needs to survive. If all homeless people did was cause trouble there would be a lot more people in jail than on the streets.

Some people have terrible living conditions and there is a lot the government can do to help but decide not to. Giving homeless people simple jobs can reduce the number of homeless people living in rural areas. The homeless youth along with their families and the elderly and individuals who have gone through experiences that lead to a rapid lost of money are most effected in terms of homelessness and poverty. By taking random surveys Esteban Ortiz-Ospina and Max Roser found that at least 6.2% of the United States has experienced at least one night of being homeless in their life.

The problem of homelessness begins in troubled homes or with just the fact that it is hard to survive if you don’t have an education or a severe health issue. Homelessness has been around for generations and has definitely improved over time but the amount of homeless people in the United States verses jobs is absurd. By 1929 the Great Depression had just begun and throughout the years until the 1980s people lost their jobs therefore resulted in homelessness beginning to increase. Homelessness has gone on for far too long to still be as bad as it is now, and the US should be ashamed of it.

Being homeless should be a very important issue but the world is desensitized to it. For example people used to make a really big deal about mass shooting but now people can hear about one and forget it even happened the next week. After the Sandy hook incident people said they would not let any more mass shooting happen yet there has been 1,954 more that has occurred but nobody is concerned about all of them. Some people genuinely want to help but cannot afford to, in fact the average income an American receives is around $59,000 and the amount to live comfortably with just one child and two adults is around $40,000. Therefore if people did want to help they wouldn’t be able to help much since it is already hard to make enough money. The US should be more concerned about the people’s mental and physical stability yet they are not and the government should help improve that.

The world shouldn’t be so harsh on homeless people for asking for help. There are homeless people who get ridiculed and mocked for their situation because of how they appear. Many news companies such as vice have videos of people mentally or physically abusing homeless people just for the fun of it. The abuse doesn’t just come from the random outsiders who pass by, being homeless puts that person in harms way of racist people.

Through out Len’s eight months of being homeless, he records some of his most favorable and not favorable moments of what it is like to be a homeless African- American man in Los Angeles. From Len’s posts on his blog, he includes his opinions on how he believes that the police violently abuse homeless black people just to help reduce the number of homeless people. Being Homeless comes with many challenges and obstacles but the people in that situation can either be miserable all of the time, or like Len enjoy the little things life brings.

People become homeless because they either come from a poor family, lost their job or some other tragic incident that caused them to not have a home. By providing statistics on how many people go homeless due to certain things really raises awareness to people that are willing to help or people who can actually change how things are working such as the government. Although they do jobs in other fields the government has to do most of the work in order to improve this issue such as reduce insurance, housing, and education costs in America. In conclusion homelessness if an awful experience a lot of Americans go through but the people who don’t work in those major fields can stand up for those who can’t.