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The Involvement of Chinese Canadians in Wwii

Introduction Chinese who live in Canada have been through several injustices and restrictions to participate in the Canadian army. But, the Chinese Canadians offered unpaid help to serve in both the first and the second war. Those who participated in the army were offered full citizenship rights and the head tax was removed. The Chinese […]

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Separate Into Two Separate Questions

The interwar period should be recalled only as a time of deep political instability, economic change and unsettling social, constantly overshadowed by the prospect of another war. During World War I, most of the European countries were predominantly comprised of the world war powers. It is important to note that most of these countries were […]

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Causes of The Second World War 

The second world war is one of the biggest wars in modern history in which many events caused the infamous war. World war 2 started on September 1st, 1939 when Britain and France declared war on Germany. Germany broke the treaty of Versailles which lead to the war being declared. The league of nations also […]

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Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor

Seita Paul Honda my great-great-grandfather lived through the times of the Japanese internment camps. His wife Erminie Ekaterina Madison lost her American Citizenship due to her marrying Seita Honda due to the fact he was Japanese she married him. My great grandfather John Honda senior one of the children of Seita and Erminie was also […]

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Propaganda During Wwii

Deception and persuasion, two things that come to mind when thinking of the word propaganda. In times of great distress such as war, where emotions are running high, manipulation is made easier by taking into consideration the state of mind a country’s citizens are in. Propaganda can be thought of as using mass persuasion to […]

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What People Were Going Through During The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a genocide caused by Nazi Germany and the result is the murder of 6 million Jjews. This event destroyed the Jjewish population, two thirds of the Jjewish population in Eeurope was killed. We will be looking at the stories of three people that were affected by the Hholocaust. Leon Kusmirek was born […]

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The Holocaust: The Gerda Weissmann Klein Story

People commonly underestimate the severity of the holocaust. Many people do not see and understand the real struggles of what happened during this time. In this period of time there were 17.5 million Jewish people in the world and 6 million of them died due to German dictator, Adolf Hitler’s wishes. He believed that many […]

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World War Ii: Pearl Harbor

Have you ever wondered that the World War II and the Holocaust were very important part in history. About seventy years ago World War II started and it was a very hard time for everyone. Over the us there are many historical events like Pearl Harbor, WWII Museum, and a WWII National park. In most […]

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The Happiest Place on Earth

World War II had one of the biggest impacts on the US in all of history. With the Holocaust and Hitler’s reign, many lives were lost and changed. After the war, many inventions came into existence. Entertainment, leaders and inventors changed the lives of America forever. An amusement park opened in 1955 was dubbed the […]

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Before, During, and After Attack on Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 1941, the American military bases in Oahu, Hawaii would wake up to the roar of Japanese planes flying over the skies as it rains hell. A strategic move that was meant to dismantle not only the morale of the American people, but the physical might of the Pacific Fleet. A move that […]

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Complex Events of World War Ii

When I was thinking about doing the book review, I was torn between D-Day and the moon landing. Both incidents are Iconic American resilience, leadership, and tactics. I eventually chose the D-day for my paper because doomsday could be traced as one of the most significant events that turned the tide in favor of the […]

Roosevelt’S Influence on The Outcome of World War Ii

In Joseph E. Persico’s Roosevelt’s Secret War, FDR and World War II Espionage, he details a President who is unpredictable, manipulative but yet intricately fascinating. As his early New Deal ally Rexford Tugwell observed, “He deliberately concealed the processes of his mind.” His vice president Henry Wallace also concluded that the only certainty in dealing […]

The Occupation of Czechoslovakia During World War Ii

Closely Watched Trains captures the zeitgeist of Czechoslovakia while it was occupied by Germany during World War II. The film’s comedic yet melodramtic mood creates an image of the Czech people as having lost their spirit. The focus on the young protagonist Milos parallels the wartime experience of Eastern Europeans during the german occupation a […]

Avengers That Arose on The Basis of The Era of World War Ii

Casablanca and Captain America-The First Avenger are World War II films that have leading female characters central to the plot. The portrayal of the female lead in each film displays varying levels of anti-feminist agendas and propaganda that are used to influence the actions and opinions of female and male audience members during each time […]

The Impact of The Results of The World War Ii on The Development of The United States

The victory of World War II made more and more Americans feel more confident. As the world’s most powerful country, the United States has an obligation to maintain world peace. Rebuild the world’s economy, and provide moral leadership so that it can be achieved worldwide Universal values ​​of the United States. The actions of successive […]

Battle for Aachen During World War Ii

Aachen, the city that was notoriously known for being turned into a fortress by the Germans during World War II due to the rich, sentimental value Hitler saw in it; it is heavily guarded and protected by its vast array of barbed wiring, pillboxes, anti-tank obstacles, and other barriers, was penetrated by American forces. Also […]

American-Japanese Confrontation During The World War Ii and Post-War Reconstruction

Japanese-American Internment During World War II, following Pearl Harbor, many journalists and government authorities feared Japanese-Americans. They believed that people of Japanese descent had a plan to invade the west coast, specifically California. As journalists continued to spread rumors of the invasion to the public, the public became so fearful that the FBI investigators began […]

The Rise of The Nazi Party and The Start of World War 2 by Hitler

When it comes to the worst dictators of the world, there is undeniably only one that many think of when that word is discussed, Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria. Adolf Hitler was one of six children born to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. As stated […]

The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki As The Final Point in The World War Ii

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are distinct historical events because they remain to be the only use of nuclear weapons in the history of warfare. Setting the stage for these tragedies were the commencement of the second world war in 1939 and the subsequent bombing of Pearl Harbor by Imperial Japan in 1941, […]

Theaters of Struggle During The World War 2

This was had two sides at first that were known as theaters that were being fought, the European theater and the pacific theater. The cause of World War II was when Hitler’s re militarized Germany invaded Poland and since Poland this also led for France and Britain to declare war on Germany hence the European […]

Women in World War Ii

From 1939 – 1945, World War II changed many peoples’ lives. Several of the major countries worldwide, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, China, and the United States were involved in this conflict. Not only did men help to fight this war, but women also played a big role. They fought, worked […]

What Made Japan and Germany Start World War Ii?

It has been a while since World War II, but the atrocities committed against humans in Germany and Japan are still vivid: human trials, massacres, racial discrimination, bacterial weapons, etc. are all unforgivable crimes committed against the world. So what is it that made Germany and Japan do such a terrible act? What horrible things […]

Estimates of Crime During The World War Ii

What if crime during wartime is viewed the same as a crime in normal times? In Nazi Germany, crime during wartime is seen through a different lens in comparison to crime not during wartime. In The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, Hitler is ruling the Germans with propaganda during World War II, from 1939-1945. During […]

The Holocaust Memorial Located in Charleston, South Carolina

In the same way that a film or picture can evoke countless feelings and emotions from its audience, monuments, memorials, and public demonstrations have the same ability. The events of the Holocaust have created an everlasting impact on not only those affected and the future generations, but even cities and countries that were not affected. […]