Immigration Status Case Inquiry

Immigration officers at USCIS

AmericaDear Ms. /Mr.I am writing this letter regarding the I-485 application, I have been waiting for my green card to be processed for a very long time. I would be grateful if my inquiries were considered. , I registered for permanent American resident, went for the interview with my family, waited for the official amount of time required to process a green card, but nothing came out. It is now over one year since I applied. I have lived here in America for seventeen years now and I believe that now I deserve to be an American citizen. I am kindly enquiring to what happened to my green card case. I would like you to consider my case for easy processing of my green card.

My timeline is very simple and qualifies me to receive green card right away. I grew up in Taiwan therefore I was so close to the western culture, I can still remember the very first western thing I learnt was, it cowboy riding horse in the Marlboro Desert Red cigs ad poster in my father’s study den, it really connected me to the American and I became very curious about America. At the age of 13, I met some missionaries from Utah who turned to be my mentors. These missionaries taught me to the western culture  they taught me Mormon religion, Christianity, English and American value.

At some point, I was enrolled in the ESL summer program at Columbia University in NYC  I was so grateful since it was my chance to live in America and be able to learn their value as well as English. After summer I went back to Taiwan and came back to America for high school and college. In collage I met Nicky fell in love and eventually I married her. All these time I was learning the American culture. I also went to Hunter College and graduated with the bachelor in Psychology and also did fashion design at the Parsons school of design. I dated Justin and got married to him 2015. All the above experience shaped me into the American culture. From high school, college and life outside of school.

The western culture shaped me into a real Americans citizen. I feel like a Native American, and that’s why I decided to register as a permanent residence. I want to become an American resident, I understand everything about them, lifestyle, clothing, foods, education and also their traditions which has turned me to be a real American. I have lived here for a very long time and also married here, I no longer belong to Taiwan. USCIS communicated to us that they made a mistake of withdrawing my case together with Justin. I realize that’s the main reason why was pushed forward.

However, it is now 1.4 years  I would like you to consider my case kindly. I understand that my case had some misunderstanding but by now am hoping it should be solved.It is now more than a year since the interview dates. However, I have and own American value, since when I was seventeen years when I came here, I have experienced a lot. I am more American than most Native Americans, I have lived here for other seventeen years. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I embrace American values. Besides, I do not have any bad records, and I get involved in charity work. Kindly consider processing my green card as soon as possible, and I will be grateful.


Abrams, K. (2006). Immigration Status and the Best Interests of the Child Standard.В Browser Download This Paper.Johnson, K. R. (2000). The case against race profiling in immigration enforcement.В Immigr. & Nat’lity L. Rev.,В 21, 531.`

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