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Feminism and Racism in The Color Purple

How does Alice Walker show that feminism and racism is equally used in the context of race in “The Color Purple”? “He beat me today because he say I winked at a boy in church. I may have got somethin in my eye but I didn’t wink. I don’t even looks at men. That’s the […]

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Feminism in a Thousand Splendid Suns

Feminist literature seeks to outline the struggles women face in society and the different ways these struggles are reflected,questioned and pondered upon due to widespread negative stereotyping of women in literature (Bertens, 2001).To accomplish this, Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns promotes determined female characters who strive slowly to overcome the suffocating restraints forced on them […]

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Feminism and The Feminist Movement

The feminist movement had taken off to the point where even more women and men were ready to take part and help make every woman’s voice heard. Women and men all over the world have heard the plea of many feminist, to stand up for the rights of every women in the world. The terms […]

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Feminism and The Negative Idea on The Gender Theory

Feminism is an umbrella term for many theories, but the central idea is that feminist theory emphasizes equality between the gender binary, and how the experiences of women are reflected in society. In the early days, feminism focused on defining sex and gender, and the differences between them. Many conventional ideas regarding societal gender norms […]

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Feminism and The Theory of The Political, Economic, and Social Equality of The Sexes

Feminism, the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, seeks to rectify past injustices and pave the way for the equal advancement of liberty. Its philosophy touches on such concepts as equality among sexes, justice, affirmative action, equal pay, et cetera. The problem with such actions is that some say that, […]

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Feminism in The Yellow Wallpaper

A man can dismantle a woman piece by piece until she completely loses herself and real life. When a woman’s art, humanity, and ability to create is constantly diverted by men who abuse their power to try to make themselves feel superior. In the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the […]

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Feminism in Canterbury Tales

Throughout the ages, the story of the original sin is used to explain the struggles of women and why they are inferior to man. Eve “took of [the forbidden tree’s] fruit and ate” (Genesis 3:6), and as punishment, God made it so “[her husband] shall rule over her” (3:16). As an important text during the […]

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Feminism and Sexism

In first wave feminism, middle and upper-class white women were primarily concerned with gaining the right to vote. There were also concerns with women’s rights to own property outside of marriage. The 19th Amendment was signed into Congress in 1920 which stated that voting could not be denied based on a person’s sex. Second wave […]

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Femininity, Feminism, and Religion in Count Dracula

Dracula is seen to some as been able to manipulate people into doing his wishes and trying to wreak vengeance for having a god that has forgotten him. He is a strong but lustful character that nobody can face without being able to spook the person. He is able to lure Jonathan Harker into looking […]

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Themes of Feminism, Marriage, and Respect Found in a Doll’s House

The late, great Maya Angelou once said, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” This idea is one that is clearly embraced my Nora Helmer in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House, a dramatic script filled with many heavy themes that leave […]

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History of Feminism and Sexism in South Korean

After the end of WWII, documents of the Comfort Women were destroyed by Japanese officials and the women who had been forced into sexual slavery became societal outcasts. In the 1980s, some women began to share their stories. After the Republic of South Korea became a democracy in 1987, women started discussing their issues to […]

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The Issue of Feminism in Antigone, a Play by Sophocles

Sophocles’ Antigone displays a wide variety of issues within a government. Comparing these issues with present day issues is an effective way to see how society still struggles with conflicts that were going on as early as 440 B.C. Feminism is defined by Mirriam-Webster dictionary as “the belief that men and women should have equal […]

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Frida Kahlo’S Gender Identity and Feminism

Frida Kahlo, born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón, was a Mexican artist. She has been described as a surrealist, painting many portraits of herself. She describes herself as a painter of her own reality, painting herself because she is alone and is the subject she knows best. She was born on July 6, 1907 […]

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Sexism and Psychiatry

This article, Sexism And Psychiatry by Joan Busfield, is fundamentally related to the relationship between sexism and psychiatry, and how this matter has been impacted in the feminist literature. Accordingly, Busfield commenced with several concerns about this paper which primarily focuses on the dichotomy between psychiatry and sexism. Busfield presented Allen, who wrote the Psychiatry […]

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History of Sexism

Sexism has always been a popular hurdle between the sexes. The idea that females are not equal to males has always existed. We see this in the bible with the story of Adam and Eve. From the book of exodus, Eve’s roll was to be considered as a temptress, a servant, and the sole reason […]

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Incidents in The Life of a Slave Girl

The feminist movement in the antebellum south was to gain rights for women. Many feminist throughout the early nineteenth century fought to abolish slavery in the United States. This notion is shown in a slave narrative that was a powerful feminist tool in the nineteenth century. Black and white women in the slave narrative are […]

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Harriet Jacobs Was a Young Black Femal

Incidents in the life of a slave is a document written to depict the personal experiences of a women born into slavery. A life where one negative person gets to overshadow your dreams, your hopes, and your whole life with their power. This document was written by a slave girl, Harriet Jacobs. Jacobs uses the […]

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The Sexual Abuse of Slave Women

African Americans in the United States has experienced many hardships since they were brought to America, as slaves. Slavery was a disgusting institution that dehumanized African American’s. Female slave oppression differed from that of men, It wasn’t less severe, but it was different. Sexual relationships between masters and female slaves were common during the eighteenth […]

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Feminism’S Wave: ‘Sir Gawain and The Green Knight’ 

The term “feminism” may be described as the advocacy of women’s rights. Throughout history, there has been four different waves of feminism. However, the most influential wave of feminism was the third wave. The third wave contradicts the conservative and modest ideologies of the former waves. “According to third wave feminists, post feminism can be […]

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‘The Handmaid’S Tale’ and ‘Persepolis’

The whole society realized today depends on religion. Both scholarly works The Handmaid’s Tale, composed by Margaret Atwood, and Persepolis, composed by Marjane Satrapi, present the peruser with a general public dependent on religious fundamentalism. The two works picture severe routines. They challenge the peruser to consider what could occur and what happened to the […]

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The Book “The Handmaid’S Tale” (Essay-Analysis)

As a reader, it’s our job to know the author’s purpose, Margaret Atwood’s book “The Handmaid’s Tale” may be a dystopian novel that was published in 1985 during the backlash against the progress of second-wave feminism. To people that don’t know what the second- wave feminism period was, it had been the women’s movement of […]

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The Main Themes of Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion”

Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion is a play based on the Greek myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. In this myth, Pygmalion is a sculptor who falls in love with Galatea, one of his sculptures. After praying to Venus to bring his “ivory girl” to life, she grants his wish. Venus brings Galatea to life, and she and […]

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Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy

In “Alice In Wonderland and Philosophy” the author argues that Alice shows many characteristics of a feminist. A feminist is “a person who supports feminism” according to google dictionary. I agree with this statement due to the fact that there are many examples in the book to support that statement. For an example, Alice had […]

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Feminist Criticism of Alice’S Adventures in Wonderland 

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll, takes place in Victorian England. In the Victorian Era, women were expected to engage in specific set gender stereotypes and were controlled by the norms of a conservative and traditional society. These rules were expected to be followed as a tactic to limit a feminist uprising. This […]

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Discussion of Ethnocentrism and Other Topics

Una Marson is the most impactful Caribbean feminist. Lisa Tomlinson, a lecturer of Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies, wrote a three-chapter biography on the life and work of Una Marson. ‘Una Marson’ is one of five written in the Caribbean Biography Series which is a collection of pieces about […]

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Frida Kahlo and Other Dear Feminists

Black History month is very important when it comes to honoring African Americans who have made a difference in society and in history. There are many African Americans that have played a major role in making a difference. Many have also influenced and encouraged others to speak up for what they believe in and what […]

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Why Antigone Is Considered a Role Model

In Antigone, written by Bertolt Brecht and Sophocles, a character who has a successful quest for justice is Antigone herself because, even though she dies in the end, her message has a lasting effect on all the characters. Antigone becomes a symbol of a female fighting for her personal beliefs, even in spite of the […]

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My Knowledge of Sociological Topics

The primary purpose of this assignment is to showcase my developing knowledge on sociological topics and more specifically the process of socialization. Let’s begin the assignment by answering the question “Who Am I?”. I often times wonder what it is that makes me who I am. Is it my choice in career? Is it my […]

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The Color Purple: a Feminist Perspective

The various waves of feminism throughout history have proven numerous times the difficulties involved when attempting to gain equal rights. The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, demonstrates theses hardships. The feminist lens acts as a tool for thoroughly examining Walker’s portrayal of women. Through the character of Celie, Alice Walker’s The Color Purple portrays the […]

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