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Women and Sports: The Gender Pay Gap in World Football

Female participation in the labour market was once seen as a huge success—the ability to rely on none-other than women themselves rather struck the stereotype of gender-reliance in the face as women emerged into the workforce. However, while the presence of female bodies in differentiating fields of work was seen as a huge win for […]

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Sexism in Workplace

My fellow Americans, gender should not be a deciding factor in whether or not you are promoted to a higher position within your career. Men and women should be treated as equals within the workplace. We all know that working leads to money. The true things people should be worried about it the quality of […]

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Raising The Minimum Wage for Women: How Should Wage Eqaulity Be Achieved

The team issue we have chosen for our topic is Gender Equality, as it seems to be a big dilemma around the world right now. I chose to write about the economic issue of gender equality since there have been many debates around the issue that men usually get paid more than women due to […]

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The Gender Pay Gap: Challenges and Solutions for Companies in the United States

Introduction The Equal Pay Act was introduced on June 10th, 1963. Its main aim was to get rid of the already existing federal discrimination laws that governed the wage differences based on the gender of employees. The Act made it law that men and women who worked on the same level had to be paid […]

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Female Athletes and Equitable Pay

According to new research led by Michele Musto, a doctoral student at the University of Southern California found that new segments on women’s sports are shorter, including fewer interviews and less entertaining commentary. And coverage of women’s sports features matter-of-fact reactions which make female athletes seem less exciting (SWNS 2017). The study went on to […]

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The Gender Pay Gap: An Ongoing Battle for Equality in the Workplace

For many years women have fought for their beliefs. For example- a woman’s right to vote, work, and do the same jobs men do. They’ve done marches, speeches, and protests. Women like Eleanor Roosevelt and Esther Peterson. They made their voices heard. So why do we still have men and women discrimination? Why do we […]

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The Gender Pay Gap and Its Connection to the Pink Tax

Men and women have fought for equality many times in the past, and there is a new calling for equality. Now the calling for equality is in the system of consumerism. The Pink Tax is wreaking havoc on women everywhere. The Pink Tax is the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services. […]

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The Battle for Equal Pay: Democrat vs Republican Views

“Equal pay isn’t just a women’s issue; when women get equal pay, their family incomes rise, and the whole family benefits. -Mike Honda. As years pass by, the wage gap either keeps growing or stays the same. Both parties have different opinions of the wage gap. Some support the wage gap, and some don’t. Women […]

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The Persistent Wage Gap: The Social Injustice Impacting Women and the Economy

Over the course of their careers, almost all women lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to the Center for American Progress, the average woman misses out on approximately $430,480 over the course of a 40-year career. In many cases, women are offered less pay than men for the same type of work. Lots of […]

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Bridging the Gender Pay Gap: Addressing Persistent Inequality in Pay Across Genders

Discrimination has been a big factor in the world historically, whether it be because of one’s race, religion, gender, or simply anything that makes a person different from what is accepted by society. Society emphasizes that we are all indeed “equal,” but we all know that’s certainly not the case because we are all different, […]

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