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The Women’S Suffrage Campain

Today on August 18, 1920, as I am sitting in the breakfast shop, I hear cheering and celebration outside as I take a sip of my coffee. I walk outside and hear “Yay, we finally got it!” Looking at the woman next to me, celebrating along with the crowd, I inquire of her what are […]

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The Women’S Suffrage

How do you think life during the women’s suffrage was? Do you think it was a depressing time or a sad time? Their life was not easy, it was difficult. They tried and tried to be able to vote and took a very long time till Woodrow Wilson finally said something. The women’s suffrage movement […]

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Susan B. Anthony: Her Vision and Impact

Introduction Susan Brownell Anthony was born on February 15th, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts to Daniel Anthony and Lucy Read Anthony. As a little girl, she witnessed the hard work and skill exemplified by her mother and father. Daniel Anthony manufactured cotton in his self-built factory and gave the opportunity of employment to many young women, […]

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