The Mexican-American Issue of Immigration

The issue of immigration across the Mexican US border has been the topic of discussion for a very long time. It is believed that there are over 10 million immigrants in the US and 57% of them are from Mexico. Immigration from Mexico to the US has been termed as a massive influx of Mexicans which has been associated with cultural diversity, overpopulation in the cities, straining of social services, provision of inexpensive labour alternatives and tension among the citizens. This border stretches for 1951 miles from Califomia to Texas and is the border that has the highest frequency of crossover all over the klobe. This has thus caught the attention of the head office in the United States and the best solution to curb this immigration is being sought.

Research shows that majority of the so-called illegal immigrants enter the United States by air. Nonetheless, president Trump has been focusing on entry without inspection. This is done by people from Canada, Mexico, India, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa among other worlds. In this perspective, the wall does not act as a solution. Looking for those who have overstayed and ensuring that they retum to their countries is the only way that can solve this problem.

The general assumption that everyone who speaks Spanish is Mexican is a far more poor way of handling things. A large number of people who migrate to America originates from Central America. They then traverse across the harsh Mexican land with most of them being women and kids. The year 2014 saw deportation of over 150000 people from Central America which is an increase of 44% of deportation from the year 2013. 97% of those who were deported were Mexicans and the rest from the other states. This indicates that the migration of humans is not only a Mexican problem but a Central American problem.

There is a reduction in the number of Mexicans entering the US border, and more illegal immigrants who are not from Mexico are being apprehended at the United States border. A reduction of 85% of the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico to the US has been noted from 1.6 million people in 2014 to 229000. Expecting Mexico to pay for a wall yet it is not the citizens of Mexico who are creating the purported problem at the border is ridiculous.

According to Genova, between the year 2009 and 2014, the number of Mexican illegal immigrants residing in the United States has reduced since the working conditions in their country have improved . Nonetheless, these job opportunities have been taken by the immigrants from the other nations which means that the job opportunities that are thought to be possessed by illegal Mexicans are a false speculation. Building a wall would result in higher losses rather than what the United States will gain.

Most of the states where developing as a result of illegal immigration are not on the US Mexican border. The states though to be growing from this act are Pennsylvania, Washington, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, Louisiana, Arizona, and New Mexico among others. The areas that are infested with illegal immigrants are not close to this border.

The courts dealing with the issues of immigration are clogged with many cases over years that have not been addressed. F This has been seen across the reign of President George Bush, Barrack Obama and is still the case that is being addressed by president Trump. If this would happen, the immigration system is bound to go to a halt. A better solution to this problem should, thus, be sought to avoid spending a large amount of money in building a wall which will never act as.

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