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Social Media: Anxiety

Every minute half a million Instagram posts, Snapchat and tweets are posted. Social media was invented in 1997 and it was an app called six degrees and from there on the social media world has grown into such a big part of our lives. Throughout time more and more social media platforms have been created […]

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Social Media Vs Reality: Negative Impact

Social media has not only changed the way in which society communicates but has also changed the way in which we treat others and how we view ourselves. When we evaluate the most popular social media websites, we can see a pattern of behavior that many would find alarming. On Facebook, we judge each other […]

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Social Media and Disinformation in War Propaganda

Ministry of defence and the Taliban posted 450 and 502 messages (13.5 and 15.4 per day) respectively in the time observed (33 days). Language MoD posted in was either Pashto or Dari (the official languages of the country) mostly with English translation but in a separate tweet while the Taliban were tweeting a same message […]

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Social Media and Its Impact on Depression 

The world around us continually advances and provides new means for making our human experience on Earth as comfortable as possible. There are some who might argue some of these inventions that have helped us to advance as a civilization, have also caused us to take a step back in terms of mental health. Depression […]

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How Social Media Affects Relationships

Today’s world has seen the most aspect of life being taken over by social media. It has become something that most of the people (if not everyone) has chosen to adapt to make their life more fun and interesting. With this in mind, social media can be defined by many as computer-mediated websites and applications […]

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Is Social Media Making Us More Narcissistic

Social media, the most complicated, but most simple technology since the wheel. It’s very bold of me to make a statement like that, but I am by no means wrong. More thought goes into planning what social media influencers are going to post next, than into planning this essay (seriously). Narcissism is a real deal. […]

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Dangers of Social Media

Why is social networking so popular? Most people are likely to argue saying it’s popular because it’s available. Some might also believe that social media is more beneficial than its consequences. Author Dara Greenwood from Popular Media Culture reviews research shows “a craving for positive feedback and validation may be the common thread that links […]

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Role of Social Media in Our Life

In our modern world today, almost everyone knows and uses social media. In fact, most people might even say they can’t live without it. The average person spends over five years of their life on social media using websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. We use social media so often, […]

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Privacy Issues With Social Media

Your phone lights up and you see a message from Facebook security. The message states that your account is about to be disabled unless you verify it. You click the link and verify your login information and credit card number. Crisis averted! Or so you thought. Little did you know that that was a fake […]

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The Issues of Social Media: Mental Health

“We tend to blame social media and smartphone overuse for a vast range of modern afflictions, from increased narcissism to what’s been called ‘Facebook depression.’ We’ve seen something of a cavalcade of research into the relationship between social media and mental health (Pitre)”. The launch of Social Networking Sites (SNS) has had many people attracted. […]

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Toxic Effect of Social Media on Self Esteem

The rapid evolution of Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is considered to be one of the biggest advancements and accomplishments of this generation. In today’s society, the number one form of communication in the world is through social media. In addition, social media has dramatically changed the way humans communicate and think. We no longer […]

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 Negative Effects of Social Media

We look around and see the impacts of social media, both positive and negative. Over 2.62 billion plus people use social media and it’s estimated to grow 2.77billion in 2019. In 2017, 71 percent of internet users were social media users, and this is expected to grow in the future. This statistics shows the big […]

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The Value of Social Media Age Restrictions

Signing up for a social media account is simple to do, but hard to get out of. Not having yet developed the traits of responsibility and initiative, it is acceptable to say children are not quite ready to be on social media. In the article “The Importance of Social Media Age Restrictions” it mentions “At […]

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The Negative Impact of Social Media

Social Media Social media is a revolution in the word of communication. It is accessible in multiple languages and enables users to connect with friends and strangers across geographical, political or economic borders. Online social networks facilitate connections between people based on shared interests, values, friends, and professionals. There are many social networks like Snapchat, […]

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Effect of Fake News on Social Media Users

Recently, fake news has been a big issue on social media sites. Fake news has real world consequences and it’s oversaturation on social media sites, like facebook, cause people who click on the fake articles to believe them. This can cause people to believe things that are not true and spread the false information to […]

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The Bad Impact of Using Social Media on Society

The entertainment is important in our lives for having fun, and the delight level can be varied according to the age, season, and the place. Therefore, people should have a balance between real-life responsibilities and how to spend their free time. In the era of speed, technology affects the peoples’ life in several ways, basically […]

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Helpful and Harmful Impact of Social Media on Society

Social media has made many impacts on society. Social media is something most kids, teens, and even adults are using all the time. Having people use their social media all day long is not beneficial and can be damaging. Instead of talking to someone face to face or hanging out, most people prefer to communicate […]

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The Impact of The Internet and Social Media

The negative effects from media have made teens become more sleep deprived since so much time has been spent on technology. Rhitu Chatterjee has done some previous studies that show “[S]ocial media use is associated with disturbed sleep, which could itself affect children’s ability to focus in school and that might manifest in ADHD-like symptoms.” […]

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Allegory of The Cave Applied to Social Media

The internet was born in 1990 and has now, 28 years later, become a crucial aspect of our everyday lives. Plato is an ancient Greek philosopher whose writings explored justice, beauty, and equality. The book Allegory of the Cave stands out to people the most because it is relatable and can be applied in the […]

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Discuss The Positive and Negative Impacts of Social Media on Adolescents 

The definition of social media are websites and computer programs that allow people to communicate and share information on the internet using a computer or mobile phone. The use of smartphones becomes common, which enables social media use through homes, schools, and communities due to a majority of youth (89%) having access to smartphones(Weinstein, 2018).These […]

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Social Networking: Advantages and Disadvantages

The internet is probably one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. It allows anyone to gather information and data, connect with others, purchase items from the comfort of their home, and many other uses all with the click of a mouse. Although there may be many positive uses of the internet, there are […]

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The Social Problem of Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest problems in our generation and for students in higher education it is even worse. College students need to organize work, school, and family activities and any delaying behavior from within can cause a disturbance such as social media. This action is called procrastination and it can make issues in […]

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Shaming on Social Networks: Why It Happens and What The Consequences Are

The use of public shaming is not a new one, but with the increased use of social media public shaming has been on the rise. A positive thing about social media is that it gives people a voice and a way to be heard and voice their opinions. Unfortunately when it comes to online shaming […]

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King Abdul Art Exhibition

King Abdul is a temporary art exhibition set to take place between 16th and 21st in the month of July 2017, at Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi. The four-day exhibition brings together artists from all over the entire world to Manarat Al Saadiyat, with a vision to engross the audiences with the modern ideas […]

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How Technology Affected People

Technology, to me, is becoming known as “The Real Nightmare.” Many young teens and adults are affected by this monster in many unbelievable ways. Technology affects people’s lives, health and most importantly the negative impacts it brings.Technology has affected In today’s society, the interaction we have is through a small rectangular screen. The scary thing […]

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Influence of Internet and Human Behavior 

The Internet has become an essential component of everyday social and business atmospheres. Trillions of URL’s have been indexed by major search engines. More than 35% of research papers published today involve collaboration between researchers in different countries. In addition, crucial debate over research findings in online forums can help eliminate information gaps. Social behavior […]

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Beauty Is in The Eye of The Beholder

There is a saying that goes “ Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. The media plays a great role on the body image of the adolescent. It has expressed that thin ideal body image been ideal hence children grow up with this image. When they reach adolescent they tend to struggle to attain […]

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Working Technology 

The working technology is now important for our life. That where we learn new things every day. Today I am going to talk to you about my opinion on working technology. There are so many different types of companies use technology for people because they can work with the computer or save money, time and […]

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Impact of Technology on Our Lives

Technology plays a major role in today’s society. It has been rapidly developed and changed many people’s lives in many ways. It’s this equipment that the majority of people today, won’t go a day without. It’s that device that the majority of young people today say they “can’t live without.” But, it’s much more than […]

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Cause and Effect of Cyber Bullying

Introduction The world is changing, but even more the platform of the internet. Nowdays, people use social networks with false identitys to write outrageous messages to other people. These actions can leed the most vulnerble people to commit suicide. Cyberbullying has taken over the head news in the last decade, but most of all has […]

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Argumentative essays about Social Media

For nearly two decades, social media have been fortifying their position in our daily life. Teenagers, youngsters, and adults are all heavily dependent on checking social networking platforms, with no end in sight.

The topic is controversial because there are two sides to the story. Many believe the negative effects, such as distorted relationships, aggravated mental and physical health, and privacy issues, prevail. However, supporters of social networks reckon they improve communication, enable job finding, and open new business fields like influencers.

Undoubtedly, not everything about social media usage is inherently good or bad. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram have taught us valuable lessons. To help them realize this, teachers often ask high school students to pick essay topics on argumentative writing about social media.

Besides explaining the impact on society, a thought-provoking research and persuasive essay on social media should list the advantages and disadvantages of the phenomenon. To do so, you need a compelling hook for the introduction paragraph and appealing examples of arguments for the body.

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Social Media can seem like a safe and positive form of entertainment however, it may have several hidden negative aspects to it as well. America’s use of social media is rapidly growing, and it does not seem to be slowing down; which is a cause for concern. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are among the most popular outlets for social media and with the technological advances in smartphones technology these social media sites are allowing society to have unlimited, unfiltered access which can lead to isolation and addiction. Even though Social Media allows people to stay in contact with friends and family perhaps, Americans should not have access to it because Social Media may lead to unnecessary risks in safety, privacy, self-esteem, and health.

Social media is a positive way of networking with friends and family around the world and it can be beneficial when used in “moderation”. America’s unfortunately do not all understand the concept of moderation. According to an article in “American Journal of Medical Research” the author Nicholas Rothschild states “An immoderate time spent on social media brings out detrimental effects” (Rothchild). When using social media in overabundance it can lead to addiction without Americans even realizing it. According to Rothschild, excess use of Facebook can lead to narcissism causing the user to friend numerous shallow connections in order to achieve positive self-presentation (Rothchild). By “friending” acquaintances that tend to be superficial, Americans think this will give them more likes as well as more views which in turn makes Americans look shallow. (Rothchild).

Social media can have a perverse effect on society in many ways, one way is the negative ramifications it has on a person’s self-esteem. According to “American Psychological Association” young Americans are concerned about “appearance related social media consciousness” (ASMC), which means having the propensity of displaying behavior and thoughts as well as showing awareness in order to be “picture ready” at any given moment (Choukas-Bradley etc..,). Young Americans are experiencing ASMC simply because social media can be accessed at any moment from smartphones and the fear of an unattractive picture up themselves being posted, which may cause young Americans to develop self-esteem issues and increases self-objectification which is unhealthy. Having an unflattering picture posted to any social media site may cause stress which is why people feel like it is always important to stay picture ready.

According to the author, students in college reported that they experience a high frequency of ASMC; which significantly has led to depressive symptoms being increased; lower body self-esteem and controlling for body surveillance. (Choukas-Bradley). The author explains that this leads to more time being spent on social media which may be maladaptive for their psychological balance causing depression and anxiety (Choukas-Bradley). It is important for Americans to feel secure within “their own skin”. With all the photoshopped images of celebrities being posted on social media, it affects the way Americans perceive themselves, this causes them to want to look like their favorite celebrity which is an unrealistic expectation for anyone.

Another negative aspect of social media is cyberbullying. According to the article “From Cyberbullying to Well-being” the definition of cyberbullying is, “a way to emotionally distress someone over technology” (Bowler et al.). Even though social media makes it easier to keep up with the latest trends and entertainment it also makes it just as easy for cyberbullies to anonymously harass individuals. Bullying is an issue that has been around for decades, however; it is the new way personal attacks are being launched on society.

Cyberbullying happens more often than realized throughout social media and it may be more harmful than regular “face-to-face” bullying because it can be more harmful than verbal words. The written word is not easily forgotten and also easily shared. Cyberbullying is also posting unflattering photoshopped pictures, video that has been edited, or sexually inappropriate memes of a person which can be visible to a large audience who then has the repost it. When a post is re-posted continuously and then turns viral, meaning that it is amongst the population. Cyberbullies enjoy posting these hurtful posts and having them going viral because it makes them feel powerful to hurt another person (Bowler et al.).

Victims of cyberbullying may not feel like they have any escape from the cyber bullies because cyber bullies have access to them at any time of day via any social media outlet. (Bowler et al.). The result to the victims of this abuse is emotional damage because they feel like they have no place to hide from the cyber bullies which is causing them stress and anxiety (Bowler et al.). Cyber bullies know enough to use fake profiles in order to access their victims which makes it harder to prove who the bully is which allows the bullying to continue. A fake profile is when a person sets up an account where they hide their identity in order to access other profiles anonymously. As a result, to cyberbullying, victims are starting to take a more proactive role in their social media privacy by keeping their friend list the only person acquaintances, making sure all privacy settings are turned on and by blocking unknown friend requests. Not having access to social media is one way to stop Americans from being cyber stalked.

Another negative issue surrounding social media would be how easily people’s accounts are being hacked. Hacked is when a person uses a computer to get an authorized information about another individual. Hacking is now being used as a device for government, corporate and personal attacks and even the military and terrorist operations have been known to use hacking to achieve their goals (Monteith). Some forms of hacking include viruses that could be something as simple as a playful worm or can be seriously dangerous enough to wipe out entire corporation’s data (Monteith).

Hacking has even been able to wipe out some government networks data as well (Monteith). Hacking is a serious issue surrounding social media and there are ways of staying protected as simple as installing anti malware and Antivirus software into your computers, but cell phones are much harder to install anti malware into which is allowing an easier access for hackers putting society at a high risk of being hacked. One way of protecting being hacked is by not opening emails or clicking on links that are unfamiliar. Another way is to do not download unfamiliar software because there could be a virus attached to it, it is safer to download software that is guaranteed to be virus free.

Also, when using public computers for any social media outlet is very important to always log out and double check to make sure to have completely logout preventing unwanted access to your accounts. In addition, when choosing passwords, it is important to choose something a bit complex that cannot be easily guest, and password should be changed frequently as well. Even taking the appropriate precautions is not enough to completely be protect from the wrath of hackers. Social media is it hacker’s playground and Americans personal and financial information would be more protected if they would choose to not access media.

Addiction is another negative issue with social media. According to the 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, social media is “brain hacking” their users, also known as hijacking people’s mind, “they are shaping the thoughts and feelings and actions of a person, they are programming people”(Brain Hacking). The former product manager explain that society is led to believe that social media is neutral, and it is society’s choice whether to would like to use it or not but that is completely false (Brain Hacking). He states, “they want you to use it in particular way and for long periods of time because that is where the money is made” (Brain Hacking). Even though social media is free to access, the websites make money off advertisements that is why pop ups are always appearing as your strolling through your social media.

The former product manager for Google, Ramsey Brown states, “A computer programmer who now understands how the brain works will know how to write code that will get the brain to do certain things” (Brain Hacking). It is this mentality that makes social media addictive, and their way of doing this is by giving you “Rewards”. Rewards have no actual value but is a way of making people feel extra-special, ways of making them come back to the website, an example of that is a receiving a burst of sudden likes on their post and pictures. According to the 60 Minutes interview, Brown states that the websites will hold back these likes to tweak their online experience making them want to come back for more (Brain Hacking).

Brown believes that society is part of a controlled experiment that is happening, the more time Americans spend on social media the more the companies collect data on them. Essentially advertisers are the ones paying for social media sites, so they are paying for societies eyeballs to look at their merchandise hopefully enticing them into purchasing their product. According to Anderson Cooper, advertising on social media has doubled in the last 2 years because of this intense method social media are displaying. The reason social media uses a continuous scroll because it is a proven way to keep people searching longer until finding that one good piece that catches their interest. It is a mechanism designed to keep them on social media for long periods of time allowing social media to gain more control over how much time they spend on it (Brain Hacking).

Society is scrolling through their social media accounts for long periods of time which is allowing companies as long as period of time to gain access to us prompting for more advertisement (Brain Hacking). This is how companies keep people addicted, they are posting advertisements that catch the interest of individuals which keeps them coming back for more. Companies should not be allowed to have access to social media data in order to sell their merchandise because personal data should be private and not be allowed to be accessed by anyone.

In conclusion, social media has made some positive impact on Americans within the last 10 years by allowing distant friends and family to keep in touch as well as allowing Society to keep to date with their favorite celebrities in sports, but it is also displayed many negative aspects as well. Social media has the ability to deteriorate an individual’s self-esteem because they would like to look like the celebrities that are posting pictures but not realizing that the pictures have been photoshopped or airbrushed. It is not fair for society to try to compete with such a false reality. When some individuals do try to compete with their celebrities’ photos, they end up being cyber-bullied which is a way of hurting the individual from behind a computer screen.

Cyberbullying has been a problem on social media because it is being done from behind a screen and their posts are going viral and when something is out an internet there’s no taking it down. This is causing the younger generation to feel stress and anxiety and is even led to some cases of suicide. Without social media in society’s lives cyberbullies would not exist which would make teenagers lives less anxious and stressful. Social Media is also dangerous because it is known to be easily hacked. Being hacked is very frustrating because it can make a person feel violated when their personal information has been accessed without their permission or knowledge. Also, being hacked involves changing passwords, account numbers and other personal settings which is time consuming and annoying.

Social media is also very addictive because advertisers are able to access data prompting with alerts to continually check in on their social media accounts to the point where they start to imagine feeling their phone vibrate or hearing alerts. Social media has been detrimental to society because it causes stress and anxiety from the negative surroundings that go with it. If Americans did not have access to social media, then they would not have to worry about getting all the excess tweets from Trump.