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Corporal Punishment Leaves Injuries Not Only on a Child’S Body

Spanking is a common practice among parents of young children in the United States. “Individuals with higher educational attainment are less likely to agree that spanking children is an acceptable form of discipline” (Child Trends 1). In the United States, corporal punishment is legal in the child’s home; on the other hand, it is illegal […]

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Corporal Punishment As Negative Discipline

There are many critical issues in education psychology that are important to education. These critical issues are barriers that are elements in the way of better opportunities for students. In this paper, I will talk about spanking and aggression as a method of correcting children’s behavior. This critical issue I am concerned about should not […]

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Corporal Punishment Is Violence That Cannot Be Applied to Children

One of the many conversations that I have with my black and brown friends a few times during the year is how and when our parents beat us. Although it was never a contest to see who got the most, worst, funniest beatings, somehow the conversation always went in that direction. I tell my story […]

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Consequences of Corporal Punishment

Are you a parent ? Have you ever been driven crazy by the actions of your children? How do you deal with the way you discipline them? Do you believe in punishment or do you repeat the same tactics your parents would use on you? Punishment is to discipline someone for doing wrong. When being […]

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Studies on Corporal Punishment

The study done by Jamie Cage and Sarah Font was meant to examine how physical punishment, corporal and physical abuse influence how a child does in school and self-isolation. Corporal punishment is a physical punishment of any sort. In the study, the researchers examined children from ages of 3-14 over a span of 3 years […]

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Corporal Punishment Doesn’T Work in Parenting: Alternative Methods of Punishment

In this article, Brendan Smith analyzes the effects of using physical discipline and how it may correlate to future long term problems within a child. According to Smith, for a short period of time spanking can prevent children from engaging in problematic behaviors. However others disagree and believe physical discipline does not work at all […]

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