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Feminism and The Theory of The Political, Economic, and Social Equality of The Sexes

Feminism, the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, seeks to rectify past injustices and pave the way for the equal advancement of liberty. Its philosophy touches on such concepts as equality among sexes, justice, affirmative action, equal pay, et cetera. The problem with such actions is that some say that, […]

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To Whom Did The Declaration of Independence Include and Exclude

The 1776 Declaration of Independence is noted as being the document that “…projected a new era of liberty, equality, and popular self-government.” In the context of the American Revolution, it represented a clear victory for the Patriots fighting for freedom from British colonial power. Yet it can be argued that these notions of liberty and equality […]

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The Affirmative Action Speech and the Necessity for the Affirmative Action in the United States

My fellow Americans, it is about time we discuss the necessity of affirmative action in today’s society. For too long, minorities have suffered. For too long, minorities have been treated unjustly. For too long, minorities have faced oppression. America must right their wrongs. They must correct the historic inequalities. It is their responsibility. Although nothing […]

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