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Othello Tragic Hero

It becomes prominent to individuals that human beings are far from representatives of moral perfection. A pattern of trivial lies can be observed within human evolution and civilization. While these lies may be harmless and sometimes beneficial depending on the given situation, they also have the potential to inflict colossal damage; especially if these lies […]

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Othello Manipulation

When jealous is implanted in an individual’s heart, it grows like a seed. It breads evil, creates bad emotions, feeling of revenge and betrayal, and more often than not, it results in the destruction of that person having it, or others. In the Play, “Othello” by William Shakespeare, the theme of jealousy is clearly demonstrated […]

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Analysis of Othello and The Characters

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark and The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice have multiple areas that are similar and different. Each character seeks for some sort of revenge, but their focus is on different things. Not only that, but the antagonists in each play have some differences and similarities between them. […]

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Betrayal in Othello Essay

When jealous is implanted in an individual’s heart, it grows like a seed. It breads evil, creates bad emotions, feeling of revenge and betrayal, and more often than not, it results in the destruction of that person having it, or others. In the Play, “Othello” by William Shakespeare, the theme of jealousy is clearly demonstrated […]

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Tragic Deaths in Othello and Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

There have been many great writers throughout time, but none can compare to the wise-minded and classical writer, William Shakespeare. He is highly regarded to be one of the greatest poets in history. No other writers works have been reprinted as many times as his. His plays have been made into movies, reenactments, and even […]

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Racism in Othello The Venetian Moor

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England in 1564. Famously known as an English poet, play-writer, actor, and was given the title as the greatest writer and dramatist. Shakespeare play Othello was first published to the public in 1604 during his third tragic period. According to a source, Othello was inspired by a crucial war […]

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Shakespearean Jealousy

William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, widely agreed to be the greatest writer in the English language, and considered the world’s greatest dramatist. Shakespeare wrote many comedies and histories but his well enounce works stem in the genre of tragedies, with among them being Othello. Othello is a play that revolves around the Moor, […]

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Othello: Cultural Disapproval From Ancient Times to The Present

In Othello’s plays, we have already noticed the racial discrimination against Othello in the white society of Venice. However, it can be stated that Othello has the desire of cultural identity for the white society that discriminates against him. The cultural identity of Othello in white society, as well as his own psychological condition and […]

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What Caused Othello’S Crash

Racism is one of the many problems today’s society faces. Though we have much to improve upon, equality has significantly improved compared to the last few centuries. We can better understand the state of racism during Elizabethan era by looking at one of its famous play writers, Shakespeare, and his play Othello. The play follows […]

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Analysis of The Tragedy of Othello

The Tragedy of Othello begins with a conversation between Roderigo and Iago. This discussion reveals to the readers the true feelings and intentions Iago has towards Othello. We learn that Iago loathes Othello because he gave Cassio the position as captain, as well as the fact that Iago believes that his wife Emilia is sleeping […]

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Chasing Reputation in Othello

Gradually, the deceptive Iago must consistently be conscientious in his approach towards at last obtaining a unique eminence, and at last implementing the belief of anguished actions. He takes so much pride in protecting his individual identity as a method for pain that once a secondary character named Roderigo discovers the true purpose of the […]

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Othello: Wealth or Morals

The idea of Marxism came from a man named Karl Marx who essentially believed in an economic system where the government controlled all means of production and resources to ensure equality. In various ways, one may see Marxism as part of the foundation of communism as they share many similar qualities that would lead someone […]

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Analysis of Iago’S Emotions and Acts in Othello

In the story Othello, written by William Shakespeare, Iago holds security in his tranquility, allowing his true intentions to be masked. This allows Iago to copy and apply emotions from characters around him. The ability to counter his inner silence and replace it with a false personality grants him the upperhand to any situation, permitting […]

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Comparing Othello and Macbeth

To confront self-doubt and racism in this Venetian society, Othello buries himself to more military assignments and battles. Faced with these two challenges, Othello does the only thing that gives him respect and worth in Venice- being a warrior. Being an excellent soldier puts him in high demand by the senate and the Duke. Hence, […]

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The Concept of Othello in The Quote

This quote is so important in the book because it shows the society of Brave New World so clearly. Everybody is ‘happy’, everybody gets along, and nobody wants to change. In this quote it shows that the Controller Mustapha Mond understands that the society is fragile and hangs in the balance as single change could […]

Promising Career As a Shakespearean Actor for The Performance of Othello

Everyone around Mary is desperately trying to make Mary stop, but on this long day, Mary chooses instead to numb her pain to escape to a broken reality of the past. O’Neill uses Mary to show a relapse that in a matter of a day makes Mary insane from drowning in the morphine. James Tyrone […]

An Analysis of a Tragic Hero in Othello and Macbeth

There are several ways to define a tragic hero. Aristotle breached upon several of these characteristics during his philosophical years. Several definitions were provided at the top of this question, many of which can be attributed to both Othello and Macbeth : Shakespearean plays. These characters were both prime examples of tragic heroes, which differs […]

An Analysis of The Extract Showing Othello’S First Interaction After The Murder of Desdemona

The extract is notably Othello’s first interaction with anyone after the murder of Desdemona, the extract shows Emilia’s knowingness of lago’s manipulative nature as Othello unravels how Iago informed him of Desdemona’s adulteress actions. The interaction fundamentally presents the strength of Emilia and the position of women compared to Othello’s corrupted mind through jealousy and […]

A View on The Othello’S Decisions in Othello

Killing, cursing, and hurting emotionally or physically are valid proofs of cruelty. In Shakespeare’s play Othello, Othello is an honest and justice general in the citizen’s view; however, Shakespeare depicts Othello as a perpetrator of evil since his jealousy and doubts drive him to smother his beloved Desdemona. This brutal crime illuminates the idea that […]

Character Analysis of Othello in The Play of William Shakespeare

Othello’s personality in William Shakespeare’s play develops from an admired and revered general to an ignominious and disgraceful murderer. This metamorphosis is encouraged by concurrent wicked events originated by Iago, an immediate friend of Othello’s. The alteration in his personality demonstrates Othello’s descend from acceptance to dishonor by the means of naivete and envy, which […]

Iago’S Villainous Ways As The Driving Force in Othello

In Williams Shakespeare’s Othello the protagonist Othello is emotionally and physically defeated by the antagonist Iago. Othello is the hero of the play while Iago is the “psychopathic” villain, whose villainous ways guides the play. Which leads to Othello tragically committing suicide, due to lago’s’ vengeance. Iagos’ villainous ways are driven by Othello not giving […]

The Moor in Othello, a Play by William Shakespeare

Othello, by William Shakespeare, is a play named after the protagonist, Othello. The main character stands out in comparison to the other characters because he is a “moor”. The word “moor” highlights Othello’s difference from the rest of the characters and also displays how the other characters think differently of a “moor”. The audience can […]

The Three Key Characters in Othello

Explore and analyse the ways in which Shakespeare presents his key characters to an audience in the rising action of his play “Othello”. To what extent does this reflect the world in which the play was first made? The play Othello essentially revolves around three key characters: Shakespeare’s eponymous tragic hero, his beautiful wife Desdemona […]

The Concept of Hurting Loved Ones in Othello

Othello by William Shakespeare is about a black man named Othello and his tragic story. He marries a white woman named Desdemona. Iago, Othello’s ensign, is an evil and deceitful person who wants to ruin Othello’s marriage and get revenge. He is angry that Othello gave the lieutenant position to Cassio, rather than to him. […]

Misunderstandings and Miscommunication in Othello

Othello is a tragedy that proceeds from misunderstandings and miscommunication. Shakespeare’s plays are so often marked by a lack of straightforward communication. Othello is a powerful example of this, where the text’s tragedy essentially springs from acts of misunderstanding. Many of these errors are bound up within lago’s deception. Othello’s suffering results mostly from his […]