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Black Lives Matter Movement

America today seems like a whole new nation from the time of slavery and Jim Crow Laws. This is a generation of Black liberation and empowerment. It is now considered the social norm to go to an integrated school, the direct result of the victorious decision of Brown v. Board of Education. The Brown v. […]

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Fight for Black Lives Matter

The star of The Hate U Give has been sharing mental health resources with her fans during the fight for Black Lives Matter. Like many people, Amandla Stenberg has been deeply engaged in the fight against racism happening across the globe. Black Lives Matter protesters have been marching for the end of racial injustice since […]

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Butterfly Life Cycle Essay

We studied the life cycle of a caterpillar turning into a monarch butterfly. Baby caterpillars (larve) hatch from an egg on a milkweed leaf thus beginning the life of the caterpillar. The first instar of a baby caterpillar happens after they hatch they are roughly 2-4 mm in length and don’t move as much eating […]

Pages: 1 Words: 445