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Sex Trafficking and Government

has correlations with the number of people that are affected by HIV. The World Health Organization conducted a survey that showed that roughly 34.3 million people around the world are infected with the AIDS virus and of the 34.3 million about 24.5 million live in Sub Saharan Africa. More than half of the population that […]

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Sex Trafficking and Other Sexual Crimes

Unlike a large number of studies on lack of compassion and sexual offences, there is a lack of research into the correlation between eloquent and sexual offences. However, current research does emphasize the positive relationship between eloquent and sexual assault crimes. Brown et al. (2015) conducted a study of 2,514 male prisoners convicted of sexual […]

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Sex Trafficking and Sexual Crimes

Abstract Public concerns about sexual offenses have been higher and have called for harsher sanctions and sentences like sexual offender sanctions. Even though there are minimal cases of arrest for sexual offenders, most of the victims report that such crimes are some of the most devastating in their life since they come with large societal […]

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Sex Trafficking in The Context of The Spread of Prostitution

Prostitution is to obtain material rewards (money, gifts), in exchange for a price or a cost of acceptance of the contract with the object of sex is not fixed. Simple understanding is to charge sexual behaviour. Traditionally, this has involved some kind of direct physical contact. However, with the revolution in electronic technology and the […]

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Sex Trafficking and The Oldest Profession in The World

There has been much debate in the twentieth century about what in 1889, Rudyard Kipling termed “the most ancient profession in the world” (Kipling). Prostitution is as old as human civilization. But except for Nevada. Who leaves legalization up to individual counties. The United States continues to be one of the few nations in the […]

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Sex Trafficking in Mumbai

Once I came to Mumbai, the dalal sold me to a malik in Kamathipura. The malik told me I owed him 35,000 rupees, and I must have sex with any man who chooses me until this debt is repaid. I refused and his men raped me and did not feed me. I was in a […]

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Sex Trafficking in The Context of The General Problem of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking isn’t something that numerous individuals think much about, so when adopting an interdisciplinary strategy and pulling two disciplines together to help recommend an answer can be extremely testing. Take law enforcement officers and their lack of education on the subject (Grubb and Bennett, 2012). The U.S has many laws that do not allow […]

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Labor and Sex Trafficking Among Homeless Youth

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” – William Wilberforce, an English politician, and leader of the movement to stop the slave trade. Human trafficking is a violation of humanity. It is a universal problem. It includes hiring, harboring, and deporting human individuals […]

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Abuse and Sex Trafficking

Belize has been in constant turmoil in the past years. These problems have continued to create an unsafe environment for the citizens of modern day Belize. Located in Central America, Belize violates Article 5 of the (UNDHR) which states, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” […]

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Websites That Enable Sex Trafficking

Criminal justice reform is when errors are found in our criminal justice system, and then are planned to be fixed. Everyone in a courtroom that has had to appear before a judge, has rights. Rights such as due process of law, the right to have bail, to not have your property searched or your personal […]

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Ways to Control Sex Trafficking

Defined by the Oxford dictionary, prostitution is “the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.” As of 2016, there is an approximation of one million to two million prostitutes in the United States, but since prostitution was widely deemed as being immoral or non-consensual, the Mann Act was passed as […]

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The Issue of Sex Trafficking in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is known for many wonderful things and events such as “The University of Houston”, “Free Press” and the interesting museum district. However, Houston is also negatively associated with certain deplorable acts. Unfortunately, Houston, Texas is also recognized as the city with the largest capacity for sex trafficking. There are several criminal attributes surrounding […]

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The Alarming Issue of Sex Trafficking in America

Fatigued, dehydrated, exhausted, beaten, and possibly dead. 293,000 American children are at risk annually. Running from abuse just to be forced into prostitution and illegal pornography, happens to 20,000 youth every year. This is sex trafficking. You leave, running from abuse. After one or two days, you cannot take it anymore. All of a sudden, […]

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Rape Culture in the Context of Sex Trafficking

Rape culture perpetuates the belief that victims have contributed to their own victimization and are responsible for what has happened to them. Behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, slut shaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by sexual violence or some combination of these. […]

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The Gender Aspect in The Spread of Sex Trafficking

Peacekeeping may be successful at reducing armed conflict, but does it impact the lives of civilians in other ways? A vast amount of research introduces that peacekeeping may cause higher numbers of sexual violence in the regions where peacekeepers are present. Sabrina Karim, Kyle Beardsley, Bernd Beber, and Stephen Moncrief provide insight to the issue […]

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Issue of Sex Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is known for slavery and hard labor or engaging in commercial sex acts and its men and women who are lured into these even children (Attorney General). Minors can be forced into slavery traded or sold for sex. Human trafficking today is one of the most horrible crimes committed that is very profitable […]

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Commercial Sex or Sex Trafficking

Our world is overrun by issues and problems that are overlooked and not being solved. Many people take no notice to the dilema and move on with their life because they believe that it cannot be solved or that their involvement will have no affect. One of the major issues arising and rapidly taking over […]

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Sex Tourism in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one amongst the sexual Disneyland spots for sex tourism. In Cambodia, prostitution is prohibited, but it’s tolerated. Where plenty of sex tourist spots which supply young women who wear a mini skirt and smoking cigarettes outside the motels. Although sex selling is prohibited in Thailand. It’s estimated that they have 3 million […]

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Human Trafficking Is Trend

Brooke Holt Discover New York Tuner December 5, 2018 Everywhere you go there are double standards and there are “traditional” ways of doing things. According to “The Guardian”, women are better off today, but still far from being equal to men. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Women have come such a long way, […]

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Underrated Sex Movies That Break The Mold

Popularity is defined by that which is loved by the general public; commonly accepted beliefs and ideas and images that society welcomes. But it is the work that breaks out of this generalization, the underrated, that really leaves a mark. Several movies recently have been attempting to reshape this societal mold into something more politically […]

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Causes of Kidnapping and Trafficking

The crime of kidnapping and trafficking of children and women has always been the focus of our criminal law. There is a tendency to develop and spread this crime, which is endanger and cor-rupt the social atmosphere. From the internet, I found from 2012 to June 2013, a city from china -TaiYuan captured 141 criminal […]

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Kidnapping Research Bibliography

Kidnapping happened all over the world with adults with in the age of 30 or younger will abduction younger than the age of 16 for child sex trafficking or be holding them hostages. With people taking boys and girl for sex trafficing is because of the kids being lesbains , gay , or them just […]

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The Two Sides of The Arguments on The Legalization of Prostitution

What is sex trafficking According to Shared Hope International, sex trafficking can be defined as “recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining patronizing, or soliciting of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act where such an act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion”. Most people who end up being trafficked are tricked into […]

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Sex trafficking has been around for many years and coercion fraud and force is used on both adults and minors. A commercial sex act is the cause of trafficking by prostitution, pornography, and any kind of sexual performance to give in exchange for money, food, drugs, shelter, etc. to the victim. Traffickers/Pimps top picks to find their victims is on social media, neighborhoods, and schools. They strike areas where they see that there is poverty. There are many pros and cons to sex trafficking both genders can be victims of sex trafficking but girls are the most targeted in this situation. It’s not just enough to inform ourselves, we also need to arm ourselves with the proper resources and know how to use them when needed. School districts should be required to provide education regarding sex trafficking to students and faculty.

Advantages of sex trafficking are not good, but there are pros for sex traffickers. The trafficking industry “is estimated to generate around $150 billion annually.” (Molloy, 2016) That is a lot of money and millions of people who are being trafficked today including children as well. This is a profitable business in the world and it has been stated that “It is becoming increasingly easy and inexpensive to procure, move and exploit vulnerable rights.” Pimps are happy about this because they get to buy expensive things, like name brand clothing, luxury cars, and their dream homes with this illegal money. There are some traffickers in Texas who were collecting money from sex trafficked minor girls and used that money to begin businesses. But this is how the world shouldn’t be there should be an increase of investigations, prosecution and criminal charges for these traffickers.

Girls are forced to do many things when entering sex trafficking. In the beginning, some girls think that pimps are trying to be in a relationship and promise them good things. They begin to buy them expensive clothing, bags, and shoes. They also take them to fancy restaurants or loud places to talk them into the business. Of course, the pimps are way older than the female and anyone can recognize that there is something wrong. They also begin to be controlling, wanting to know the location and demand the girls to have sex or do illegal things. Some traffickers can brand or tattoo money, a barcode, or a name on women that represent what they do. Girls who are being trafficked, enjoy doing what they do because they see that they start to get the money they never had. They have the money to buy and own expensive clothing, accessories, shoes and more.

There are many signs to recognize when minors are involved in sex trafficking and here are the cons. Those who are victimized students, stop attending school to start going into prostitution to find a way to get money for themselves and/or their families. Assisting schools in responding to sex trafficking is one of the solutions, by offering professional development to the district and school employees at no charge and then talk to students about trafficking. This will teach students just like they teach them about sex education, “Teachers don’t need to be human trafficking experts, but they should know what modern slavery is, how it happens in their community, what to look for and who to turn to if there is a student they are concerned about or a victim comes forward.” (Pannoni, 2017)

There are some victims who suffer from physical, mental, and emotional trauma and abuse after being trafficked. This keeps them from following their dreams and advance in their education. Establishing trafficking protocols and policies for schools is a step to suspect a student has been sex trafficked and to have school districts respond to this problem as soon as possible in a thoughtful and effective manner. Then schools will want to collaborate with agencies such as child welfare, and law enforcement to develop these protocols in all schools and to help these victims with the right services. This will also get social workers and Cps to help those who have been abused.

Those children who have been sex trafficked are needed to be treated. They are treated for, “drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, delinquency, teenage pregnancy, STDs.” (Sharedhope International) It’s not popular to use protection. Many pimps make their victims take birth control pills to keep the trafficking running. If they get pregnant, they are taken to get abortions and if victims deny getting one, they are threatened to get killed.

In the United States, “A 2014 study by the US State Department found that 55% of the women surveyed who were victims of human trafficking had at least one abortion, and 30% had multiple abortions during the time of trafficking.” (Talalas, 2017) There are females in the United States where they get more than 10 abortions and some become very sick throughout the process. This trend has been going on for many years and this can be an example of sexual coercion and oppression. Those pregnancy centers can also help prevent sex trafficking by getting them trained to, “recognize signs of human trafficking and help women who might be trapped in exploitation and abuse.” (Kat, 2017) At this point, women should know their value and what they are really worth. There are many ways to get money and not in illegal ways.

On the month of April 2018, President Donald Trump signed a bill nicknamed “FOSTA” for “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act,” this gives power to federal and state prosecutors “to pursue websites that host sex-trafficking ads and enables victims and state attorneys general to file lawsuits against those sites.” (Jackman, 2018). Pages online have been shut down such as and craigslist “shutting down sections that might be construed as sex-related” (Jackman, 2018) right after the bill was passed. When Trump was signing this bill, he says, “This is a great piece of legislation, and it’s really going to make a difference.” (Jackman, 2018) this can help pimps from getting their victims on social networks.

There are solutions as to how we can prevent sex trafficking in San Antonio, Texas. Bexar County Juvenile Probation Department and several other agencies helped RMYA to create a new program called “Centro Seguro” there will be many agencies to help these victims. In a San Antonio Express-News article it states that that there will be “a caseworker who can counsel them and walk with them out of prostitution when they are ready.” (Polcyn, 2017). Also, the City of San Antonio website has a page of human trafficking in San Antonio, where they also provide an email and phone number you can contact at any time, “[email protected] or call the Sex Crimes Unit at 210-207-2313.” (The City of San Antonio). In that same page, they provide videos of SAPD explaining on how you can stop sex trafficking in different languages.

There are many ways to identify someone who is being trafficked, and there are many solutions to stop sex trafficking. The first step in preventing this can start in school, and the right services for these victims. School districts should be required to provide education regarding sex trafficking to students and faculty. The pimps know their ways of getting girls into this business and targets to finding their victims such as on social media, neighborhoods, and schools. Now that sex trafficking has been identified and there are many ways to prevent trafficking, you can help the victims anywhere in the United States, locally, and even in your neighborhood. There can be a stop to commercial sex acts and help victims get money in legal ways for themselves, family, food, and shelter. There are many pros and cons to sex trafficking and when it comes to girls, especially minors it’s not just enough to inform ourselves, we also need to arm ourselves with the proper resources and know how to use them when needed.