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Personal Statement

Since I my childhood, I have always had the luck of being in an environment to cheer me on and inspire to become an engineer. My toys presented me with a platform to know how they work and I currently look up to my elder brother who is pursuing electrical engineering. I have always had […]

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What Is Most Important to You?

It has always been my dream to study at your university since I began realizing the value of education. Concerning that, I am extremely hopeful that you will grant me the opportunity to pursue my studies there. Additionally, I am confident that it will help me gain knowledge in business, computer science, and life sciences. […]

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Essay on Dreams and Hopes With an Example From Literature

In elementary school, my teachers used to instruct us to make posters about our hopes and dreams for the year. I personally hated making those posters because I didn’t understand why we needed to do it. For me, it was just another thing I had to complete, but I now realize the importance of having […]

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Hamlet’S Method of Madness and Revenge for The Murder of The Father

Throughout the novel an eerie and dark tone is used to depict characters and interactions. These negative connotations help establish mood and show true feelings of main characters such as Horacio, Claudius, Hamlet, and Fortinbras. Claudius says that “Young Fortinbras, holding a weak supposal of our worth, or thinking by our dear late brother’s death […]

Pages: 10 Words: 2853