The Affirmative Action Speech and the Necessity for the Affirmative Action in the United States

My fellow Americans, it is about time we discuss the necessity of affirmative action in today’s society. For too long, minorities have suffered. For too long, minorities have been treated unjustly. For too long, minorities have faced oppression. America must right their wrongs. They must correct the historic inequalities. It is their responsibility. Although nothing can undo the past, we can look towards a brighter future with a blanket of hope.

Over so many years, minorities have had to face an abundance of hardships that the common white American would never have to worry about. White privilege is frequently overlooked as if it is not an issue. Many people ignorantly refuse to acknowledge it because they, themselves, have never missed out on opportunities as a result of their skin color. It is simple: A white person responsible for a mass killing is not considered a terrorist, but someone of a brown skin color is. The reality is that they both are terrorists, but only one is labeled. With the use of affirmative action, it helps people who are socially discriminated for their skin color. All races are branches of the same tree, therefore they must be provided with an equal chance. These policies may also be gender and class based, but the strongest support comes from the several racial struggles.

Minorities that have been discriminated against include: African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans. For so long, African Americans were traded like commodities and forced to work as slaves while also having to live in segregation. They were prohibited from getting even the most basic education. Asian immigrants have faced prejudice and struggled with many of the same complications as African Americans. To be specific, during World War II, Japanese Americans were interned in camps, losing everything they owned. Hispanics in America are constantly overlooked for jobs, housing, and education because they are often, stereotypically, perceived as lazy and unproductive. Native Americans were displaced from their own land, which had been their home for much longer than it was America’s. We must break the chains of oppression. It is only fair that minorities are now represented in universities, hospitals, and other public institutions. These people deserve a fair chance at success in employment, education, and other essential proponents they have been disadvantaged from in the past and even the present.

Some people may say that these laws are reverse discrimination, but they have got it all wrong. “Why do colleges and workplaces lower standards to get more blacks, hispanics, and other minorities in?” They don’t! It is all about getting an equal chance at an equal life. Equality. That is all. The goal is to discover and train potentially qualified minorities and women. The government obviously cannot legislate away racism, but this is a real policy that addresses discrimination correctly. It is affirmative. It is an action. This policy is incredulously more fair than one where these circumstances are not taken into account. The most effective way to heal society’s exclusionary ways is to make exceptional efforts at inclusion and diversity, which is exactly what affirmative action does.

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