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Perception and Prejudice Toward Ethnocentrism

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from poor judgement” (Wardlaw, “Top 25 Judgement Quotes: A-Z Quotes”). This quote from Will Rogers highlights the fact that that exercising appropriate judgment when communicating with people of diverse cultures can be daunting. Disparities in cultures can lead to disagreements, and consequently, ineffective communication. How many times […]

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Ageism Is Increasingly Becoming an Issue

“Old age is not a status we chose to be, it’s a status we inherit with virtue of living, not dying” (Heiman). In these short words we are reminded that age is an inevitable process of life that makes us human. Historically perceived as a graceful and elegant phase, now thought about in fear. In […]

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Re-Framing Aging and Ageism in The Us

Aging in human life is defined as an inevitable process that involve buildup of changes in the body over a given span of time. Ideally, these changes are exuded in the physical, social and mental changes overtime usually comprised of a gradual increase in susceptibility to human diseases and decrease in general body strength (Steptoe, […]

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One of The Common, Serious and Worldwide Societal Problems

Ageism is a kind of stereotyping, inequity and preconception against people based on their ages (WHO, 2019). Ageism can be divided into two types of negative behavior towards older adults in different age ranges (WHO, 2019). One is the wrong consumption and attitude about older people who are still working as a result of the […]

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Cultural Diversity on College Campuses 

Abstract On a college campus, “diversity” refers to the variation of people and experiences to which students will be exposed to. Although you may think of diversity mainly in the standing of race or ethnicity, there are actually several student characteristics which can contribute to a diverse campus, including religion, cultural background, geographic location, socioeconomic […]

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Definition of Ethnocentrism and Its Consequences

Introduction It is common for us to have the feeling that our own culture is somehow better than the people around us. You might step back and say, “I wouldn’t ever think I’m better than someone else.” But our society has taught us to think that we are without us even knowing it. Of course, […]

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Homosexuality: Hidden Love

For many years music videos have become more popular with only one purpose and is the representation of a visual image that demonstrate a certain event or a special meaning. The music video “Take me to Church” directed by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson make a visual representation in which the audience can identify one […]

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Representation of Prejudices in Zootopia Movie

Zootopia offers moral instruction by outlining an allegory relating prey and predator to the prejudices in America. Often discussed is how impressive Zootopia handles the concepts of prejudice through Nick’s role, and showing parallels to the discriminated in “Purity of America.” The film centers around Judy Hopps who aspires to be recognized as much more […]

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Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space

Treating everybody as equal is something many people learn at a young age. No matter what the other person looks, seems, or acts like, you always treat them the way you would want to be treated. Its 2019 and this simple idea is something that many people are still not able to grasp. Stereotyping and […]

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Efforts to Eliminate Racial Segregation and Racial Differences

A Well-being lopsided characteristic among racial minorities is explained, relentless, and unpreventable (Sondik et al., 2010). Extremism may be one purpose behind these differences. Studies find that individuals who report experiencing bias presentation more horrendous prosperity than people who don’t report it. While this line of research has been valuable in moving the trade from […]

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