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Gun Control Will Not Effect Violent Crime Rates

Gun control are policies meant to control the manufacture, sale, ownership or use of firearms by the civilians. The debate on gun control has been hitting the headlines in our media due to the current rise in crime rates in the United States. Most criminal activities are carried out with the help of firearm for […]

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Gun Control Does Not Reduce The Crime

Gun control does not limit the amount of violent deaths in the United States. For example, you can go to Chicago, Illinois where they have the strictest gun laws and yet this state has the most gun deaths in the nation. Some people don’t want gun control because gun’s are a means of protection for […]

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Gun Control Is Needed 

In the past ten years, the most violent shooting massacres have occurred. Dozens of innocent people have been killed because of the government not cracking down on the control of guns. How many more boys and girls must be killed in neighborhood shootings because of a weapon in an inexperienced hand? What if you were […]

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Gun Control and Violence

Gun control is arguably the most controversial topic in our country’s news and politics. It seems people are either very strongly for or against it, with no in between. One of the key points in the debate is whether gun control helps reduce crime or if it has no effect on the national crime rate. […]

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Gun Control Is Not The Solution to The Problem

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” With a government based off of various laws and an actual Constitution, the United States of America has a recurring problem in its society on the topic of gun control. This then evokes the question – should the government have the right to regulate said guns? The government […]

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Gun Control: Violence

“When a country with less than five percent of the world’s population has nearly half of the world’s privately owned guns and makes up nearly a third of the world’s mass shootings, it’s time to stop saying guns make us safer.” – Dr. Dashanne Stokes America is a country with an endless selection of guns […]

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Gun Control: Should The United States Finally Ban Firearms

Guns in America have been a great part to their culture and history thanks to the second amendment which enables the right to use and keep arms. There’s has been an almost non-ending debate on gun control whether if there should be more bans, laws and regulations or not. The common malpractice of guns resulting […]

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Gun Control and Mass Shooting

Gun ownership is a right given to American citizens under the second amendment in the Constitution, or often stated “the right to bear arms”. However, the misconduct of these weapons has been the primary cause of hundreds of mass shootings, high profile murders and thousands of deaths. Gun control has been a debate in the […]

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Gun Control Eassay

Our society has grown and changed to where we try our best to accommodate new behaviors, perspectives, and ideologies. What we are not accommodating are the gun laws that need to be tightened to insure safety. The ten day waiting period to purchase a firearm should be extended in addition to taking a psychological exam. […]

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Gun Control Is Cool

Issue: The big issue is fought between the gun rights and gun control in the U.S. The supporters of gun rights say that gun control is an individual’s right to have possession of a weapon whilst the gun control supporters believe that an individual needs to go through special inspection before handling a gun. The […]

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Gun Control – Destroying Lives of Many People

Three months ago, my friend was shot with 8 bullets just because she refused to give her phone to the gunman. Thanks to lifesaving doctors she is alive, but she has now been put to bed rest for 2 years period. Just like this story of my friend, many lives of people have been destroyed […]

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Gun Control – Many Plans and Ideas, Never Settled

Gun Control is one of the most talked about solutions to our countries growing problem with mass shootings. The problem is no one can agree on what exactly Gun Control entails. Most seem to think its about taking away all guns from the public, although some do believe that’s the way to handle the problem […]

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Gun Control and The Second Amendment

The Founding Fathers had just won their liberty from the British Empire with a long and abrasion rising, a war that was triggered by a bloody gun control raid-turned-route in Lexington and Concord and Lexington and Concord on April nineteen, 1775. When war ended, and they formed a federal official government activity, they made sure […]

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Stricter Gun Control Laws Should Be Enforced

For ages Americans have had the discussion of whether stricter gun control laws should be put into action or not. The question is posed every time barbaric events such as mass shootings occur, but if the laws are enacted then there will be no waiting for the next tragedy. The number of mass shootings have […]

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Proper Gun Control

In considering whether gun control is an effective method of deterring crime, the most important aspect to examine is what has worked historically, and what has not. In past instances, whenever governments have prohibited a population from engaging in a particular activity, it has almost always backfired and resulted in higher rates of the unwanted […]

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Would Gun Control Help Reduce Crime

Gun control is a debate that has been around for centuries. However, due to the numerous gun related mass shootings in America over the past few decades, the debate has gained greater attention for obvious reasons. Proponents supporting gun laws feel that stricter laws for owning a gun should be implemented by the government in […]

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Is Gun Control Really Needed

From crime to theft or even police brutality, gun control in the United States has always been a problem. Gun control always seems to be a hot topic when talking about how to prevent crimes across America. Many say that firearms can be dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. This is why the government […]

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The Gun Control Debate Has Been One of The Most Divisive Issues in America

The gun control debate has been one of the most divisive issues in America. With mass shootings in Las Vegas and Florida, the infamous school shooting in Sandy Hook, this debate has only become more prevalent. U.S gun violence is a symptom of a long historical problem. Stricter gun control measures should be taken because […]

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Gun Control and Gun Violence

The debate for gun control policy has been going on for years now. The policy has been brought up more and more as mass shootings and school shootings have been happening. But there was one school shooting that brought up more attention and that was the one that killed 20 young children in a shooting. […]

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Gun Control and Gun Violence Facts

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms and was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the Bill of Rights. The United States has 120 guns per 100 people. People have used guns for hunting, war, and protecting their homes and families […]

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Gun Control Vs Gun Ownership

Mass shooting emerged as horrific issue in USA that strictly raised a question about gun control laws and gun ownership This paper shows reasons and facts that strengthen the position of strict gun control laws. Covering the past deadly events, going into the details about gun ownership shortcomings, the paper emphasizes the need of amendment […]

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Common Sense Gun Control

Firearms have been an integral part of the United States since early pioneer days and a part of the American tradition as a means of hunting, sport, or protection. Today however the ownership of guns has changed and evolved over the years and as a result the way we view guns has changed. Due to […]

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Debate About Gun Control

Gun rights in America have been at the center of debate for decades, and this is because the discussion hits close to homes for so many United States residents. According to research at the University of Chicago, approximately 200 to 250 million firearms are in private circulation throughout the country, (Cook, 2009). The same research […]

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We Need More Stringent Gun Control

When you’re out and about you trust people to not hurt you, but just when someone yells “Gun” every scatters, you’re telling yourself to run and get down at the same time. You hear several bullet flying past you, faster than you can think. Gun Control in today’s world is a term used very loosely […]

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Controversy in Modern Politics: Gun Control

In December of 1791, the Bill of Rights were ratified which added the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. The second amendment reads ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’ (Strasser). This amendment gives the […]

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The History and Current State of Gun Control

According to the “Gun Violence Archive”, there were 418 mass shootings in 2019. Only 5 years ago in 2014, there were 269 mass shootings (“Past Summary Ledgers”). This uptick in gun violence is an objective indicator that there is a problem with gun violence in the United States worth solving. Gun violence in America has […]

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The Necessity of Gun Control and The Solution to Gun Violence

Over the past few months, American’s across the nation have been debating about gun control Topics ranging from firearm restrictions to background checks have been discussed by both emotion and logic by both gun supporters and gun control activists. American’s cannot seem to find a middle ground for both parties to agree on. American’s need […]

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Gun Violence and Control

“Guns are a part of everyday life in America to an extent that many people outside the United States find hard to understand. According to the Pew Research Center, estimates of the number of guns in the United States range up to 310 million—which represents about one firearm for each person in the country” (Allen […]

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Gun Regulation and Control

Stricter gun control regulations will not have a positive effect on society no matter how many gun control laws get enforced in our communities. Sure, there will be counter arguments from people who have a strong stance on gun regulation – ranging from the process it takes to acquire guns, to who should be able […]

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Gun Violence and Gun Control in America

Imagine waiting on the line at the cafeteria on campus and you notice there are people running because there is a gunman firing not too far from where you are located. As a concealed carry license holder, do you reach for you gun realizing it is not there because it is not allowed on campus, […]

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Argumentative essays about Gun Control

The issue of gun ownership becomes hotter with each new shooting that occurs on American soil. The debate about whether laws should get amended and restrict the possession of weapons is ongoing, with supporters on both sides. So, what can authorities and policy-makers do to increase the safety of people and tackle this growing social issue?

Undoubtedly, crime rates are constantly on the rise. Yet, possessing a gun helps in defending yourself. Therefore, introducing proper gun control is important, as is harmonizing the legislation differences across the United States.

Your opinion on the topic matters, and high school and college teachers believe you’re a part of the reform solution. For instance, your research paper on gun control can contribute to the idea of decreasing the use of guns.

The questions you address in your argumentative essay on gun control in America should include pro and against arguments. Moreover, your thesis statement about gun control should clearly state your position. Also, remember that each paragraph must start with a topic sentence.

Since the topic is challenging, you might find it impossible to think of a hook for gun rights essay. In this case, check the free persuasive essays about gun control at SupremeStudy. Each sample consists of an introduction, conclusion, and outline for gun laws essay that will help you frame the perfect paper. Finally, all our gun control essay examples are genuine and written by writing pros.

History has presented the world with a multitude of controversies. It is up to the world then, to decide how these conflicts are resolved. America itself has worked through crises such as illegal immigration, abortion, separation of church and state, and many more. Recent suggestions have added yet another contentious subject to the long list of controversies of the twenty-first century. The new hot topic of America is gun control, and whether or not it should be enforced. This, like many others, is a two-sided argument in which many American citizens are truly passionate. This, like many others, is a topic that by no means should be taken lightly. The notion of (extreme/total) gun control must be put to an end.

Many United States citizens are ignorant of the meaning of gun control. Prior to the debate, gun control was the regulation of the use of firearms by civilians. These laws affected the means of buying, selling, manufacturing, or ownership of guns. Current gun control advocates background checks and other means of regulation. The idea of gun control was first thought up in 1934 by President Roosevelt. A bill was passed simply to curtail minimal street crimes. Since then, ideas are beginning to spiral out of control. Extreme gun-control advocates are beginning to put forth a theory that guns should be removed altogether from the citizens of America. While basic gun control can be deemed acceptable, this view certainly cannot. America’s ongoing laws of gun control are acceptable as they stand.

How can countries like America retain freedom when those freedoms are being stripped away? Initially, extreme gun control will not take all the rights of citizens away. Eventually, however, if left unchecked, the passing of gun control would result in more and more rights of American people to be taken away. The snowball of gun control and its laws could potentially become an avalanche headed straight at liberty. Each year, hundreds of thousands of refugees escape their tyrannical governments in order to reach America, the so-called “city on a hill”. Without freedom, America will become just like the countries it is trying not to be like. If more and more rights such as gun ownership get taken away, then these refugees would simply be going from one absolutist government to the next.

As stated in the second amendment of the constitution, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’ It is stated very clearly, in the foundational laws of America, that citizens have the right to bear arms. Freedom and democracy are what built this country and shaped the founding fathers. Freedom and democracy are what allowed America to become the reigning power of the world. Will America then, brush off a primary foundation of the country itself? Will the very right of citizens to possess arms be stripped away? No, if the notion of extreme gun control is removed, then the country and people of America will continue to have freedom and prosperity.

Upstanding citizens must be able to protect themselves from harm with guns. A prime example of protection by use of guns comes from Ms. Jessie from Philadelphia. According to the Institute of Legislative Protection, her shop was vandalized by three armed men in the year 2016. Fortunately, she had a gun and was able to fight off these criminals, killing one and scaring off the others. Her store, and perhaps even her life, was put in extreme danger. A gun, however, is what saved her. If those supporting gun control got their way, many good people would be put at risk.

Home Security Statistics presented America with some scary evidence, saying, “2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States.” Imagine, however, if all two million of those homes were rendered defenseless by gun control. Attacks on citizens are real. Crimes are real, and they are not just fun stories to tell at the dinner table. Guns are what give many citizens of America the ability to sleep, knowing that their family and possessions will be safe. The use of guns for protection, however, can easily be deprived by the implementation of extreme gun control.

Advocates of gun control hold many tenable beliefs of their own. Through deeper thought, however, these assumptions of a world with gun control can be seen as misguiding. One important stance that supporters of gun control hold is that, if there is no gun control, tragedies such as school shootings will continue to occur. It can be said just as easily, however, that these tragedies will always occur, regardless of gun control. Likewise, regardless of gun control, people will always find ways around the law. No matter what laws are put in place, they can never stop a truly bad person from getting what they want. Take a look at illicit drug use, in 2013 alone, a total of twenty million Americans admitted to illegal drug use. Simply put, even if guns are deemed illegal by gun control, people will continue to cheat the law.

Furthermore, current technology has allowed schools to begin a process of high security meant to prevent shootings from happening. Schools such as North Cobb Christian have begun to bullet-proof their glass, lock all doors, and fence off the campus. Not only this, but armed security guards have been placed at hundreds of schools across the country. It can be said then, that is more schools choose to take precautions, then these tragedies can be prevented before ever even happening. Disasters such as school shootings most likely would be handled better without gun control, than with.

Another firm belief of gun control supporters is that the gun itself is the killer of people. This would explain then, why these supporters are so mind bent on being rid of them. This very thought itself, however, is illogical. How can an inanimate object choose to kill a person? The sad truth is, that man is the killer of man. Guns, then, are simply another tool used by man to make this killing more proficient. Also, guns aren’t the only weapons that can be used for bloodshed. Prior to the invention of guns, there were millions of murders instituted by all number of weapons. The Mongol conquests are known as one of the bloodiest affairs known to earth. Guns were never used throughout this time period, and yet, five percent of the world’s total population was killed.

Finally, there are thousands of cases in which mass shootings have been carried out by people who are mentally ill. According to the Los Angeles Times, “at least 59% of…mass shootings that took place in the United States…were carried out by people who had been diagnosed with a mental disorder.” These facts then, clearly spell out the fact that many mass shooters can be deemed mentally deranged. Normal people, then, should not be deprived of their gun rights. Gun control should not be put into place because guns are not killers, people are.

What makes something important to humans? Usually, as is the case with gun control, something becomes important to people when there is an incentive presented. America has become filled with an incentive to either go through with or revoke gun control. Ending the thought of extreme gun control is so important because if current laws change, the result would be an inferior and unsafe America. Retaining the right to bear arms will do better in the end for this nation. The citizens of America need to focus less on the use of guns by bad people, and more on the safety given by guns to good people. Total gun control must not be instituted! If freedom and safety still have any value in this world, then the idea of strict gun control must be forgotten.