American Immigration Controversy

Spare Parts did change the way I see the American immigration controversy. “Spare Parts” pursue to put a human face onto the faceless amount of undocumented people living in the U.S. this Based on a true story, “Spare Parts” tells a story of 4 young adults at a high school in Phoenix — all of them were in the U.S. illegally, and with no likely prospects for a future. However, a teacher played by the famous comedian George Lopez — who also produced the film — sees in the quartet of teenagers the potential to enter a robotics competition, going up against teams from top engineering colleges like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale.

It hurts me that our Constitution excludes from the presidency all Americans who lack a U.S. citizen parent, the so-called “natural born citizen” clause. If I got to pick, what I would put out as a plan of action is putting all our efforts into rejoining families, and concurrently re-implementing a program that doesn’t detain people. What would be the harm in obliterating our borders? Why do we even need a formal (or overly complicated) immigration process? I get that we would want to do background checks maybe to make sure we were not allowing actual criminals to escape prosecution in their home countries (and by criminals I mean people accused of a crime, not just whole swaths of people Trump does not like).

Moreover, yes, we would need to figure out a way for people to get IDs, pay taxes, and become citizens if they wanted…however, I guess I do not get why we need burdensome regulation of immigrants in the first place. Are we afraid of needy people overwhelming social service agencies? Is it “just” institutionalized racism?

I was surprised at Oscar’s story. This is what many immigrants go through. Oscar, who arguably had the tensest after story, he has now landed a job at BNSF train company. He is settled in Montana and is a U.S. citizen. His dreams have come true. He served. He went to Afghanistan. Patriotism is the quality of being patriotic; active support for one’s country.

There is no doubt that to advance our economy and our society we need to create the next great technology innovations, not just consume them. That is why there is such importance for the U.S. to develop a stronger workforce of specialists in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). STEM-related disciplines are responsible for many of the social innovations that make our world better. Citizenship should matter in education. Education is power if you know how to harness it.

My community has not been affected by young immigrants from Central America. Their immigration story related to my family story. Because We are both immigrants. So we might go through the same things.

It may follow all the typical inspirational-sports genre movie rules, but it still feels good. Moreover, it is based on an incredible true story. My overall feeling towards to movie was inspired. I felt a sense of empathy.

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