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Capital Punishment Doesn’T Help Prevent Crime

According to a report by the Prison Policy Initiative, Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2018, 2.3 million people in the U.S. are in the prison system (Prison Policy Initiative, 2018). The criminal justice system is an expensive, inadequate government program that fails to provide equal justice, especially to the poor and people of color. Equally […]

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Capital Punishment: Discovering New Perspectives

Plainly speaking, and dispensing with all paraphrases, punishment is nothing but a means of society to defend itself against the infraction of its vital conditions, whatever may be their character. In the present time, Capital Punishment is one of the most criticized and debated punishment. Jurists are of the view that the death penalty serves […]

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Is Capital Punishment a Crime

By the end of 2017, 106 countries had completely abolished the death penalty. The United States has 30 states who still use the death penalty as punishment. Many argue if Capital Punishment – the death penalty- should still be used in today’s time. Capital Punishment should be abolished in the United States because it violates […]

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 Dancing With Death: an Inquiry Into Retribution and Capital Punishment 

The persistent hum of a fluorescent bulb fails to drown the sound of your heartbeat, your thoughts, the faint weeping of your mother. A warm sensation travels through cold veins, there is no return now. Perhaps a lifetime in supermax would have been worse, but perhaps you should not have slaughtered that girl. Did you? […]

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Punishment Vs Rehabilitation

Capital punishment is a moral issue that is often scrutinized due to the taking of someone’s life. This is in large part because of the views many have toward the rule of law or an acceptance to the status quo. In order to get a true scope of the death penalty, it is best to […]

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Death Penalty and Euthanasia

The two controversial topics that have grasped people’s attention are euthanasia and death penalization. The subject itself has roots that have been developed from the beginning of humankind. It is interesting to learn about this subject of matter because it may be useful to know in certain situations. Also, learning if there is a right […]

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Death Penalty Should Be Banned

Today right now will discuss capital punishment, and in the event that I concur or differ with this alternative. Capital punishment is an extreme discipline and an unforgiving one. Before giving my conclusion about this contention, you should know a little about this subject. The possibility of the death penalty was brought over from England, […]

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Death Penalty: Pros and Cons

Through this paper, the authors would like to analyze the merits and demerits of capital punishment and also the position of capital punishment in India and other nations. Firstly, authors will explain the meaning ,nature and definition of death penalty. Then, authors will analyze position of capital punishment in Indian nation, important case laws related […]

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Death Penalty: Ethics in Biomedics

For decades, the death penalty has taken its place in the group of controversial topics. Philosophers, scientists, biologists, physicians, and people from various professions have asserted their ideas on the ethics of death penalty. The intentional action to kill a human being for his/her “wrongdoing” is what sparks the argument against death penalty. In the […]

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Contradictions in The Theme of The Death Penalty

“Controversial, giving rise or likely to giving rise to public disagreement.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). The Death Penalty defines controversy, the subject of whether your going to kill someone for a specific crime or give them jail-time. This topic has many different viewpoints, because of the objective of granting someone’s death. The Death Penalty, although very controversial […]

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Discussion of The Death Penalty

When it comes to the topic of the “Death Penalty” and communities will always see two sides on the very Controversial topic. The loss of life is it up to God or up to the judicial system? This debate may go on forever, however there are many factors to come up with the final verdict. […]

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Death Penalty: Our People Are Dying Along With Our Dignity 

Cruelty has been poisoning the earth for as long as we can remember. More effort has been applied to creative punishments rather than addressing the problem. Since the eighteenth century man has found reason to execute human beings. For many years this execution process has come with numerous difficulties, and recently has become more of […]

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Pros and Cons of Death Penalty

There are many different views on the death penalty. Some believe it’s right some believe it’s right some believe it’s wrong. Some believe that it should be extinguish all together and some believe that only certain really bad people should have to deal with it. Over the last few months I’ve done a lot of […]

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The Death Penalty: What I Think About It

Justice to a criminal should not be a dragged out death by injection of drugs or an electric chair, but by a mental suffering of not knowing what will happen next. The death penalty isn’t worth the money put into it. Killing off a criminal for a capital murder doesn’t resolve anything, it causes more […]

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The Case for Madison V Alabama

The United States of America is currently the only Western country to continue to permit the death penalty in this day and age. 137 countries have abolished the death penalty. 31 out of 50 American states use the death penalty, as long as the government may allow. The death penalty may have been the most […]

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Death Penalty and Medicine

The ethics of death penalty is already a huge controversy itself. However, when an individual whose goal is to make others live participates in such an action, the public and critics undeniably retaliate against it. Just how an ambulance intentionally crashing into a person is contradictory, physician participation in the death penalty is not any […]

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The Death Penalty at a Minor Age

To summarize the current situation in the United States with respect to capital punishment for minors suggests that most of the 38 capital punishment states puts minors in a position to be subject to the death penalty and bypassing adult criminal court. Many believe that minors shouldn’t be held to same standards as adults, even […]

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The Death Penalty in The Life of David Gale

Ethical discussions surrounding the Judicial System can be a delicate subject. Personal bias and emotions can stand in the way when the preservation of human life is the topic. The death penalty is seen by some as an appropriate punishment, while others view it as a crime against humanity. The arguments for the death penalty […]

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Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “There is a certain right by which we many deprive a man of life, but none by which we may deprive him of death; this is mere cruelty.” With that being said, I strongly disagree with the death penalty. David Hume’s wrote about “Enquiry concerning human understanding” and stated in those […]

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Why The Death Penalty Needs to Go

“Being on death row, It ain’t like nothin’. You don’t live for tomorrow, next week, or next month. Cause you don’t know if you’ve got tomorrow, next week, or next month. You live for today.” a quote by a man on death row. The death penalty also known as capital punishment. Is punishing someone via […]

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Should Death Penalty Be Allowed?

Intro In 1992 a senior citizen who was around for the Clinton presidential campaign and administration decided to support capital punishment. The imbalance of death row requires abolition to America support and effect save lives. In philosophy perspective, as we human beings think that the death row is wrong and brutal. Other perhaps to think […]

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Benefits of The Death Penalty for Society

The death penalty has always been and always will be an extremely controversial topic. While some people believe that it is wrong to take another person’s life after the victim’s life has been taken, others believe that capital punishment is justifiable. Each state in America has their own set of rules and regulations for this […]

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Death Penalty Should Be Allowed Across The Country

How would you feel if your mother or father was slaughtered slowly and painfully, should the person that did this to them still have the opportunity to live? I believe the death penalty should be legal throughout the entire nation. There are many reasons for why I believe the death penalty should be legalized in […]

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Analysis of George Orwell’S Story “The Hanging”

George Orwell’s short story “A Hanging” reflects on unnecessary hangings of death row inmates, Orwell has been given the opportunity to travel from Europe to participate in the execution of a Hindu male. “I had never realized what it means to destroy a healthy, conscious man.” After reading that line, it sinks in how distraught […]

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