A Discussion on the Issues Surrounding Immigration and Affirmative Action

Discussing Issues Surrounding Immigration & Affirmative Action Essay

There are several highly controversial issues to discuss with regards to topics such as “immigration”. As well as “affirmative action”. To begin with. the issue surrounding immigration deals with the fact that a vast majority of those. Who are currently in the process of immigrating are in fact here “illegally”. And have no intention of becoming American citizens the “legal way”. It can take several years for an immigrant to gain citizenship here in the United States. But this should not be a deterrent to the obtainment of a legitimate American Citizenship. Because it not only adds to the “multicultural identity” of the United States but also works as a means to assimilate into American Society in general. Furthermore, Americans tend to view those whom have obtained an American citizenship the old fashioned way as “true Americans”, embodying the true potential to this country as well as being honest in character. Furthermore, other issues with immigration deal with the economy. In many ways, immigration can and is currently work against this country and hurting our US. Economy because there are not enough jobs/careers for native born Americans (includes all Americans born in the United States) let alone the newly arriving immigrants. For example, how can the US. population be okay with the economy/businesses employing immigrants when they themselves do not have a steady jobs, stable incomes or an overall good prognosis for long term employment?

With regards to the topic of “Affirmative Action”, critics of the measure argue that the initiative is just “reverse racism”. I would go on to contend that the program known as “Affirmative Action” does more than just “level the playing field” with regards to male minorities finding and obtaining long term employment, but also takes into account the ongoing struggle of women who represent the largest minority to date. For women, “Affirmative Action prevents a company/organization from hiring based upon “discrimination”. In addition, the US Government and affirmative action stand side by side women as a minority and even sponsor newly emerging businesses founded by women proving grants and helping with business development, as well as entrepreneurship amongst other services. Understanding and resolving issues needs research and inquiry skills, and pulling together supporting evidence. Research skills are important in understanding and resolution of a complex issues, like affirmative action. Inquiry and gaining insight requiring asking the appropriate question.

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