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Abortion Laws and Ethical Considerations

The divisiveness of abortion in regard to personal feelings is reflected in state regulations. In the United States, abortion laws and regulations vary among states. Although abortion is legal in all 50 states, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1992, that states have the right to restrict abortions based on certain intricacies (Zastrow, Kirst-Ashman, & […]

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Abortion and Its Consequences

Exact Speech Purpose: To inform my audience on abortion and the positive or negative consequences that may bring to women. INTRODUCTION I. Attention-getter: In today’s society, there is a lot of stigma about abortion. According to, abortion is defines as “any premature expulsion of a human fetus, whether naturally spontaneous, as in a miscarriage, […]

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Abortion Automatically Increased The Risk of Having Breast Cancer

Abortion can be defined as when a woman decides to end her pregnancy before the fetus/embryo can survive outside of the mother’s uterus. This can be a controversial topic for some due to where they take position in (Such as a Pro-Life or Pro-Choice supporter). The reason why this is a controversial topic is because […]

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Abortion Rates Have Increased Tremendously

Think about being kidnapped and being killed for no reason. Being killed for no reason is just like having an abortion your killing a child for no reason. Abortion rates have increased tremendously, and we need to put a stop to abortions now before it’s too late and the population decreases. In states such as […]

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Abortion and The World Health Organisation

It is estimated almost half of pregnancies in Australia are unplanned . Unexpected pregnancies happen for various individual, social, economic and political reasons . The World Health Organisation (WHO) approximates one in three women in Australia will an abortion procedure in their life . Abortion data is only gathered by South Australia, Western Australia and […]

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Abortion Is The Act of Ending a Pregnancy

There are many different things that go into abortion, besides actually getting one done. There are many steps that it takes leading up to getting the procedure done. Abortion is the act of ending a pregnancy by removing a human fetus from the uterus before it is viable. Abortion is a very broad topic that […]

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Abortion: Pros and Cons

Abortion rates have been steadily decreasing in the United States, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still reports over 600,000 legal abortions per year (CDC, 2018). In spite of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, abortion remains a contentious public policy issue. The reason why this issue was selected for […]

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Abortion Pregnancy and Birth Control

Abortion is a conversation that is very controversial. This topic has become the main discussion of many heated debates and arguments. Opinions forming from a religious point of view or a feminist point of view about women’s choice. Having an abortion is a procedure that is performed by a doctor or by the female swallowing […]

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Abortion and Women’s Rights

According to Rosalind Hursthouse, an action is right from a virtue ethical perspective if and only if it is what the virtuous agent would do in the same circumstances. Now, if we take into consideration the case of pregnancy, is abortion the right act or wrong one? When considering if one should abort or keep […]

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Abortion Research Proposal

During my university coursework, my advocacy skill and my ability to think critically were observed by my professors and thereby, they insisted me to attend in the moot court competition, seminars and public speaking activities. Moreover, I am experienced in working with the marginalized people. At that time, I, scrutinizing the contemporary legal and ethical […]

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Abortion and Fathers’ Rights

In this section I will be focusing on the fathers’ situation before and after conception, and bring out arguments how he could effectively avoid becoming a parent in any way (biological, bearer of financial costs, emotional). The father after conception has no alternatives left, unlike the mother has. She is in a position that can […]

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Abortion Laws Should Be Properly Regulated

One of the most controversial pieces of legislation ever passed in the State of New York made national headlines this week. Through the passage of what is called the Reproductive Health Act or RHA for short, New York legislators passed and the governor signed a bill that strips away the most vital of protections for […]

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Abortion Issue, Ethics and Philosophy

Abortion defined into two words “termination of pregnancy”. There are two ways for abortion to be occurred, spontaneously or purposely. The second type may occur therapeutic under medical advices, social because the pregnant lady was raped, or other purposes such as unwanted pregnanacy. Approximately, more than 40 millions abortions are performed worldwide every year. In […]

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Abortion in The Media

“Theres nothing I can say 2adequately prepare u. But if theres 1 ep u can watch live, this shld perhaps be the 1. #NoSpoilers #NoJoke #Scandal.” (Kerry Washington, Instagram). This cryptic Instagram caption from Kerry Washington intrigued and confused fans as they geared up to watch season 5, episode 9 of Scandal on November 19, […]

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Abortion and Its Issues

Many accept on the grounds that an infant is not free or mindful of circumstances. It gives a privilege to murder the child with the end goal to profit the parent. Society needs to ensure the privileges of human culture and imply the security of every one of its individuals, regardless of what phase of […]

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Why Abortion Has Become a Big Issue

Abortion has become one of the most controversial problem in the United States. The assertion is life and death, but it is complicated because of the complexity and complication. When it comes to abortion it’s either the baby lives or it dies, you have the same number of supporters on both sides. People telling you […]

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Certain Abortion

Surname 1NameInstructorCourseDateCERTAIN ABORTION Abortion refers to the intentional removal of the fetus from it mother’s womb before its birth, that is, before the end of the expected period of the pregnancy which is nine months. The intentional abortion is well known as the induced abortion or in other words as induced miscarriage. Certain abortion refers […]

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Arguments Supporting Abortion Rights

The most controversial topic of the past and even more so today is the right to abort or the right to life. The most important between the two is the right to life and to thrive. However, one of the first arguments that rise to such a controversial subject is that of what defines life? […]

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Get Rid of Abortion or Not?

An induced abortion is the act of purposefully terminating an unwanted pregnancy. There are correlations to suggest that the medical procedure increases the woman’s risk of breast cancer because of its impact on the body. The damage is escalated even further if the abortion is performed before the third trimester. Young women have breast lobules […]

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The United States Abortion Politics

The United States An acrimonious battle between two competing ideologies remains at the crux of US abortion politics. Those who support abortion view it as a right required for social equality for all women; those who oppose it see it as a threat to motherhood, morality, and social cohesion. (Beckman, 2017.) Although the controversy still […]

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My Understanding of Abortion

Even though the future seems uncertain, the decisions that we made today can affect rest of a person’s life. Abortion is not right and I believe it shouldn’t be legal because we are taking away the rights of that future baby who deserves to be born, who deserves to have happiness in his life, who […]

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Ethics in Practice: Abortion Choice

Abortion is most controversial and debated topics for a long time. It is obviously difficult and tragic time for parents to decide whether to go with pregnancy or go for abortion. They found themselves in ethical dilemma as so many emotional aspects attach with that decision. Abortion can be discussing in my point of view […]

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The Bible’S Condemnation of Abortion and Homosexuality

It is simply impossible for people to be moral without religion or God. —Laura Schlessinger (quoted in Zuckerman, 2008) Religion in the Caribbean is as unique as its people. Like its culture, religion within the Caribbean region has been profoundly influenced by its colonization by European countries. This influence or infiltration was not only concentrated […]

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An Argument in Favor of Abortion Supporting a Womans Right to Freedom

Forty years after the Supreme Court legalized abortion in its landmark Roe v. Wade decision, the controversial issue continues be a battle nationwide. Republicans who support anti-abortion controlling the White House and Congress have women around the world worrying about their legal right to the procedure. People that oppose abortion are optimistic that their years […]

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Planned Parenthood Is Not About Abortion

In 2016, more than 44 million people in the United States lived without health care (Key Facts). With insurance prices rising, it can be difficult for people to gain access to basic health related necessities such as STD testing or access to birth control. Planned Parenthood is a government funded organization that attempts to provide […]

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An Analysis of The Topic of Abortion

Numerous individuals don’t’ know what abortion is, who can receive abortions, and why people would indeed select to induce them. Abortion according to the dictionary it is the termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival. This essentially implies, inducing birth to kill the fetus, or […]

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Men Should Have Equal Say in Abortion

As the old saying goes, it takes two to tango. So, why is it that it only takes one to choose life or termination? As a step mother and being married to a man that feels trapped after being forced into fatherhood can give great insight to the heartache, injustice, and lack of choice that […]

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Why We Should Stop Campaign Against Planned Parenthood

In 2014, the US had a total of 926, 190 abortions (abortion statistics). These numbers are the lowest they have been in 37 years. In 2017, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2017 was introduced in the House of Representatives. This bill prohibits “the availability of federal funds for any purpose to Planned Parenthood Federation […]

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What Does Planned Parenthood Do?

Imagine for a moment you or a family member are struck with an unexpected pregnancy that you are neither financially nor mentally prepared for. Clinics such as Planned Parenthood become vital in situation such as these. Planned Parenthood has improve the lives of many women by providing a safety net for women’s health, being economically […]

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Closing Planned Parenthood Issue

The issue on abortion has been an ongoing dispute between those who are pro-choice and anti-choice. The biggest issues in resolving this matter is who has say in what is legal or illegal. In 1973 the case Roe vs. Wade was decided by Supreme Courts. The Supreme Court ruled that abortions would be legal in […]

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Argumentative essays about Abortion

For decades, abortion has been a controversial topic globally, including in the United States. Since it’s about women’s rights and a burning argument between birth and death, the matter gets a complex dimension. And while there are many reasons to make abortions legal, there are also facts for a speech and persuasive abortion essay example that takes the illegal side.

The solution to this social issue lies somewhere in between, and that’s what you aim to investigate in your research paper on abortion. You can focus your work on debate topics such as abortion laws, parenting, or pregnancy risks.

Whatever you decide to write about, you must always consider both for and against arguments. To this end, students will need to think of a good hook, a catchy topic sentence, and introduction, conclusion for essays about abortion. The body outline and summary must also contribute to your opinion and prove your points.

The best informative abortion essay topics are always on SupremeStudy. In addition to helpful information, you can find abortion thesis statement examples and a free argumentative essay on abortion. The titles and papers we offer are all genuine and written by experienced content creators.

The attitude towards abortion has been and still is a controversy subject till this very day. Despite the court rulings and decisions that has taken place over the past couple of decades, many people, women in particular, feel as if they should have a say on what to do with their bodies and on the other hand, many feel or view abortion as a crime, a wrong doing, and immoral act because they are killing an innocent life. Abortion should not be an option the number option nor the only option to terminating a pregnancy. For there are many alternatives other than abortion and abortion can be very damaging for the woman mentally, physically, and should be considered as immoral.

When it comes to abortion, the pros of abortion may seem like it outweighs the cons of it in their personal life. For instance, many abortions involve low medical risk. If the abortion is completely legal at wherever the procedure is being taken place, the procedure is much safer with less medical risk where as if someone were to do it at a place where abortion is illegal.

Abortion can be an option for women who ae facing life-threatening conditions. For example, the baby may have deformations that can affect the baby life and may put the mother at risk as well. Some of these deformations are malformations of one or more vital organs that will cause death of the fetus immediately after the birth, severe handicap, and chromosomal abnormalities in a baby acquired from parents suffering from hemophilia, idiocy, a severe form schizophrenia. The mother may also experience contracted pelvis, with fibrosis of vaginal tissues, diabetes mellitus, severe chronic disease of the cornea, and etc.

Getting a legal abortion is way more safe than getting an abortion done illegally. The risk of complication rates for a legal abortion are smaller as to illegal abortion. According to the National Abortion Foundation, the overall abortion complication rate is 0.06 percent and Easy access to legal termination of pregnancy reduces a woman’s risk for severe to maternal complications or death seen in the past from illegal abortion procedures.

Looking back in into how society was back then and today, you can see that there have been a lot of changes that have been made over the years and one those changes are abortion. For example, the court ruling of Roe V. Wade case back in 1973, gave women control of their bodies, a sense of independence, and ability to determine their future. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote in the 1992 decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, “The ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social life of the Nation has been facilitated by their ability to control their reproductive lives.” Also Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in her dissenting opinion in Gonzales v. Carhart “a woman’s autonomy to determine her life’s course, and thus to enjoy equal citizenship stature.”

Abortion can be helpful for accidental or unplanned pregnancies. Let’s take a look at a 14-year-old who was raped. That 14-year-old does not have the mental stability and the maturity to be a mother. Same goes for any women who becomes pregnant and feels like they are not ready to handle the responsibility of a child.

When a woman gets an abortion, they are putting their mental and physical health at risk. The emotional and mental effects of abortion can range from mid regret to something more serious as depression. The potential emotional side effects of abortion can include regret, anger, guilt, shame, sense of loneliness, insomnia, eating disorders, and anxiety.

Also a patient can and may experience possible complications after performing an abortion. For example, a woman may experience retained tissue. This is when the thickened lining of the uterus is never completely removed during a surgical abortion, and cause hemorrhaging, infection, or both. Although the likelihood of this event is less than one in one thousand cases, sometimes an abortion does not succeed in terminating the pregnancy. Another complication that can happen during or after the procedure, is that sometimes the cervix may tear during the procedure and blood clots may fill the uterus leading to severe cramping. One of the most common risk of getting an abortion is breast cancer. There are many other risk that is linked to abortions that women and the government needs to be aware of before performing this procedure and doing any legal process to it.

Although abortion is less expensive than having to raise a child to adulthood, the medical procedure is not cheap as well and the pricing can vary from state to state. According, the cost to do a surgical abortion can cost up to $1,500 for an abortion in the first trimester. In the second trimester, the medical standard for abortion care is a surgical abortion procedure called dilation and evacuation, or D & E and it cost up to $3,000. To do the procedure through medication can average out to $300 and $800. Also there are some insurance companies cover elective abortion if your abortion is performed by a physician who is in network with the insurance company. So if a woman is going to do an abortion and her insurance does not cover it or if the doctor is not in network with her insurance she will have to pay out of pocket to perform this procedure. According to, sixty percent of the women in a study delayed an abortion because of difficulty paying for the procedure.

For many people, abortion goes against their religious beliefs. According to health guidance for better health, a baby is often considered as a God’s gift, and it’s also believed that every living being has a purpose behind his/her birth. According to unplanned pregnancy, there are women who want to get an abortion, but feel torn because of their religious and moral beliefs view abortion a something immoral. Therefore, they may feel like they are going against God or deny their baby the right to live by choosing abortion.

Finding a clinic or health facility to perform a safe abortion can be a hassle. When finding a facility, women may get harassment from groups like the National Right to Life Committee, the Pro-Life Action League, and others. These kind of action can be very physically and emotionally difficult for these women who is trying to gain access to these resources.

Based on the 2014 Women’s Health Issue journal stated that 84 percent of abortion clinics in United States were picketed or harassed through phone calls and other anti-abortion activities. Also many states have increased their restrictions on abortion and make it very challenging for women to access abortion services. According to a Guttmacher study, in 2014 at least 30 states in United States had severe regulations and restrictions that make it harder for women to get an abortion. Some of these regulations include limitation on when in pregnancy an abortion is allowed, the use of Medicaid funds to pay for an abortion, use of private insurance coverage, a wait of 24 hours between abortion counseling and an abortion procedure, and parental involvement was needed at some level of the abortion decision for a teen.

There are options people can consider before following through with abortions. The most effective way is not having sex at all until you feel like you are ready, or have protected sex. Another option, is to put the child up for adoption. This can help couples who are facing infertility problems and decided to adopt a child. Also parents can place the baby in a temporary guardianship and even co-parenting with the baby’s father. There are so much that more alternatives that makes abortion an unnecessary option.

In conclusion, abortion should be illegal, for it is wrong and immoral. It should not be an option for women to look into when decided to terminating a pregnancy. There are a lot of damages that can be potentially damage the woman’s body and mental health.