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Human Trafficking Is Trend

Brooke Holt Discover New York Tuner December 5, 2018 Everywhere you go there are double standards and there are “traditional” ways of doing things. According to “The Guardian”, women are better off today, but still far from being equal to men. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Women have come such a long way, […]

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Sex Trafficking in The Context of The General Problem of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking isn’t something that numerous individuals think much about, so when adopting an interdisciplinary strategy and pulling two disciplines together to help recommend an answer can be extremely testing. Take law enforcement officers and their lack of education on the subject (Grubb and Bennett, 2012). The U.S has many laws that do not allow […]

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Kidnapping and Human Trafficking: a Movie Review

Generating billions of dollars per year, human trafficking is rapidly rising as one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world (nurses). The issue of enslaving people into human trafficking has been around for centuries and is claimed to be one of the worlds earliest lines of work. While It is necessary to inform […]

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Issue of Sex Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is known for slavery and hard labor or engaging in commercial sex acts and its men and women who are lured into these even children (Attorney General). Minors can be forced into slavery traded or sold for sex. Human trafficking today is one of the most horrible crimes committed that is very profitable […]

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Causes and Solutions to Human Trafficking 

Do you know that over 20 million people are being robbed of their freedom and dignity as of right now? Well, they are being abducted, coerced and deceived by traffickers. As a result; victims have been trafficked for used as forced labor, sex trafficking, debt bondage, forced marriage and the removal of their organs. The […]

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Sex Trafficking in Mumbai

Once I came to Mumbai, the dalal sold me to a malik in Kamathipura. The malik told me I owed him 35,000 rupees, and I must have sex with any man who chooses me until this debt is repaid. I refused and his men raped me and did not feed me. I was in a […]

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Causes of Kidnapping and Trafficking

The crime of kidnapping and trafficking of children and women has always been the focus of our criminal law. There is a tendency to develop and spread this crime, which is endanger and cor-rupt the social atmosphere. From the internet, I found from 2012 to June 2013, a city from china -TaiYuan captured 141 criminal […]

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The Alarming Issue of Sex Trafficking in America

Fatigued, dehydrated, exhausted, beaten, and possibly dead. 293,000 American children are at risk annually. Running from abuse just to be forced into prostitution and illegal pornography, happens to 20,000 youth every year. This is sex trafficking. You leave, running from abuse. After one or two days, you cannot take it anymore. All of a sudden, […]

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The Two Sides of The Arguments on The Legalization of Prostitution

What is sex trafficking According to Shared Hope International, sex trafficking can be defined as “recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining patronizing, or soliciting of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act where such an act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion”. Most people who end up being trafficked are tricked into […]

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Human Trafficking involves the sale and purchase of humans as property. However, this requires a seller and a buyer. In effort to control and repress the horrible phenomenon we must focus on both parties involved in this which is the person that’s motivated to purchase and the person that’s willing to sell. In order to solve this problem there should be a special task force for human trafficking set up in the cities that are the most affected by this problem. Another solution in order to solve this problem is to get people from the community, schools, organizations, etc. to learn the indicators of human trafficking, host awareness events and report anything that seems suspicious.

Many factors can lead to human trafficking for example, Poverty in places can cause people to seek opportunity in another country that they think is flourishing but that person may end up getting involved in a situation that leads to human trafficking. Another cause of human trafficking are political conditions in different places that can cause people to flee to another country to find other resources and get trapped in the human trafficking crime ring. Another cause of this problem is war in a country that can be a major factor that can lead people to human trafficking. Natural Disasters can cause people to leave their home and find another place to live “Traffickers recruit victims by exploiting this need for a better future. After being trafficked, recruited individuals are forced into work using different methods of coercion.” (Scarafia 692)

Women and children are forced into labor by the criminals involved in human trafficking Women can become a part of this crime ring due to prostitution Women and children can be motivated to become apart of human trafficking when the see the criminals with things they want. In the article ‘Human Trafficking: The Need For Stronger Legislation In Louisiana To Protect Victims. The author Rachel Scarafia explains why a person can be trafficked she says “Trafficking and smuggling can sometimes overlap, for example, when a vulnerable foreign national engaged in smuggling becomes a victim of trafficking during the process.” (Scarafia 692)

Human Trafficking can cause women and children to be taken away from their family and community. Another potential effect of human trafficking can fuel this organized crime ring to get involved with other criminal acts. Another effect is that Human Trafficking impacts the local and national labor market negatively due to the lack of human resources. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that in the United States alone there are between 18,000 and 20,000 people trafficked every year, this includes both immigrants and U.S. citizens. (Franco 424)

In order to combat this problem a plan must be put into action. One way to combat this problem would be tracing slavery in supply chain with the products that are being made in different countries. Another way would be to put laws in effect to punish traffickers in order to crack down on criminals so that they can be prosecuted. Another way would be education for law enforcement officials to be able to assist or human trafficking victims that are affected or spot something that looks suspicious “When a corporation does not behave in a socially responsible manner, the public may boycott its goods, media may highlight the company’s failures, shareholders may sell their shares, and management may leave (Ezell 510).

In order to have solutions to this problem you would need to use resources. One cost of this plan would be to boycott the product being made to stop forced labor and slavery To make the criminals trafficking stop the trafficking of the victims This would help decrease the large amount of human trafficking in a specific area Another strength This would stop the trafficking at its source Another cost would be spending money for classes for law enforcement to combat human trafficking Use money to set up to set up human trafficking task force in the most affected cites Another cost would be to use money to have the government create programs to help benefit human trafficking victims Another one would be to use the time of people to spread awareness of the human trafficking problem. Among the goals of the TVPA are: to institute preventative measures, provide tougher penalties for traffickers, and provide assistance and protection to victims.” (Bravo 16)

Many people that oppose the plan for combating human trafficking may think that Many states might not have enough money to fund the effort of stopping the human trafficking. The problem with these figures is that while the authorities know some victims, there is still a plethora of victims that have not been discovered because of the hidden nature of this crime.” (Franco 425)Another reason they would oppose because law enforcement may not focus on this crime due to other worse crimes being committed Enough people might not be interested in trying to combat the human trafficking problem. Labor trafficking, or “forced labor,” describes the practice of using fear, coercion, or deceit to force an individual to work in return for a bare level of survival, allowing the perpetrator of the violence, lies, or schemes to profit.” (Ezell 512)

Some may say that there are weaknesses in the plan for combating human trafficking One reason the person might feel this way is because of not knowing what exact factory that the products are being dispersed from. Another reason they may feel this way is that the laws may not be enforced strictly due to the fact the certain laws that deal with human trafficking may be weak dealing with offenders. The author explains why there is a weakness in the article she says “There is no way to get an accurate account of how many people are trafficked, especially considering the millions of victims of forced labor in general, which may or may not be traced back to trafficking” (Franco 425).

Another reason people may think that there is a weakness because the laws may not target the most affected places suffering from human trafficking. Another reason people may think this plan has a weakness because the people may feel that they shouldn’t take action because it doesn’t directly affect them or anyone they know. In this article author Natalie Hudson displays a weakness when she says; “Ohio has proven a late and minimalist adopter of anti-trafficking policies compared to other US states.” (Hudson 73)

One alternative that can be used is that law enforcement officials should have more patrolling in the most affected areas Another alternative is to have states set up protocol on how to deal with the issue Another alternative that can be used is having an organization to help human trafficking victims. Another alternative would be giving human trafficking victims benefits that are affected. The author says in the article that “National and subnational task forces respond to allegations of trafficking, and educate the public about its evils.” (Bravo 18)

Many states do have resources to deal with the human trafficking problem Law enforcement will focus on the issue due to the fact that human trafficking happens in state People are interested in combating the human trafficking problem “The law enforcement category focuses on trafficking as a violation of criminal laws, the human rights framework focuses on trafficking as a violation of the individual’s established human rights against slavery and exploitation.” (Franco 422)

There are many strengths of this plan of stopping the human trafficking at the source. One strength of this plan is that it could combat other crimes that are happening. Another strength of the plan is stopping the violators with the strong laws. Another strength of this plan by putting laws into action to stop criminals. Another strength of my plan would be the way people would get help combat this. The author states this when she talks about one of the laws. In 2000, the groundbreaking UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, Supplementing the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime (hereinafter, the UN Trafficking Protocol) opened for signature.” (Bravo 14)

People may argue that alternatives may not be useful. One reason they may think this is it doesn’t attack the problem at the source as it should, another reason people may think this is that the alternative leaves more room open for the criminal to commit more crimes with the human trafficking crime. Another reason a person may argue an alternative isn’t good because It won’t punish the criminal that’s committing the crime as well as it should. The author Alex Hudson explains why some options in order to combat this may not work when he says “Although these federal and state prosecutions of Ohio traffickers have been successful, in some cases garnering lengthy sentences, the problem shows little sign of abatement in Ohio suggesting the need to reassess the logic and substance of anti-trafficking policies to date.” (Hudson 67)

When dealing with this problem we need to take different ways to overcome the obstacles that we are faced with. One way we can do this is by approaching the human trafficking problem thinking like a criminal would do. Another way to get past the obstacle is by setting up different strategies to get awareness about the human trafficking problem to the people. Another way to overcome an obstacle would be to have law enforcement officials have a conference discussing the issue.

In the article National Human Trafficking Initiatives: Dimensions of Policy Diffusion , the authors discuss a way they can benefit the victims of the crime with the help of an organization “Specifically, the directory collects data on organizations offering assistance in the administration of justice; offering assistance to arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators in developing access to justice; monitoring, advising, and assisting lawyers, human rights defense, and police/prison workers; offering assistance to law schools and universities promoting the legal protection of human rights; offering assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and internally displaced people; offering financial assistance to uphold the rule of law; making recommendations and promoting law reform that guarantee fundamental human rights and civil liberties; and offering publication of research findings, public lectures, regular conferences, and seminars in the rule of law field.” (Yoo 645)

The topic of human trafficking will be a problem for years to come if a solution isn’t found soon. There is no way to get around the discussion of human trafficking because this problem has an effect on the people not just physically but mentally as well. Author Laura Ezell explains what is being done in order to combat the problem dealing with laws “The current legal environment demonstrates a greater focus on combating trafficking.” (Ezell 543) There is a need for more people to take action, be aware, and use skills in order to eliminate this problem for good. We have to take the responsibility to help not just in the United States but also internationally because it doesn’t just effect some of us it affects us all in different ways. We should not think this isn’t a serious issue because it’s not a topic brought up every day like other issues. In order for change to occur we need to think and act using all the options possible.