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Immigration Reform: Overpopulation of the Country

The United States of America is profoundly painted with the image of being the land opportunity and living the “American Dream”. The American Dream is a motivating factor for why many foreigners migrate the U.S to receive the social, economic and political benefits that their country of origin is unable to provide. However, there are […]

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Discussion on Illegal Immigration

The purpose of this paper is to examine a peer reviewed article discussing the purpose of the article, methods used, the findings and the conclusion of the study. I will then share some of my own personal views on the topic and ways I would suggest future research. The article I selected is Undocumented Immigration, […]

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Illegal Aliens Argumentative Essay

In the United States, illegal aliens have been a major controversial topic. Many citizens have their own opinions based on accepting or declining illegal alien’s stay in America. Not much information that citizens bring up about this topic is factual based, which is not backed up by real facts and data. Are illegal aliens welcome […]

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My Opinion on Illegal Immigrants

Whenever you hear the word immigrant the first thing that comes to most peoples minds is someone who’s illegal but an immigrant is a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. What do you think about immigration laws? Do you feel that there should be different laws for adults and kids? Barack […]

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The Problem of Immigration in the United States

Immigration is typically defined as the global movement of individuals into a destination nation of which they are not inhabitants or where they do not own nationality or residency so as to live or settle there, mostly as permanent inhabitants or enfranchised residents, or to take up job as a migrant employee or provisionally as […]

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Stress in Latino Male College Students

Research has shown that men of color and most importantly Latino males are considerably behind Latino females in regard to their access to college and graduation rates (Saenz & Pojman, 2011). Statistics by The National Centre for Education from 2010 show that for every five degrees earned by Hispanics, females produce more than three of […]

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