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Repressed Childhood Trauma

Sigmund Freud began the basis of what we now practice as psychology. The span of his in-depth studies lasted over 40 years ranging from the impacts of childhood trauma to the aggression and hidden hatred of an adult. Some people view his studies as vile and sinful as others view them as intriguing and insightful. […]

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The Importance of Childhood Trauma

Can sex become a disorder? Having too much of anything will only bring unnecessary problems. Sex addiction, or otherwise known as Hyper-Sexuality, is a diagnosis for those who have an “excessive” amount of sex. Nowadays, we live in a world full of illnesses and disorders that are yet to be discovered and some that are […]

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The Effects of Childhood Trauma

“Scientists know that traumatic experiences such as child abuse or neglect change the chemistry and even the structure of the brain.” (McGrath) People like Jennifer Marks, who was abused in her youth, have developed mental illnesses such as; depression and anxiety, and they live with it for months to years to possibly even their whole […]

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Childhood Animal Abuse

It is absolutely critical for a child to form a secure attachment for their development:when a child is unable to form a secure attachment they become a risk in numerous way. The ability to form secure attachments is critical to a child’s development; children who cannot form secure attachments may be at risk in numerous […]

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An Analysis of Father’S Memories in My Childhood

Tonight there is moon eclipse. Tonight is as long and as full of yearning like every other night, since my father is gone. I am hearing the voices from a distance. It is getting harder as time passes by to remember; the faces, names, memories and distances. I am really far, but I am there. […]

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Corporal Punishment Leaves Injuries Not Only on a Child’S Body

Spanking is a common practice among parents of young children in the United States. “Individuals with higher educational attainment are less likely to agree that spanking children is an acceptable form of discipline” (Child Trends 1). In the United States, corporal punishment is legal in the child’s home; on the other hand, it is illegal […]

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Hurricane Katrina on Child Development

One of the most crippling hurricanes to hit the U.S. struck the Gulf coast on August 29, 2005. “In an analysis of 971 fatalities and 15 additional deaths of storm evacuees, 40% of deaths were caused by drowning. 25% were caused by injury and trauma (CNN) and “more than one million people in the Gulf […]

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