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Sexism and Psychiatry

This article, Sexism And Psychiatry by Joan Busfield, is fundamentally related to the relationship between sexism and psychiatry, and how this matter has been impacted in the feminist literature. Accordingly, Busfield commenced with several concerns about this paper which primarily focuses on the dichotomy between psychiatry and sexism. Busfield presented Allen, who wrote the Psychiatry […]

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Sexual Oppression in ‘The Handmaid’S Tale’

Oppression, by definition, refers to an authoritarian system that controls its citizens by denying certain individuals purposeful human rights. It’s a type of injustice that prevents people from being equal. Sexual oppression of women has continuously been one of the most crippling forms of oppression seen throughout humanity. In many societies around the world, women […]

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Media Portrayal of Women

Another media platform that relentlessly manifests and perpetuates the sexual objectification of women is music. In today’s society, music, especially the hip-hop and rap genre, often have misogynistic and explicit lyrics which presents women in an exploitative manner. According to Adams and Fuller, women in this music genre are often portrayed as “mere objects that […]

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Multicultural Feminist Theory

The feminist theory is not just all about women, but it’s about the quality of life for people and races. The feminist theory also helps men and women understand the roles that they have been given by their social identities and experiences. The four practitioners that have the greatest impact on the feminist theory, all […]

A Feminist Theory of Delinquency

The situation of Donna Hylton is as rare as it is tragic. To hear her voice on the podcast Decarcerated, one knows that she refuses the status of the victim role. At the same time, she was a victim in so many ways. On a sociological level, one can only see the star student reduced […]

Gender and Feminist Theory

Feminism is concerned with ‘…the ways in which literature (and other cultural productions) reinforce or undermine the economic, political, social, and psychological oppression of women’ (“Feminist”). In many stories, women are presented in many different ways. This includes how female characters are created and understood within any given story. These can range from marginalizing women […]

He and She Is an Avant-Garde Feminist Play

Whose finished version was written and produced in 1920s New York City. They play is one of many of those by Rachel Crothers, who’s heroine is typically “young, sensible” and “equates financial independence with self-respect”. He and She captures the drama of married life in which gender roles are questioned when wealth and success are […]

The Impact of The Feminist Theory on Society

According to Lay and Daley (2008), Feminism can be defined as the act of advocating for the rights of women when it comes to political, social and economic equality to men. The feminist theory is one which has developed as a part of a large feminist movement which strives to challenge methodologies, priorities and traditions […]

A Look at The Criticism of The Feminist Theory

Criticism. The word just looks scary, and it s something most people are a little afraid to receive. However, I am afraid to give criticism. As the only male Women’s Studies major on this campus, and the only male student who wants to learn about Feminist Theory, I’ve learned very quickly to know my role. […]

The Feminist Theory Throughout “A Modest Proposal”

Literary criticism gives readers a chance to dig deeper and find the real meaning behind the authors work. The literary essay A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift is a writing piece a feminist and psychoanalysis critic could only dream of analysing. The feminist theory is demonstrated by the unfair values and titles women are assigned […]

Understanding The Feminist Theory in Greek Mythology

In learning about the feminist movement, we studied the three articles and discussed and reviewed the different authors perspectives on the topic and learned how important the role of woman in Greek Mythology. In presenting the feminist theory to the class we analyzed the three articles, Women in Ancient Greece; Women in Antiquity: New Assessments; […]

An Analysis of The Feminist Theory by Kimberly Devaney

After learning about all the major theories of philosophy, I think that I like the Feminist theory the best. The only real “working” explanation of the feminist theory I found is the one where Feminist Ethics is said to be an attempt to revise, reformulate, or rethink those views of traditional western ethics that have […]