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An Analysis of The Social Factors That Contribute to The French Revolution

Trouble began to arise in England and France when the monarchs decided to solidify central control absolutism) and increase the taxes to afford their lifestyle (in France) and war (in both countries). The English king, Charles’ political difficulties originated from his desire to be an absolute monarch and being viewed as a sympathizer of the […]

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Marie Antoinette Is One of The Main Protagonists of The Great French Revolution

The coined phrase “let them eat cake” is popular among the baking community and to those who like to eat sweets, but do people know where this phrase came about and who truly said it? The last queen of France lived a lavish, tumultuous, and unapologetic lifestyle, but how did she become the controversial queen? […]

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The Arrival of Napoleon Bonaparte As One of The Results of The French Revolution

Napoleon Bonaparte was a dictator originally from Corsica. Napoleon learned war when he was a boy. When it was 1799, he took over the roles of authority eliminated governmental routines already place an example is when he overthrew the nobles. many members of the 3rd estate liked him due to him giving a little bit […]

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The Luxurious Lifestyle of The King and Queen As The Cause of The French Revolution

The French Revolution came about after the famine and the people’s resentment towards the King and Queen’s lavish lifestyle while they all were starving. France was in debt, harvests were poor, the people could not afford the rising cost of bread, all while the royal monarchy was living in a palace and ignoring the famine. […]

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The French Revolution and History

Sciences and enlightenment in the French revolution crucially impacted the unrolling of the of its prominent ideas that it tried to get across. Scientific methods empowered ideologies and artilleries, it shifted Politics, power, war, culture and the economy in 18th century France. Furthermore, it greatly impacted and shifted the world we live today. The involvement […]

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The French Revolution One of The Most Influential in History

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel’s, The Communist Manifesto, is a political proclamation written by the German philosophers with the intent of spreading the message of Communism and the revolutionary change it could bring. The manifesto is considered one of world’s most influential political documents and has shaped many world governments into what they are today. […]

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The French Revolution and The Abolition of Slavery

From the late 1700’s and into the 1800’s, slaves were considered one of the most important economic commodities that an individual, or country, could possess. Like many European countries of the time period, France played a significant role in the transatlantic slave trade. The Old Regime of France is what dictated their participation in the […]

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French Revolution Vs American Revolution

For thousands of years, people have defended their countries to make sure injustice would never arise, they would even fight against their countries and governments if injustice and corruption ever arose. This longing for freedom, justice and independency evolved into revolutions that attempted and sometimes succeeded in destroying the very building blocks of society over […]

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Was The French Revolution Necessary

The French Revolution was a necessary revolution that gave the people of France their independence and a new form of government that was much needed. Before the French revolution, France was going through the Renaissance, which sparked some causes for the French Revolution. The government before the revolution was very unequal to the people of […]

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The Influence of The French Revolution on The Enlightenment

The central theme of the Enlightenment – and what made it revolutionary – was the idea of progress. Human society was not fixed by tradition or divine command but could be changed, and improved, by human action guided by reason.” which can be found in the textbook known as Ways of the World: A Brief […]

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The Event That Led to The Start of The French Revolution

There had been significant causes leading to the start of the French Revolution, yet the uneasiness of the people, caused them to finally strike directly against the kingdom. The third estate had stolen guns from the national stores, because King Louis had sent an army to break them up at the tennis courts. Now, people […]

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A Comparison and Contrast of The American and The French Revolution

The American and French Revolutions differ more than just location and language. The fundamentals of each revolution, why the citizens were fighting are completely different. The revolutions however also had some similarities but ultimately are overruled by their variances, The main alteration being the reason for the war, Americans fought to reserve their traditional rights […]

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Background and Reasons for The Beginning of The Great French Revolution

The power of the king, the nobles and the Church • While King Louis XVI was still a powerful monarch, he was believed to be more “enlightened” than those who ruled before him. • Louis XVI knew about enlightenment, but still didn’t really do much in the way of reform, as nobles had lower taxes, […]

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Causes and Effects of The French Revolution

The French Revolution was one of the most significant, radical revolutions of all time. Before the revolution, France was broken up into three social classes. The First estate was the clergy, the Second Estate was the nobility, and the Third Estate was everyone else(Bourgeoise, peasants, small business owners, doctors, lawyers, and more). The First and […]

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Death of Marata in The French Revolution

When looking at the artwork of David Jacque-Louis, entitled “The Death of Marat,” I could see this masterpiece being analyzed in a couple different ways. With my first glance of the painting, I thought for sure it was a young man that was very tired after a long day, who then decided to relax in […]

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The Birth of Impressionism and French Revolution

A vast library of exquisite and one-of-a-kind pieces intrigues the viewers as they enter the grand entrance of the Detroit Institute of Art. After several effortless flights of veined marble stairs, the partons are greeted with high ceilings, inspired by Italian renaissance architecture assuming from warm tones and luxurious decorations. Daylight illuminates the grey, milky […]

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The Beginning of The Great French Revolution and The Main Stages

The start of the revolution • During the Estates General, every Estate created a list of their grievances, known as cahiers. • All the Estates believed that there needing to be liberty of the press, a constitution, and a removal of internal trade barriers. • The groups disagreed on many more topics, though, as the […]

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The French Revolution: Women’S Rights Before and After The Revolution

Women before the French Revolution had limited rights and followed traditional roles in a society governed by men. During the Revolution, progressive thinkers declared the rights of man, inspiring women to stand up for their rights by attempting to declare “Les droits des femmes.” Although these declarations caused women to protest, they were unsuccessful, and […]

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Who Fought and Died During The French Revolution and The Napoleonic Wars

I decided to take a 48-hour trip to Paris, France to take in the culture and visit historical sites that contributed to the culture of France today. During my trip, I had $2,000 to spend on food, a hotel, activities, transportation, and a souvenir. The hotel I chose to stay in was the Maison Souquet, […]

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The Reason for The Emergence of The French Revolution

The cost of building Versailles and other palaces, maintaining his court, and pursuing his wars made finances a crucial issue for Louis XIV. He was fortunate in having Jean Baptiste Colbert as controller general of finances. Colbert sought to increase the wealth and power of France through general adherence to mercantilism, which stressed government regulation […]

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Comparison of The Figures of Robespierre (Great French Revolution) and Castro

As time passes humans like to think they evolve and change according to new tendencies and new technologies, which we do we learn new things we make new things but we don’t change as much as we like to think we do. There’s always a recurring problem and there’s always someone there to take advantage […]

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Revolution for Human Rights

Religion is a subject based off what a society believes. The roles of religion in society explain natural phenomena, obscure economic reality, frame morals, and involve social control. These roles changed as soon a science and knowledge began to grow. Starting off early, there was Galileo who argued against the church. Galileo argued about how […]

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Third Estate French Bourgeoisie and Working Class

My name is Albert Williams I am of the Third Estate, many of you may be wondering what exactly the “Third Estate” is so here it goes, the Third Estate is the French bourgeoisie and working class that went on before the French Revolution. I and my people of the Third Estate were treated like […]

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Three Very Important Components of The Revolution

Those components are; planning and having the right government, having a well developed plan and goal, and having the resources to keep your people safe, healthy, and alive. If you are planning on starting a revolution and you have these three main components, then you’ll be setting yourself up for success! Make sure you think […]

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Napoleon’s Effect on France

During the 18th century, Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France for about fifteen years. Germaine De Stael, also known as Madam de Stael, was a French woman who lived during this time and was exiled by Napoleon during his rule. Madam de Stael despises Napoleon for what he did to her and her country, so she used […]

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How the scientific revolution connects with the French Revolution. Numerous revolutions have occurred since Stone Age. Humans have been evolving since then trying their level best to survive and trying to nurture themselves in this hostile environment. All of these revolutions have impacted the lives of people and have changed the course of human history in one way or another.

I’ll be discussing two specific revolutions, The Scientific Revolution and The French Revolution. Both of them had major effects on people and these completely changed the course of their life. What is the Scientific Revolution? The 18th century revolution was a movement of the intellectuals who dared to prove all the aspects in life scientifically.

What is French Revolution? Political, economic, and social problems in France during the 18th century led to the French Revolution. John Locke started this moment. According to him everyone had absolute human rights and government should protect these absolute right rather than taking them away for this purpose John Locke personally criticized monarchy and social inequality throughout. He said that all humans are the same and they should be treated in the same way. The concept of superiority and inferiority should be diminished.

How is the French revolution connected with the scientific revolution? The French revolution changed the monarchy. This was huge step in that era. This helped French people to put on the courage to deny their Human Gods and stopped them from accepting slavery anymore. The people took things in their hands denying each and everything in their path.

Same things happened in scientific revolution that gave enlightenment thinkers, especially John Locke and Montesquieu the courage to step up for change. All of these efforts by John Locke and Montesquieu had tremendous effect on the people of Europe. They started questioning the authorities and denying whatever seemed wrong to them rather than blinding agree to everything.