Facts about Immigration in America

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime, regardless of your guilt or innocence, we can help you. We will understand your case and we will not judge you or your loved ones. For us, a person’s life is sacred, even if that person has made a mistake, whether slight or serious.

A bond acts as a contract between the defendant and the accused and if generate by a bail bond company costs around 10% of the total deposit amount. It is suggested that if it is possible, one should try to avoid buying a bail bond as 10% of your bail amount becomes is non-refundable.

Along with this, for a bail bond, the accused need to give the bail agent a guarantee to get the bond. But if he/she show up in court as scheduled and meet all the requirements, the court will refund almost the full amount of the bond, deducting some administrative fees.

The bail bondsman can collect the collateral if he does not appear in court on time. All these things highlight the importance of consulting Bail Bonds Services in Los Angeles.

We can meet your loved one in prison the same day that you hire us, and we will take the opportunity to communicate all your love, support and prayers! The Bail Bonds Agent in Los Angeles can get you bail in the lowest time possible.

A bond is an amount of cash or that is given to consolidate a payment or other constraint. It is an agreement based on which the state will release the prisoner, based on the guarantee that the defendant will attend on the dates and places established to respond to the charges against him.

In immigration, the term bond is used when a certain amount of money is paid to get a person out of jail or from the custody of the immigration and customer enforcements (ICE).

This money that is delivered will be returned if you comply with all the orders that will be issued by the judge or the ICE including also the one to leave the territory if ordered. In cases where a non-citizen is in immigration custody, it is possible to request bail, upon handing over the money the non-citizen will be able to reunite with his family and continue his life normally, while his case would continue in process.

When a person is detained by the authorities and arrested for being accused of committing a crime, they can request bail. Depending on the crime committed, the dangerousness of the individual and if he represents a risk of flight, the Judge will grant him Bail.

In the United States, Bail is discretionary and can be denied if the Judge so provides, for this reason you may ask your family or friends for help to present evidence such as a copy of the legal permanent resident card, birth certificates of the spouse, children and parents, proof that you have property in the United States, you have a legal job and even better if you can include letters of support from family or community members.

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