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Black Lives Matter Movement

America today seems like a whole new nation from the time of slavery and Jim Crow Laws. This is a generation of Black liberation and empowerment. It is now considered the social norm to go to an integrated school, the direct result of the victorious decision of Brown v. Board of Education. The Brown v. […]

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Black Lives Matter: End Police Brutality

I believe that black lives matter when I watch the news, I see that cops are not killing innocent men because of color or race. We are equal in law but when it comes to having police brutality there are 258 people shot and killed by police in the U.S. And, do you know what’s […]

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Fight for Black Lives Matter

The star of The Hate U Give has been sharing mental health resources with her fans during the fight for Black Lives Matter. Like many people, Amandla Stenberg has been deeply engaged in the fight against racism happening across the globe. Black Lives Matter protesters have been marching for the end of racial injustice since […]

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Black People in The Media

Socrates claimed once, “False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.” Media excels at bending the truth for consumers. Representation of African Americans throughout the years in the media can be described as unquestionably distorted at most times to say the least. Though coming a long way from […]

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Black Community

There’s some things I have to constrict to you about being a man in the black community .I want to explain to you my devotion, symbolism, importance and the actual reality of being black in America. When I was around your age the world was somewhat similar. Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland there was a […]

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The Black Community

People are hurting themselves because others have a different point of view on who they are and what they do. America has a lot of social issues, some could even say they are modernized from older times. A lot of people still have that olden days mind set where everyone has to follow the same […]

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Broadway’S Black History

Broadway has been giving the world entertainment for over 100 years. With lights, song, dance and high energy performances. When it comes to Broadway productions it can range anywhere from a serious drama, or a whimsical magical world of Dr. Suess. From when Broadway hit New York back in the 1800s to now the stage […]

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The Mindset Behind Police Officers Using Deadly Force Against Unarmed Black Men   

Suspect Race and Police Use of Deadly Force Suspect race affects numerous results in policing and the broader criminal justice system, impacting communications with law enforcement, apprehension rates, and criminal incarcerations (Kahn, Steele, McMahon, & Stewart, 2017). Racial minorities, and predominantly African-American men, are frequently found to have an unbalanced interaction with law enforcement, including […]

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Colorism Amongst Black Teens

Colorism is a dark side to the internal prejudice acts or attitudes against our own brothers and sisters. Colorism is a seed of deceit, a silent hatred that divides us as a nation, race and as a people. We were given equality by our four founding fathers declaration through our constitution. We have a right […]

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Colorism and Black Girlhood

In a world of racism between whites and blacks, there is a fixation in our black community surrounding the color of our skin. Colorism is a term that is defined as prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone among people of the same ethnic group. In the 1988 Spike Lee film, School […]

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The Minister’S Black Veil

Humans are not perfect, and we all have our sins and sorrows and for some reason or another we are hiding it from other people. I think the symbol behind the veil has a lot to do with the puritan style of life and the fact that puritan community lived the hypocrite life. They were […]

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Formation of Black Identity

The purpose of this essay is to examine Black identity and representation in the United States. The lack of social representation of Black individuals and the misrepresentation of those depicted promote narrow identities in which women are told to belong. Historically, narrow social representation has been used to control the images of black people by […]

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Angela and Assata: Black Radicals

“Radical simply means ‘grasping things at the root’.” – Angela Davis Assata Shakur and Angela Davis are two women that were very monumental in the Civil Rights Movement. These women fought and worked beside the men of the Black Panthers and other organizations to make a change. Angela Davis is best known for her radical […]

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The Values of The Black Man

In Ecclesiastes, it was written that a Preacher professed out of the mouth “there is no new thing under the sun.” Times have changed since the time of Mr. Booker T. Washington and myself, but I see that that preacher was more correct than he will ever know. Even here in the year 2018, I […]

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Increasing The Rights of Black Americans in The Us Society

Generally, African Americans were subjects to bona fide abuse and division from the bit of white Americans, who hold the major position in the American culture and utilized their capacity to hold African Americans under their control. The recorded movement of African American culture was joined by the constant conflict of African Americans for social […]

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Long Term Effects of a Black Boys: Post Conviction and Post Release

The problem that has affected young black males not only in Maryland but also in nation is the issue of disproportionate amount of the black race in the criminal justice system. There are many reasons why this injustice occurs. Some of those many reasons why young black males are often disproportionately in the system are […]

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Analysis of The Distribution of The Black Population in America

The American population that has identified as only Black or African American in the United States and District of Columbia has been slowly increasing over the years. Just recently, the population has grown to nearly 47 billion people of color in America (Chappell). The history of blacks in America goes back hundreds of years to […]

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Who Should Read “The Hate U Give” and Why

“What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?” In many parts of the world, there is censorship of television, news, and even books. Although this seems far from home, this censorship isn’t as far away as we would think. It even affects schools in the […]

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Police Brutality Is a Serious Problem in Modern Society

Police brutality is a major problem in today’s society. Police brutality is a civil rights violation where officers use unneeded or excessive force against civilians. Examples have ranged from assault and battery to as serious as murder. Police brutality has happened against all sorts of minority people but the major victims are African Americans. It […]

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The Relation Between Police Brutality and Race in The United States of America

Some may argue that there is a rise in police brutality towards blacks since the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Members of the Black Lives Matter movement believe that police officers are targeting black men during routine traffic stops or for other reasons. Heather MacDonald compiled a list of statistics that may prove […]

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Upon reading a story in the Guardian, the long read titled; “Black Lives Matter: birth of a movement” by Wesley Lowery, one recognizes the theme of police brutality on the black people. Death of Michael Brown generated black activists’ movements with an aim to protest against this cowardly act by the police. The black community has always been associated with crime within the country; this has been affirmed by this act of brutal killing day of the blacks’ day in day out (Bonilla et al., 2015). Another clear-cut theme in the story is the unlawful arrest of the blacks by the police. Wesley Lowery starts the story with him being arrested and treated harshly by the police. He is not aware of what is going on and can only gaze of police victimization of the blacks. It is tough to understand why the police were targeting just the blacks in the city of Ferguson.

A sign of solidarity is witnessed when large crowds filled the streets in protests against the killings without being organic or call to action by a specific group of human rights or activists. This spirit of togetherness in times of need was so essential if people thought the government or involved parties would act accordingly. Over one hundred and fifty protesters are later arrested on an account that the failure to disperse from the streets as per the police order. This led to the rise of a series of activist movements. This was a clear point in which policing was against race (Bonilla et al., 2015). The social media is set ablaze with the hash tags “Black Lives Matter,” this was to show solidarity and to support the social justice movement in alarming the whole country and the world of these unfamiliar moments.

It is necessary to mention the role the media played in support and to protest these sinful acts by the police. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts which in most instances have been criticized from spreading evil in this situation show its ability in exposing most of this injustice against the common man and specifically the black race. In this short narration, Wesley Lowery, explains that this all shooting and killing brought so much division and hatred amongst the people who felt the police might be victimized while maybe and just maybe there actions were justified. He identifies that a group was seen to be exaggerating the issue to achieve a given mileage (Bonilla et al., 2015). This shows how the contemporary society today can be so wicked that everything on earth can be used in obtaining a given favor.

A judiciary that is not strong and independent is categorized in this chronology of events. The court faces criticism on their failure to put beyond bars most of the police officers who were brought to book despite the evidence presented before them. One could easily argue that it was a case of one race against the other with the judiciary overwhelmingly occupied by the whites. Several instances of black killings by the police were witnessed, and this even led to more uproar against this kind of action by the police. The society is finally at a crossroad on their safety and the role of the police in protecting and safeguarding life despite your race and color (Bonilla et al., 2015). Local elected leaders are also put to question on their role in ensuring survival was guaranteed to everyone. The right to life for the black people was seemingly in turmoil, and there was a need for everyone to stand with truth and justice for the blacks.