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Who should Read “the Hate U Give” and why

“What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?” In many parts of the world, there is censorship of television, news, and even books. Although this seems far from home, this censorship isn’t as far away as we would think. It even affects schools in the […]

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Police Brutality is a Serious Problem in Modern Society

Police brutality is a major problem in today’s society. Police brutality is a civil rights violation where officers use unneeded or excessive force against civilians. Examples have ranged from assault and battery to as serious as murder. Police brutality has happened against all sorts of minority people but the major victims are African Americans. It […]

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Fight for Black Lives Matter

The star of The Hate U Give has been sharing mental health resources with her fans during the fight for Black Lives Matter. Like many people, Amandla Stenberg has been deeply engaged in the fight against racism happening across the globe. Black Lives Matter protesters have been marching for the end of racial injustice since […]

The Values of the Black Man

In Ecclesiastes, it was written that a Preacher professed out of the mouth “there is no new thing under the sun.” Times have changed since the time of Mr. Booker T. Washington and myself, but I see that that preacher was more correct than he will ever know. Even here in the year 2018, I […]

Black Lives Matter Movement

America today seems like a whole new nation from the time of slavery and Jim Crow Laws. This is a generation of Black liberation and empowerment. It is now considered the social norm to go to an integrated school, the direct result of the victorious decision of Brown v. Board of Education. The Brown v. […]

The Black Community

People are hurting themselves because others have a different point of view on who they are and what they do. America has a lot of social issues, some could even say they are modernized from older times. A lot of people still have that olden days mind set where everyone has to follow the same […]