The Major Problem of Immigration in America and Its Real Solution

American Society today, faces a threat called the immigration crisis. Being able to solve this issue is crucial both for economic and security purposes. Since illegal immigration not only hurts our economy, but endangers our own security, and our future as a strong and unite community.

Following the latest political news, our 45th president of the United States Donald J. Trump enforced with an executive order the border security and he didn’t allow any further visitors from certain Islamic countries that were suspicious for terrorism to enter the country That single decision brought many problems and controversies between both parties and between the different branches of government. Many politicians and judges criticized his decisions because it threatened American democracy and the fundamental legacy of our nation. Our nation is been created and built by immigrants and visitors that followed our idea of freedom, democracy and justice for all, and wanted to stay and continue our founding father’s legacy. Finally couple weeks ago. A judge turned down president Trump’s decision. Calling for unconstitutional action by the president.

Based on personal experiences and by reading different opinions both from the Democratic and the Republican party, our nation is facing a big crisis that is absolutely important for us being able to determine and solve it. There are two main immigration issues today. First the west issue with the Mexican illegal immigrants coming trespassing the Mexico-U.S. border, then the east issue with muslim terrorists threatening to take over our country causing chaos and destruction. Being able to give solutions to both these issues without threatening our constitutional legacy, is really hard to do.

The solution that has been given lately: closing our borders, it’s not a well thought and planned solution. Throughout history, great nations have declined because they built up walls of insularity. But America was the bright example and exception of all the great nations for over a century now. Our culture as Americans is one of the most welcoming and supportive, we are against discrimination and racism. We support the freedom of religion, choice and speech. We are made out of multiple nationalities and religions that coexist without any problems for many years now. We are the so called “melting pot of nations. When a person comes to our land, he starts thinking like an American, and in most cases he has no plans of destroying our country. Although I don’t deny the threat of terrorism that is growing rapidly today, and this is why we have to take extra actions and security measures to ensure first of all the security of our own citizens.

Being an undocumented and illegal immigrant in our country causes many troubles and difficulties to our normal life routine. Today there are more than 10 million undocumented aliens reside in the US and illegal immigration is growing by 700,000 a year. These undocumented individuals pay no taxes, have no identification to our police records, and they don’t have access to our health care systems. I understand their need of staying to our prosper and secure country, they are people that look for a better future, both for them and for their kids. But that doesn’t mean that every single person should have the right to trespass our borders and live in our country without identification. For these reasons there are some regulations that need to take place. For example we will have to improve our border security. Strengthen our employer verification through our country. Create new temporary guest worker programs, and give amnesty to current illegal immigrants. Taking action by beginning applying these new regulations to our plan we would be able to fix our current issue of illegal immigration and not harm the current aliens that reside between us.

We as a nation have a demand on immigrants. Both for our agriculture and factory jobs, that based on statistics each immigrant family adds an extra $80,000 to our national income. But that counts on legal and legit immigrants that reside here with documents and pay taxes. We could even create programs that would bring people from needed countries to work here for a certain amount of time. There are many more solutions to this complex program that our current and future government has to take action upon. Immigration is really serious and we have to both protect ourselves as citizens. But not forget about the human need and our humanism towards these people that because of their great need for money or security look for a refuge in our country. Not every immigrant is a terrorist or a drug dealer as some people might support. There are women and needed children between these immigrants that need protection and the chance for a brighter future, here in our country.

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