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Revision of an Essay and Need an Extra Page Added

Richard Rodriguez was an American writer born in 1944. He wrote several books that gave him media attention. Hunger of memory was his first book released in 1982, and it gave an honest and sensitive experience of the writer whereby he attacked the affirmative action and bilingual education programs. The book talks about the authors […]

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What are the Effect of Growing up Poor

Poor people live in the street, In the alley of restaurants and even fast food places. They may have children that need to eat the and also go out looking in garbage even in trash cans for food and if they find something they give it to their kids and the parents go without eating. […]

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10 Things only Kids Whose Parents are Teachers Understand 

Everyone brings Backpacks, notebooks, folders, No. 2 pencils with them when they come to school. But I am different from all of my classmates because in my case, I bring two extra accessories with taking to school every day. These are my lovey parents because my dad and mom both are my teacher’s school. So […]

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Why you Want to be a Teacher

Abstract In my paper I will discuss why I want to become a teacher and reference to the article, “Why Do you want to Be An Early Childhood Educator?” By Carol Garboden Murray. The article talks about keys aspects on becoming an early childhood educator. In the paper you will see concepts from the article […]

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Growing up with Divorced Parents – my Experience

At the age of six, my parents got a divorce. I did not think much about how it had affected me psychologically, I paid more attention to how much my life was changing overall. While reading chapter 8, I thought a lot about how much of an effect my childhood had on my personality and […]

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Risks of Teenage Pragnancy

“It is hard to raise a child, when you are still a child.” We have all heard this being said by many older persons around us. Some of them say this as a means to scare some adolescent females from getting pregnant. Without going any further, let me first acknowledge the key term within the […]

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Soccer as National Sport

Soccer is a very widespread sport. With 211 countries with national teams soccer has come a long way from its roots in Great Britain. Over the decades since, soccer has become one of the most beloved sports in the world. It has a long and interesting history as well as an extensive impact upon certain […]

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Overview of the Concept of Education

Education is very important for succeeding in life, and that difference between this family about education. The author gives some information about Rodriguez background. When Rodriguez started school, he didn’t speak English. Being torn between conforming to the public, and private language, he discusses themes of intimacy and language. However, Rodriguez used Spanish, and the […]

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Death of a Salesman: Family Dynamics

The complexities of social interaction within one’s familial unit have been the focus of artistic works and philosophical contemplation for millennia. The conflicts, resolutions, and compromises that make day to day life possible also determine the overall nature of the group’s relationship. In the works of Fences by August Wilson and Death of a Salesman […]

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Analysis of “everyday Use” by Alice Walker

One can find out about family heritage through formal instruction; in any case, genuine heritage is passed down from age through their narratives, pictures, and different collections that our families hold dear to their souls. In the short story, ‘Everyday Use,’ by Alice Walker she teaches us family heritage and symbols; what it is and […]

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Families and Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is a complex issue that does not have one single cause. Juveniles may be motivated by external and internal factors such as peer pressure or a mental illness. One major factor though that can influence a juvenile in their conscious decision to take part in delinquency is the family. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train […]

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The Flaws Within the Foster Care System

Not everyone has the opportunity to live in house filled with joy and laughter, nor are they able to live with a forever family. Countless of kids weren’t fortunate to be able to have parents to care for them, so they were forced to either find relatives or be put into Foster Care homes. These […]

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Foster Care: “instant Family” Movie Review

I loved the Instant Family movie! It reminded me of my family’s fostering process, which has been one of the most emotional and rewarding experiences of our lives. I liked how the movie portrayed the difficulties of fostering in a positive and humorous way. I want all my friends and family to watch Instant Family […]

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The Title of the Novel Catcher in the Rye as a Metaphor

The Catcher in The Rye (1951) is a novel by J.D Salinger in which a young man by the name of Holden Caulfield takes the reader on the journey of his life and his mind in his late teen years. The novel explores many themes including the theme of youth and the innocence of it. […]

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A Comparison of the Movies “lady Bird” and “peppermint Soda”

My area of film focus is the genre of coming-of- age films and today I am going to be comparing two films, The American film Lady Bird directed by Greta Gerwig, 2017, and Peppermint Soda 1977 directed by Diane Kurys in France and investigating how the transitions from youth to adulthood in different cultures are […]

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The Effects of Childhood Trauma

“Scientists know that traumatic experiences such as child abuse or neglect change the chemistry and even the structure of the brain.” (McGrath) People like Jennifer Marks, who was abused in her youth, have developed mental illnesses such as; depression and anxiety, and they live with it for months to years to possibly even their whole […]

The Importance of Childhood Trauma

Can sex become a disorder? Having too much of anything will only bring unnecessary problems. Sex addiction, or otherwise known as Hyper-Sexuality, is a diagnosis for those who have an “excessive” amount of sex. Nowadays, we live in a world full of illnesses and disorders that are yet to be discovered and some that are […]

Repressed Childhood Trauma

Sigmund Freud began the basis of what we now practice as psychology. The span of his in-depth studies lasted over 40 years ranging from the impacts of childhood trauma to the aggression and hidden hatred of an adult. Some people view his studies as vile and sinful as others view them as intriguing and insightful. […]

Compulsive Disorder or Childhood Trauma

Today there are many people who have experienced some type of assault or abuse and many people would not realize it. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is something I have had yet never been diagnosed. People connect Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, to war veterans, at least I did. However, people can suffer from it in other ways. […]

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