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Foster Care: “Instant Family” Movie Review

I loved the Instant Family movie! It reminded me of my family’s fostering process, which has been one of the most emotional and rewarding experiences of our lives. I liked how the movie portrayed the difficulties of fostering in a positive and humorous way. I want all my friends and family to watch Instant Family […]

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Foster Care: Should Same-Sex Couple Be Allowed to Adop

There are nearly 438,000 children navigating the turbulent waters that is the foster care system in the United States. The same system which can be argued is a broken system. These children are typically bounced from foster home to foster home, for years at a time, suffering countless traumas both physically and emotionally while waiting […]

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Foster Care Effects 

The subject of foster care has become an increasingly more popular topic of discussion in recent years. Youth who are placed into the foster care system are primarily victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and/or neglect. Recently, more studies have been conducted to understand the effects that being placed into the foster care system has […]

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Problems in The Foster Care System 

The Foster Care System in the Central Valley suffers greatly at the hands of the government. The system is overcrowded with children and inescapable problems. Not enough attention is dedicated by social workers for finding abused and homeless adolescents safe homes. Group home institutional placements are at an all time high. Teens are aging out […]

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The Flaws Within The Foster Care System

Not everyone has the opportunity to live in house filled with joy and laughter, nor are they able to live with a forever family. Countless of kids weren’t fortunate to be able to have parents to care for them, so they were forced to either find relatives or be put into Foster Care homes. These […]

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Foster Youth: The Aging Out of The System

“In 2015, more than 20,000 young people — whom states failed to reunite with their families or place in permanent homes (“51 Useful Aging Out of Foster Care Statistics ”). It is evident that in the U.S. there is a shocking amount of young adults who age out of the child welfare system without a […]

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What Adult Foster Children Face

Aging out is a term used to describe foster youth who turns the age of 18, the child goes from being a part of the foster system to being on their own (Munson et al., 2013, p. 921). Foster youth aging out of the system must accomplish tasks that other children do not face. Most […]

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