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Was Reconstruction a Success or Failure

The reconstruction ara had begun in 1863 after the north had won the war over the South. Abraham Lincon wanted to be lenient to the South to make it easier for them to rejoin the union. He said that anyone in the south that took an oath to the union would be given a pardon. […]

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The Appropriation of The Gilded Age Title

Imagine talking to a very attractive person on social media, just to meet up with them in person and realize their appearance is nothing like their profile. This has become commonly known as a “catfish,” and relates to the Gilded Age (1860-1890) because this era introduced supposed “improvements” which came up short of their expectations. […]

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Abraham Lincoln and Reconstuction

The United States has gone through many political changes as a country. Presidents and political leaders have reoccurred, and they have all had distinctive goals and plans going forward. As time goes on, almost all these subversive eras come to an end. One era that has concluded, was the Reconstruction Era. The Reconstruction Era was […]

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