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Freedom Must be Demanded

Imagine a world where everyone can express their thoughts freely. Hold on, do you think like we already live in a world like this? If you think this way you are wrong. Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights for a human. Because human being always thinks and generate new ideas. This is […]

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Your Freedom, my Freedom, our Freedom

In 1620, pilgrims from England boarded the Mayflower to come to America to have freedom.The freedom they wanted was the freedom of religion. One question asked by many Americans today is, “Even though we are stated as a free country, are we totally Free?” Three of the most effective tools for keeping freedom for our […]

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The Safety is the Freedom from Risks

What is safety? The answer is freedom. It’s not freedom in the traditional sense of the word. It’s not financial freedom, freedom from tyranny, or even the freedom to do as we please which some would see as absolute freedom. Safety is the freedom from risk. Is this possible? Perhaps, but no one is absolutely […]

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