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The Essence of Procrastination

The authors of procrastination, Jane and Lenora have said: “Procrastination is not primarily a time management problem or a moral failing but a complex psychological issue. At its core, problem procrastination is a problem with one’s relationship to oneself, reflecting a shaky sense of self-esteem.” Do you have the experience that cramming for tests or […]

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Fear of Failure in the Novel Alchemist

Like any great novel, The Alchemist is a tale that entwines truth and reality into its words and story alongside the fictitious machinations of the story itself. Paulo Coelho does a particularly exceptional task of fabricating obstacles for the characters in The Alchemist that are realistic and faithful to plights that everyday people experience. One […]

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Failing myself

During the first high school football game of my hometown, I vividly remember looking down at my tattered Chuck Taylors resting on the cracked concrete bleachers. I had just spoken to a few people my age that had come home from college for the weekend; suddenly, I was self-aware of what I viewed as a […]

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