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What Does Social Justice Mean Yo Me

Social justice has changed multiple times and throughout the years it has been a debate on what it should cover and how it should be covered amongst different individuals. Social workers often times have changed definitions or added things based on the Rawls theory on social justice (Banerjee, 2013). My definition on social justice is […]

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Policy Connections

Introduction Policies depicting management of an organization are related in one way or the other. System connections are necessitated by how team activities are coordinated implying that one policy connects to another for the effective run of a corporation. This PowerPoint presentation purposes at critically evaluating and analysing the association amongst health policies and practices, […]

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Freedombound`s Story About a Girl Named Harriet Tubman

Freedombound tells an amazing story about a girl named Harriet Tubman who grows up in slavery knowing that it is wrong. Harriet soon grows up and in her adulthood, escapes to slavery and leads many other people out of slavery. She guides these people up north where their hands belong to their body and where […]

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The Conflict of the Working Class and the Multi-Billion Corporations in the Book Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

In Chuck Palahniuk’s book, Fight Club, two social classes, the working class and the multi-billion corporations, were displayed throughout the book that caused mayhem between the two within society. The two social classes cannot work together due fact of their economic status, but even if one social class was being sabotaged, threatened, or mistreated the two […]

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