What are the Effect of Growing up Poor

Poor people live in the street, In the alley of restaurants and even fast food places. They may have children that need to eat the and also go out looking in garbage even in trash cans for food and if they find something they give it to their kids and the parents go without eating. The effects of growing up poor when you are at the age of four they start to affect their learning abilities.“The reason why people are poor are because of wages and welfare” according to washington post

According to newsweek “The reason why people who grow up in poorer households seem to have trouble controlling how much they eat when they’re not actually hungry is not entirely clear”.These children are suffering because of brain loss or sickness that affects the brain. People who grow up in poorer households have trouble controlling how much they eat when they’re not actually hungry.Children suffer more when it comes to being poor because if they are not eating well their bodys will not function properly and will not get the vitamins and proteins they need. When children don’t eat as well as they need to they start to lose weight.

At times when a parent is poor or homeless they often have kids. If they cannot take care of their kids sometimes the government or the parent themselves will take their kids to a foster home where families take care and adopt the ones that were not taken care of from their parents. In this case, it is awful to say that the parent is better off living in the street than the child.

When it comes to families who are poor they usually ask for government help such as link, medical coverage and loans. Some of these families are not able to afford it because the government looks at how the income of the family is if they are poor, middle class or rich. If the government sees that the family is poor than they won’t be able to help the family out because they are poor and they are living in the street.

Finally, poor people can live on the streets and in alleys with their children. The poor children and parents may suffer from brain damage or eating or drinking water. The poor may apply for the link which the government can help the child’s benefits an the parents to get the nutrients and vitamins they need.

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