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The Wonders of Owning a Dog

Introduction I once had a very negative attitude towards dogs. However, my perspective changed after watching the animal in action. A dog is an animal that desires to spend most of the time with its master irrespective of the geographical location, unlike human friends. They may be messy during their early stages of life, but […]

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Role of Dog in “To Build a Fire”

In “Jack London’s” “To Build A Fire”, this tale is told about a man who is walking on a nine-hour walk in the snow with his dog. The dog is a husky; a “wolfdog.” The narrator mentions how the husky is much like it’s brother dog a wild wolf. This gives readers the vision that […]

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The Dog is Man’s Best Friend

Dogs can help with much more than you think and dogs also earn the title “Man’s Best Friend.” But do you know why and how they earned that title if not then read on. Dogs have a great sense of smell. And according to The 11 Science-Backed Reasons You Need to Get a Puppy (Right […]

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Dogs are Better than Cats

Have you ever wondered why some people prefer cats while others prefer dogs? There are many reasons to get a pet. One could choose to get a pet for a companion, or to simply add to their family. Age also plays a factor in deciding the reasoning for taking on a pet. Older folks often […]

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