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Beauty and The Beast Essay

Beauty and the Beast(2017) is one of the greatest fairy tale stories of all time. This live action film, directed by Bill Condon, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens & Luke Evans. It is based on the 1991 Disney animated film. It is a magical story about an unkind and selfish prince is cursed to live […]

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Beauty Is in The Eye of The Beholder

There is a saying that goes “ Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. The media plays a great role on the body image of the adolescent. It has expressed that thin ideal body image been ideal hence children grow up with this image. When they reach adolescent they tend to struggle to attain […]

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The Sadness of The Holocaust With The Combination of The Beauty of Life

The movie separates into two segments. First is classic comedy while other part makes us smile with sadness through the evils of genocide. Benigni plays as the lead role, Guido the waiter in the 1930s Italy. He is also the co-writer and director of the film. Watching his life, we can see the resemblance of […]

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The Controversial Issue of Ethical Animal Testing in The Cosmetic and Beauty Industry

In recent years, the advancement in science and technology has brought a new awareness to consumers of the beauty industry. Scientists have opened the eyes of consumers, allowing them to see what goes into their cosmetics, how the cosmetics are made, and how the cosmetics could possibly be harmful. Most recently, with the new law […]

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Art and Beauty in The Picture of Dorian Gray

In a person’s life, people have many who influence their lives, whether it may be shaping the way an individual speaks, the way they act, or think. However the person’s ability to break down these influences is through their psychological processes, the way in which an individual’s basic psychological functions work together in order to […]

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Vincent Van Gogh: Tragic Beauty

“…The cutting of his ear has always overshadowed the incredible story of his life.” (Sherway Academy Arts & Sciences, 2017) Vincent Van Gogh is known for his colorful impressionistic paintings and the artist who cut of his ear but not everyone knows there’s more to his story. His style wasn’t always the bright impressionistic paintings. […]

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There Is So Much Beauty and Diversity in America

There is so much beauty and diversity in America and its people, we cannot simply have one identity. America cannot simply embrace one identity because “identity” is a subjective term that is very unique and distinctive. With regard to our own personal history and experiences it is not possible to narrow down one identity to […]

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What Is The Standard of Female Beauty? 

Recently, the Victoria Secret occupies people’s vision again. Female beauty is a eternal topic and discussed from past to now in everywhere. What is the standard of female beauty? What kinds of standard should be follow[spelling]ed? Femininity and beauty ideals are historically and culturally constructed (Xie, Q., & Zhang, M.,2013). The standard of female always […]

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The Essence of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a very common topic discussed around the world. Many people like it while others don’t. Our ancestors have used it along with their ancestors. It is used all across the world for many different reasons. Whether we like it or not, it will probably be around for the rest of our lives. […]

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The Plastic Surgary in Our Society

We live in a society where it is not astounding to believe that everyone is fixated with appearance. Physical attractiveness is one of the main things that people make choices in favor of certain objects, goods, services, and even people. Products that get sold are being sold with style. The products come in detailed designs […]

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Cosmetic Surgery Advertisement

Twenty years ago, cosmetic surgery was treatment to restore the injured face from accidents or burns, but now ‘cosmetic surgery’ is for every woman or man who desire to be younger and prettier. We are exposed to lots of advertisements of cosmetic surgery through media, TV, radio, social network such as twitter, facebook and Instagram […]

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The Opposing Traits of Montag and Clarissa

A foil is defined as a character that shows qualities that are in contrast with the qualities of another character. Foils are used to highlight the opposing traits in each character. In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Clarisse McClellan and Mildred Montag are presented as foils. Their individual traits are so opposite of each other that […]

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Formation of Black Identity

The purpose of this essay is to examine Black identity and representation in the United States. The lack of social representation of Black individuals and the misrepresentation of those depicted promote narrow identities in which women are told to belong. Historically, narrow social representation has been used to control the images of black people by […]

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