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Eating Habits and How Feel About Food

It is important to start at a young age to be offering healthy food to nurture their bodies and fuel their brain for development. Eating habits that children learn from a young age carry over into adulthood. Childcare settings can influence their eating habits and how they feel about food. There are many steps that […]

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Establishing Healthy Habits

Abstract Exercise is very important in human life, and it is probably one of the major foundations of healthy living. It generally reduces the mental stress since it reduces anxiety, the negative moods, and depression by boosting the self-esteem of an individual alongside the cognitive function. Physical exercises and dieting are very critical for successful […]

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Poor Eating Habits

During the two marking periods that we had health class some particular topics spiked my interest a lot considering they are topics that i had experienced before, not personally but i have seen people suffer from eating disorders. They spike my interest because i used to think it was just poor eating habits and it […]

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Giving Up The Bad Habit of Not Bedding

There are many of our common habits that are shortening our life span, but we do not even realize it and we are just enjoying our life. In fact, these common habits make us vulnerable to various illnesses or bring them too close to them which can have a negative impact on our health. The […]

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The Internet’s Effect on Mental Habits

“For me, as of others, the Net is becoming a universal medium, the conduit for most of the information that flows through the eyes and ears and into my mind”(Carr 37). The ‘Net’ has been a superior way of communicating, reading and researching as well as cheating, providing bias news and indirectly making users brainwashed. […]

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Causes and Effect of Smoking on People

Smoking cigarettes is probably one of the most toxic things you can put in your body. It used to be popular back in the day, because people just wanted to do it for the thrill and because it was a common thing to do so most people tagged along and did it too. People also […]

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Habit Won’T Earn You Higher Performance

Hey, please wait! Just a piece of brief information for you before you proceed with what you were doing. Don’t you think you should do better than you’re doing now? Are you not supposed to have achieved more than this? Well, I think you deserve better, and you can be more productive. How? Well, it’ll […]

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Health Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

“5 Health Benefits You Wouldn’t Expect from Oral Hygiene.” Bonham Dental Arts, 18 September 2017, A pregnant woman is likely to have gingivitis due to the pregnancy hormones. This is caused by an increase in the blood flow to the gingival tissues. This condition can begin to worsen if it is not treated at […]

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Reasons You’Re Not Losing Weight

Sometimes, people take every diet pill in the market, follow every diet known to man, and use every fitness contraption invented – but still not lose weight. Fat loss is no easy feat and answers are not that easy to come by. It is even more difficult if one does not know what he is […]

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