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About ‘heart of Darkness’

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad tells the tale of numerous lives influenced by the desire of power, and the lust of wealth. Marlow is a sailor who ends up far away from home, away from the restrictions society places on an individual. Marlow’s journey takes him through the jungle, in which the only thing […]

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Wealth in the Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald in his novel, The Great Gatsby (1925), suggests that wealth and dissatisfaction in the 1920s were a constant thing. The author shows dissatisfaction in the novel through the characters in order to show that during the Roaring Twenties, many people were dissatisfied with their lives, even though they were equipped with all […]

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Othello: Wealth or Morals

The idea of Marxism came from a man named Karl Marx who essentially believed in an economic system where the government controlled all means of production and resources to ensure equality. In various ways, one may see Marxism as part of the foundation of communism as they share many similar qualities that would lead someone […]

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The Appropriation of the Gilded Age Title

Imagine talking to a very attractive person on social media, just to meet up with them in person and realize their appearance is nothing like their profile. This has become commonly known as a “catfish,” and relates to the Gilded Age (1860-1890) because this era introduced supposed “improvements” which came up short of their expectations. […]

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Can Money Buy Everything

Money is a very essential part of life. It is what allows economies, businesses and lives to continue growing. Adults spend half their week at work or preparing for work and it’s all to receive the enormous check at the end of the day. Look around and there is actually nothing that isn’t involved with […]

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Greed is the Driving Force

In today’s society there hasn’t been an alternative way besides a collective economic benefit that would work in our economic system. That’s because the world runs on greed. No matter how unfair it may seem to those who are less fortunate than those of upper power. The government knows what’s best for the people and […]

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