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Macbeth Guilt Overview

“To be or not to be?” How relevant is Shakespeare in the 21st century? Shakespeare has been dead for over four hundred years now. Four hundred two years now to be exact. Many people recognize the name William Shakespeare but when was the last time you have read one of his poems or stories or […]

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Is Montresor Able to Experience Guilt

What drives a person to murder? Some of the more commonly reported motives (but not the causes) include anarchism, personal revenge, retaliation for abuse or being “wronged,” moral depravity, demonic possession, and even a “lack of a conscience.” Many killers have relationships with their victims (Psychology Today). If you’ve ever read stories from Edgar Allan […]

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War in ‘The Things They Carried’

War is a human activity that has been around since the dawn of time. One of the most memorable and long-standing conflicts in which the United States involvement has played a huge role was the Vietnam War. Tim O’Brien, author of the novel “The Things They Carried”, makes a statement about the war: “There were […]

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Jimmy Cross in ‘The Things They Carried’

The things they carried written by Tim O’Brien. I decide to talk about Jimmy Cross. This character that happens to be the center of focus in the entire work done by Tim O’Brien is Jimmy Cross who works alongside missions. In other work, O’Brien reveals several things about the company among them being fear and […]

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“The Things They Carried” by Tim O’brien 

‘The Things They Carried’ is a story that presents various accounts of painful experiences and traumatic events of the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War. The author explores the great use of literary devices in explaining the occurrence of every event. In a well-developed piece that uses imagery, metaphors, reality, and fiction, O’Brien represents […]

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Essential Questions About ‘The Things They Carried’

Through “The Things They Carried” Author Tim O’Brien describes and explains the things he and the others soldiers carried during their large and suffocating time they spent in Vietnam after being drafted by force, not by choice. Because many soldiers in Vietnam were drafted by force and many of them were teens in their 20 […]

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The Narrator of “The Tell Tale Heart”

“The Tell-Tale Heart” is a short story wherein Edgar Allan Poe exposes the quintessential conflict of humanity. That is, to surrender to the voice in our heads encouraging action deleterious to ourselves, or to muffle that voice in exchange for internal torment. Poe gives a name to this voice, the imp of the perverse, which […]

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Betrayal and Redemption in The Kite Runner

In The Kite Runner, the narrator and main character is Amir. Amir has many regrets from his past that continue to impact his present life. The question being explored in this essay is, has Amir successfully redeemed himself by the end of the novel? In my opinion, Amir is a person who has made many […]

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Ironic Structure in Chronicle of a Death Foretold 

Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez tells the story where the narrator returns to his hometown to investigate the murder of Santiago Nasar that changed the town forever. The entire town is aware of the fact that Santiago might be murdered yet none of them do anything. Even those who are in […]

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Is Public Shaming Aceptable?

Public shaming is a punishment that has been around for a very long time. This form of punishment has been around since the beginning of human civilization, especially in the colonial times of America. It is considered one of the most impactful, yet controversial, forms of punishment for many good reasons. But public shaming is […]

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