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My Favorite Superhero

Nobody thought he would be alive when he died from criponite but he was alive after the attack of the monster. But other people knew that he was alive. because at the end of the movie all he rocks and grass were flying in the air.He died after when superman flew to the monster but […]

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Role of Women in Society

A women’s role is ever changing and continuing to make a great impact on our society to this day. Years ago, women were controlled by men and had very little contribution to society. “The 19m century is marked by the fact that women are regarded as objects in all the social categories” (Diversification and Conflicts, […]

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Superheroes: Spiderman

There are many heroes that are looked up upon for guidance on what is right and wrong. When asked, who is the best, arguments start because of who they think has the best story or powers. Many agree that Spider-Man is the best hero because he is the most relatable. When he is depressed he […]

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Superheroes in Watchmen

Within much of the traditional superhero genre, there is often a depiction of someone who is strong, and powerful and fights against evil to protect those they care about from injustices. Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes not only because of his super abilities but the way he uses those abilities to always […]

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Why We Love Superheroes

I am obsessed with superheroes because of their strength, and bravery. Do you like superheroes if you do Glenpool is one of my favorites? Like you probably like her if you don’t I like her as a superhero and I’m sure you like someone else and you’re probably saying why do you like Glenpool instead […]

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Superheroes and Comics

“Truth, justice and the American way’- it’s not enough anymore,” (Dixon and Rivoche 500) Superman renounced his citizenship on April 2011 because he doesn’t want to be an American symbol anymore. Chuck Dixon and Paul Rivoche are both graphic novel writers who write an essay using superman to prove how the comic book industry has […]

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Why Americans Are Obsessed With Superheros

Do you like superheros?If you are like most Americans you probably do.Why are we obsessed with heros?Jacqueline Thursby believes that part of the reason for superheroes popularity is that Americans like imaginative entertainment.Superheros act outside the bounds of the law.They play an important role in society,but the reason why is not always clear.John Darowski placed […]

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Superheroes Reflect The Views of Society

For generations, superhero comics and movies have inspired and entertained society. From Captain America defeating Hydra and the Nazis in World War II to Batman delivering vigilante justice in Gotham, superheroes have captivated audiences. One of the reasons that superheroes have been able to captivate audiences is because superheroes are “…blatant personifications of society’s morals […]

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