Why you Want to be a Teacher


In my paper I will discuss why I want to become a teacher and reference to the article, “Why Do you want to Be An Early Childhood Educator?” By Carol Garboden Murray. The article talks about keys aspects on becoming an early childhood educator. In the paper you will see concepts from the article to emphasize the importance’s of my reasons on becoming a teacher. In the following paragraphs I will explain the reasons why I want to become a teacher. My first reason is, I grew up with a learning and Physical disability. I want to show students and parents that nothing will stop in your way of your goals. The second reason is seeing what I taught them and how the child relates it in different ways while playing in the classroom with fellow classmate. The third reason is how the young child pass on the knowledge to their parents and their siblings.

This question why you want to be a teacher has been asked to me many of times in my life and I tell them that I want to be an early childhood education teacher / special education teacher. They say why an early childhood education teacher /special education teacher? I tell them that I was born a premature and had a mini stroke that affect my right side right at birth. I start earlier intervention at 11/2years old. Stroke gave me trouble walking, using my hand and trouble speaking. Without earlier intervention I wouldn’t be where I am today. In the article “Why Do you want to Be An Early Childhood Educator?’ by Carol Garb oden Murray talks about different aspects on becoming an early childhood educator, she states “young children puzzle us, surprise us, challenge us, delight us, and teach us more than we dreamed of.” Her saying this in are article makes me want to become to a teacher even more to show the parents getting them help at an early age and letting them get label will help them later in life to achieve their goals with support of earlier intervention. Also letting. them know it might take them little longer to do something as a regular child but will master it in a different way. The last thing is letting the parents know that they can have help all though their education if they still need it.

The next reason why I want to be a teacher is I love seeing the children though play take what they are learning that month and reapply it to their playing in the different centers in the class. For example, in my classroom this month we are learning about exercise and how to keep our body health. In the dramatic area we turned it into Wellness Health Center. Meaning this is where we have a ball where the children can exercise on it, use the weights that the children made with empty bottles with sand and we’ll have a kitchen with health foods to eat. They take turns being a yoga teacher and showing each other how to do the different poses. Also the teacher made graphic with the children to seeing who can left either a 1lb, ½ lb. or 5 5lb weight and then after each child did it, we add up each lb. of weight to see which one had the most one was able to be pick up.

The finally reason I want to me come a teacher is love seeing the children at the end of the day when parents and siblings come to pick up their brother or sister they run and give hugs and kisses. Another reason is seeing the children telling their parents what they are learning in the classroom or what they made and can’t want to take it home. The last is when they are leaving the classroom, they run up to you and give you a hug, beside telling you they will miss you and see you tomorrow.

  1. These reason why I want to become a teacher is happening right now as I speak. I work in an early childhood school as a teacher’s aide in a u-PreK classroom as well in other rooms sometimes. I love seeing the children different times of the day learning and having fun. As in the article by Carol Garboden Murray “Why Do You Want to Be An Early Educator?” She said “little kids are so much fun. They are just little sponges. And they are so Cute!” I agree with this everyday because the way have fun in learning and they don’t even know it. As well as the parents said the children go home sometimes acting out how the teachers do things or what they doing in class.


Murray Garboden Carol (2013) Why Do You Want to Be An Early Childhood Education?

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