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Halloween Monster: The Headless Horseman

From The legend of the Sleepy Hollow to the medieval world of warcraft and call of duty, zombies have always been in discussion as one of the scariest things in the monster and halloween world. The headless undead are by far one of the most popular of these genres because movies and novels have always […]

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Halloween: Cinematic Eye Contact and The Reflexive Nature of Horror Films

That almost personal confrontation is especially evident in John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). Drawing heavily upon the conventions of the genre, Carpenter created what seems to be, despite its dark, threatening surface, one of the most lucid of horror films, a tale whose most telling effects derive not so much from our forced encounter with its […]

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Halloween Screen Report

For this screening report I went to see Halloween in theaters. This Halloween is a sequel to the original in the franchise and pretty much wipes the slate of failed sequels clean with a deserving finish to Jamie’ Lee Curtis’ character’s story. In Halloween, we find Laurie Strode, who was attacked my Michael Myers in […]

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Origins of The Halloween Holiday

I’m conducting research on the origins of Halloween. I chose this subject because I have always loved Halloween and it has a very interesting history. I plan to research the history and different meanings of Halloween throughout time. I will be looking at how Halloween got its start, how it has changed over the years, […]

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Terror in The Streets of New York and Halloween Parade

Introduction Terror attacks have become common in various large cities and towns across the world. New York City is one of the largest in the United States and has been the target of numerous terror attacks. These terrorist attacks have claimed property, and the lives of many people, several of these attacks have utilized explosives, […]

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