Freedombound`s Story about a Girl Named Harriet Tubman

Freedombound tells an amazing story about a girl named Harriet Tubman who grows up in slavery knowing that it is wrong. Harriet soon grows up and in her adulthood, escapes to slavery and leads many other people out of slavery. She guides these people up north where their hands belong to their body and where the money they earn belongs to them and them only. She did this through the “Underground Railroad.” Harriet Tubman said,”I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say; I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.’

The main goal was to get up north away from slavery. Once you crossed the Mason-Dixon line, you were free. Free from slavery, from whipping, and free from forced work. After Harriet Tubman escaped to Pennsylvania, she realized that she was not as happy as if her family and friends were there with her. She knew no one at all. Soon, all the excitement of being free had left her. There and then, Harriet decided that she would find a place to work so that she could earn the money she needed to buy the things necessary for rescuing her family. Harriet knocked on doors asking if anyone needed any work done. She got some money and bought a pistol for protection.

Harriet soon learned that her sister MaryAnn and her children were about to be sold south. She knew that something had to be done to help them. Harriet consulted her new friend, William Still. William easily arranged a plan for her. Harriet Tubman traveled to Baltimore to wait. A few of William’s quaker friends agreed to help. They would help MaryAnn, her husband, and the children to where Harriet was waiting, and then would be guided safely to freedom by her. After she got them up north, Harriet knew that God was still using her. Days later, Ms. Tubman traveled back to the plantation, where she rescued her brother James Ross, and two of his friends. Harriet was so sneaky in rescuing slaves, overseers gave her the nickname “Moses.” Moses made many more trips back to plantations and rescued hundreds of slaves, including her parents and other siblings.

After reading this book, you will see how God used Harriet Tubman, a former slave, in many ways. This woman worked to save her family and made a big change in today’s world. We can follow her example by standing up for what we know is right even if we may be the only one.

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