The Importance of Self-Reflection According to Socrates

While Socrates was on a trial with faith in his hands, he admitted that an unexamined life isn’t worth living. This statement is very broad, when considering the variety of ways this can pertain to life. Although, based on my interpretation it means that one must contemplate actions in their existence.

When examining our time on earth, we gain knowledge based on our errors. However, many people, do not take the time to inspect their life and instead, continue with their inaccuracies of correct choices. One could say that this is an example of a life being wasted if a person chooses not examine his life, making the human experience wasted. The person who does not reflect would go on in life, not understanding or be considerate about his faults. This scenario would turn into a tragic life, but avoidable if humans were to simply examine the actions for fault, in which sinner, would find a solution correct their ways. Although this may seem to be the minority of people, some of the best public figures live this way. Despite the fact that a man with an unexamined life should still continue to exist, he will not accomplish or gain with effort the getting what is wanted that an examined life will. A person who does not recognize their own sin will never be able to improve upon themselves, whereas a being is able examines their own actions and understands his mistakes can amend upon them. Based on the text and this interpretation, it gains many layers as to why we should think while living. An example of this is that one must think on their own actions, or else they will remain to be a sheep. However, there would be no need to strongly encourage us to examine our lives if we did not think that there were human beings who do not, and so have worthless, animalistic lives. This noble ideal has a harsh connotation, although, could say that those who live such a non meaningful could be compared to animals. This can be applied to how Euthyphro personality was to be such of a follower. Euthyphro based his decisions on the Gods, and did not think properly about such big choices in life, such as killing his father.

Socrates, meant that an unexamined life is not worth living because it is a life without sentience. Humans must make their own choices and follow their own way to gain nirvana.

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