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Sensation, Perception, Consciousness, Motivation, Emotion, and Learning

Behavioral theory approach is based on the fact that behavior is learned from the past experiences. It also states that the same way a behavior can be learned it can also be unlearnt or reconditioned. This is a theory based on the fact that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. There are two superior types […]

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Case Study of Paramedic

“A small, Good Thing” is a play that begins by narrating an event of Saturday afternoon in an American city that is not named. The story addresses some themes like connection, loss, conflict, helplessness loneliness and isolation themes which make the play to be pessimistic. This play generally portrays pessimistic after Scotty was hit by […]

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‘The Giver’ – Utopia

Some say perfection is the key to life, but not everyone’s perfect is the same. The Giver portrays ¨Sameness” as a utopian society, perfect world. It has removed war, prejudice, racism, and poverty. All things that we would like to extinguish from our known society. Because of this no one would feel incapacitate which is […]

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The Narrator of “the Tell Tale Heart”

“The Tell-Tale Heart” is a short story wherein Edgar Allan Poe exposes the quintessential conflict of humanity. That is, to surrender to the voice in our heads encouraging action deleterious to ourselves, or to muffle that voice in exchange for internal torment. Poe gives a name to this voice, the imp of the perverse, which […]

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Edgar Allen Poe (“the Tell Tale Heart”)

Poe was an influential 19th century writer. During this century, Romanticism was the artistic period. Gothicism and Science Fiction grew out of the Romantic Era, which was Poe’s style of writing. “His influential theory of “unity of effect” states that the author of a short story should construct a tale to fit one overall purpose […]

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Animal Abuse is a Big Issue

What is animal abuse and why does it happen? Animal abuse is the suffering of or harm to any non-human. Animal abuse happens when humans discipline animals or mistreat them rather than trying to properly care for them. While most people know about animal abuse, many do not nor do they realize all the types […]

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5 Big Wаyѕ Laughtеr Makеѕ you Better

Everyone’s hеаrd the old аdаgе thаt lаughtеr is thе best medicine, but how? Cаn lаughtеr really make you bеttеr? In thіѕ article, wе’rе gоіng tо еxрlоrе thе hеаlіng роwеr of laughter and роѕіtіvіtу. Lаughtеr keeps уоu positive Hаvе уоu еvеr trіеd bеіng negative whіlе laughing? It’ѕ nearly impossible! Lаughіng and kееріng a good ѕеnѕе оf […]

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Frankenstein Revenge

In the novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, the author depicts that the creation is human based on the creations ability to feel real human emotions and feel the intense desire for companionship to prove the idea that the foundation of humanity stems from the feeling of being wanted, encouraging a society that is more accepting […]

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Qualities of a Good Friend

All throughout elementary, middle, and high school we have all gained and lost friends but only one remained by your side. That someone is your best friend. Someone that’ll be there for you, believe in you and make you smile no matter what. Even though there are challenges and fights along the way, you guys […]

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Good Will Hunting Review

In the film “Good Will Hunting” a young 20 year old boy, Will Hunting, faces the struggle of who he is and what he is capable of in light of his traumatic past and economical class. Will started out as a janitor at MIT in Boston. He thought that he was just there for the […]

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Good Will Hunting Movie Playback Impressions

Will Hunting is a 20-year-old from South Boston who works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a janitor. With an undiscovered IQ level of a genius, he solves a complicated math problem left on a chalkboard by Professor Gerald Lambeau, who would eventually turn his life around. Given Will has had many run-ins with […]

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From Love to Hate in One Step: Hate Crime

Have you turned on your news channel recently? When you do, what do you see? A cute, sappy story about a family being reunited? Or an update on the arrest of an American man endangering the lives of dozens of non-American people? Whichever your television screen shows you, there’s no way to be able to […]

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Expression of Emotion in “the Hills are Like White Elephants”

I have determined one way the two short stories Hills like White Elephants, and The things they Carried use imagery alike by using it to express characters emotions. While also determining a way that they do not imagery the same. Both stories have a large amount of imagery behind them. Even though they do have […]

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Emotions and Love in the Stories “hills Like White Elephants” and “good People”

Emotions of love and hate are often reoccurring themes in many literary works. These emotions are often displayed between characters in a story and are affected my multiple factors including settings, situations, conflicts, and the list goes on. Throughout history love and hatred has been symbolized in poems, stories, and dramas to reflect deeper themes. […]

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The Exaltation of Women in the Stories of Shiloh and Hills Like White Elephants

Imagine, a woman living in the 1900s. Is she the typical housewife or is she an independent woman making her own decisions, and standing up for herself? When comparing Norma Jean in Bobbie Ann Mason’s “Shiloh” with Jig, Ernest Hemmingway’s lead character in “Hills Like White Elephants,” one may see the vast differences between the […]

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Return to Normal Life after Hurricane Katrina

A natural disaster such as hurricane Katrina devastated a region of the country that is still recovering even years later. With that much death and destruction, it’s hard not to imagine that psychological scarring wasn’t wide spread with adults as well as children. One can only imagine the horror and feeling of helplessness each of […]

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s Psychological Development 

This paper is about Jeffrey Dahmer and how his life was altered in a way that caused severe psychological issues. With little to no support from his family or peers at school, Jeffrey was isolated and confused. He ruminated all his stress from past traumas and developed strange urges to inflict pain and suffering among […]

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The Social Problem of Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest problems in our generation and for students in higher education it is even worse. College students need to organize work, school, and family activities and any delaying behavior from within can cause a disturbance such as social media. This action is called procrastination and it can make issues in […]

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Betrayal in Othello Essay

When jealous is implanted in an individual’s heart, it grows like a seed. It breads evil, creates bad emotions, feeling of revenge and betrayal, and more often than not, it results in the destruction of that person having it, or others. In the Play, “Othello” by William Shakespeare, the theme of jealousy is clearly demonstrated […]

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The Importance of Stress Management

Through most of our school years, from elementary through high school, we are guided through everything that we have needed to do. We are guided by our parents and our teachers who have helped us along the way as we have begun to prepare for adulthood and college. Students sometimes have trouble adjusting to college […]

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My Roller-coaster Ride with Anger Management

Anger is a complicated concept that is not very well understood by many. It can be negative and as well as positive in certain circumstances. A scholar once said “a person who has a lot of anger inside, definitely loves more than others, because if the colour red indicates anger it also indicate love too”. […]

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Plato Synopsis

According to Plato’s character Aristophanes, what is love and what role does it play in our lives. According to Aristophanes, you cannot understand what is love until you first know how it originated. In his myth/tale he articulates that there are three sexes; the male, the female, and ‘androgynous’ which was the union of both. […]

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Procrastination: a Study in its Features, Cause and Solutions

We may easy to find such a person that he never started his work until there are few days before deadline, and when he made up his mind to start his work at the beginning, he would always be distracted by other stuffs. He may get exhausted after finishing his work right before the deadline […]

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Was there Love between Romeo and Juliet

Love at first sight: an idea that many wish for, however it can lead to or have unforeseen consequences, like those presented in Rome and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare telling the story of two children who have fallen in love. The story, surprisingly, ends in a tragedy with […]

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Analysis of Iago’s Emotions and Acts in Othello

In the story Othello, written by William Shakespeare, Iago holds security in his tranquility, allowing his true intentions to be masked. This allows Iago to copy and apply emotions from characters around him. The ability to counter his inner silence and replace it with a false personality grants him the upperhand to any situation, permitting […]

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Expression of Emotion in the Paintings of Vincent Van Gogh

As it is often said, art is an expression of one self, but what is not often mentioned is that art is also an expression of one’s psychological state of mind. Vincent van gogh was an artist who suffered from continuous attacks of paralyzing anxiety, depression, and symptoms of bipolar disorder. This is the case […]

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Text Analysis: Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and David Fincher Fight Club

There was a young boy who father was a drug addict and always in and out of jail. One day the young boy mother took her children and moved somewhere where his dad couldn’t find them. He was a very abusive dad especially toward the young boy mother. Now the mother is a single mom […]

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Stress and how i Handle it

When I’m thinking rationally, I describe stress as a state of emotional, mental or physical strain that arises when you feel overworked, emotionally or physically pressured, or when a lot is demanded of you. However, when I’m under stress, I cannot find the words to describe it. It’s almost as though I have a gigantic […]

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Theme of Loneliness and Isolation in the Story of Mice and Men

Loneliness is definitely one of the most awful feelings existing in society. It seizes every individual at one point in their lives. The most important contributor to this feeling is the lack of emotional empathy from other individuals. The cruel feeling of loneliness has the ability to impair a person’s mindset dreadfully, hence wreaking harmful […]

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Importance of Empathy

Imagine not having a positive interaction with the person who is supposed to be caring for you. Would you ever allow that person to take care of you again? Empathy is our ability to recognize and acknowledge the feelings of others. Empathy allows the experience with your healthcare provider to be better. The ability to […]

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