Poor Eating Habits

During the two marking periods that we had health class some particular topics spiked my interest a lot considering they are topics that i had experienced before, not personally but i have seen people suffer from eating disorders. They spike my interest because i used to think it was just poor eating habits and it would affect the person as bad as i learned it does in health class. First topic is Body image, body image is attitudes about their physical appearance. How do you see yourself and feel about your body. It can be someone’s weight shape or height. There are two types of body images that i learned which are a appositive and a negative body image. Positive body image is a clear and true body image that a person sees and accepts is theirs when they look in the mirror. It involves feeling comfortable and confident with your body.

A negative body involves a perception of one’s body and leads to feeling shame, anxiety and self consciousness and these people mostly end up feeling depressed and isolated due to their negative body image. This topic is personal because one of my family members had a negative body image and we always took it lightly as she would make comments like “do i look fat” and she only weighed about 100 pounds at the age of 11 which is ideal at the age group. Learning about the topic helped understand what the person went through and what could have been done to help them. I also learned that body image can sometimes be hard to control because it comes from either genetics, age and developmental traits.

Something that i’ve learned that was new and i had no background or any previous knowledge on the topic at all was the different body types which are somatotypes and the three somatotypes are Ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph and to simply break down each. I have learned that somatotype is the structure of a person. Ectomorphs ar long lean with little body fat and little muscle, The have a hard time gaining weight. Fashion models fall under the category of Ectomorphs. Mesomorphs are Athletic, solid and strong. They aren’t necessarily underweight or overweight and they tend to eat what they want and still remain where their bodies are. Endomorphs have a large amount of body fat and gain weight easily . This not only helps me understand what doy type i am but also the food i need to eat to be a certain body type.

I also learned about the different intensity levels of a workout and how they affect you heart. This is known as cardiorespiratory fitness and its the strength of your lungs, blood vessels and most of all the most important human body part, the heart. There are three different types of intensities and the beginning one with the lowest heart rate is the resting heart rate . The rResting heart rate is ¨A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Generally, a lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness according to mayoclinic.org.

Moderate intensity you are active but usually not out of breath and can still carry a conversation while doing the activity. Lastly a vigorous activity which makes you feel out breath and find it hard to carry a conversation while doing this. This particular activity was not only entertaining as i watched my fellow classmates do vigorous activities and complaining about the heat in the classroom. It was also funny seeing people doing all sorts of activities that i have never seen before. On a serious not i enjoyed this topic because it taught me how to take care of my heart and maintain the activities i do since i run alot and after learning this i learned that running vigorously can cause damage to my heart over time. Due to the fact that i run everyday, i never considered resting serious and even on my rest days i would only do little running but discovering that my resting heart rate is at 60 helped me realize i need to rest more and take it easy on my body. My fellow classmates/ teammates were around 50 and 55 which is ideal for an athlete.

My learning has opened a new view on not only my peers but how the ideal world works. Before i used to believe you would have to take a girl on a date first to even get a kiss because that how i was always taught but apparently that’s not how the real world works. In class working on the relationships and marriage activity we were given certain steps and it was our duty to arrange them in order and first it was the ideal relationship and this one came with many steps such as flirting, texting, eye contact, hugging and etc.. but when it came to the realistic relationship which my partners were experts at really showed me how relationships really are during our time period. The steps considered basic were removed from the whole activity, important things such as little hugs and use of contraceptives were removed. This taught me to be careful in the future since this is what people expect when being in a relationship.

The material i learned in this classroom has taught me to take more care of myself and watch not only what i eat as we learned on the nutritious values of food. It has also taught me how to read food labels and understand the amount of calories i am consuming and the servings im intaking. This will be very valuable not only now but also in the future. This health class has also taught me how to use contraceptives and stay protected from STDs and avoid early/unplanned pregnancies since they do come with pros and cons and at this age the cons outweigh the pros.

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