Health Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

“5 Health Benefits You Wouldn’t Expect from Oral Hygiene.” Bonham Dental Arts, 18 September 2017, A pregnant woman is likely to have gingivitis due to the pregnancy hormones. This is caused by an increase in the blood flow to the gingival tissues. This condition can begin to worsen if it is not treated at the first signs. A pregnant woman that has any type of periodontal disease is most likely to have a baby with a low birth rate and a premature delivery. If a pregnant woman brushes and flosses their teeth the correct way, their baby is less likely to have complications like asthma or persistent ear infections. Having good oral hygiene routines can be very beneficial to a mother and a baby’s health. The source comes from Bonham Dental Arts. The Bonham family have had many years of dental experience and are aiming to make a difference in their community.

Improvement in mental health is a benefit of good oral hygiene. Having healthy teeth and gums can boost one’s self-confidence. A person will want to smile if they have healthy gums and teeth. Self-confidence will stimulate the dopamine and serotonin which will make one more joyful. Snow Teeth Whitening specialists are known for their teeth whitening kits and treatments that they offer for patients. They have been working on many different types of treatments to offer for individuals for several years.

Good oral hygiene can prevent diabetes. A person with diabetes is prone to having any kind of periodontal disease. Gum disease can make it difficult for someone to control their blood glucose. It can also cause the continuation of diabetes. The source is written by Dr. Rachel Hall who is the Evolve Dental Healing founder. Hall has been practicing for over twenty-five years and her main goal is to help individuals make better dental hygiene choices.

Having good oral habits can reduce the cause of cancer. Gum disease can cause many different types of cancer. There is a high risk of breast, lung, gallbladder, and skin cancer. Studies show that women between the ages of fifty-four and eighty-six that have any type of gum disease are fourteen percent more likely to have cancer. The Oral Health Foundation has had experience in the dental field since the year of 1971. They are known for their campaigns and organizations to help people with their oral hygiene health and habits.

If an individual does not brush or floss their teeth properly to remove the food particles and unhealthy bacteria inside their mouth, they are prone to having plaque buildup or gum diseases, such as periodontitis or gingivitis. Symptoms of gum disease are swelling and bleeding of the gums. If proper brushing and flossing is maintained, one will have healthy gums and teeth. Having healthy gums and teeth can be a very positive thing for someone’s health. The source shows that one has bad bacteria in their mouth that can cause plaque and eventually lead to gum disease if they do not brush their teeth the proper way. The source is very beneficial to the thesis statement because having better gum health can be a very positive thing for someone’s health. The source comes from Midtown Dental Care dentists that are well educated about health benefits of maintaining good oral hygiene. The Midtown Dental Care dentists are known for all of their content on their website that they provide for patients.

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